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Updated on December 03, 2021
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While it may seem that women’s hairstyles and haircuts offer the most variety, there are also several creative and innovative men’s haircuts that deserve just as much attention. One of the oldest and most popular haircuts for men happens to be inspired by the military.

High and Tight Haircut Description and Ideas

Known as the high and tight, this haircut is best described as faded or totally shaved on the sides and back with a longer, yet generally short, portion of hair on the top. If you’re in the mood for an edgy new haircut, check out the styles below.

1. Dark High and Tight

high and tight with a fade


Dark hair is always quite flattering when it comes to showing a faded haircut. Here, you have a military style with a short Mohawk quiff that is incredibly neat and polished.

2. Side Part High and Tight

Add a little pizazz to your high and tight hair by injecting some personality into your hairstyle. One way to pull it off is to incorporate a cool shaved side part and a bit longer hair up top combed to one side, as seen here.

side part men's haircut with shaven sides


3. Dark Blonde Asymmetrical Crop

It seems at first sight you can have little variety with such a short length, but you can. Asymmetry is a new thing with high and tight hair cuts, and it works wonderful.

half shaved high and tight


4. High and Tight for Receding Hairline

When it comes to thinning hair and receding hairline, the shorter your haircut is the better. This high and tight hairstyle features shaven sides which blur the receding hairline and eliminate the problem that bothers many men.

shaved sides hairstyle for men


5. The Shortest Possible Cut

Sometimes the best way to put your own spin on a classic haircut is to break the rules a bit. This cut features a break from the traditional military style of the high and tight and instead opts for a completely shaved look all over.

extra short high and tight


6. Caesar-Inspired High and Tight

Today it’s common to take inspiration from one haircut and bring the idea to another. Having been influenced by the Caesar haircut, this version of high and tight turned out to be both polished and modern.

extra short skin fade haircut


7. Medium Blonde High and Tight

This blonde high and tight hair style with a short quiff brushed upward is complimented with an accurate facial hairstyle that makes the final look more complex in a good way.

high and tight and facial hairstyle


8. Bald Fade with Spiky Top

Spiky cuts always add a nice bit of edginess to any hairstyle, even when it comes to rather short high and tight haircuts. This haircut works well because the spikes are small and not overpowering to the actual cut.

spiky top high and tight


9. Short Spiky High and Tight

If you prefer your spiky hair on the shorter, more conservative side, then this version of high and tight hair is for you. Everything about this hairstyle is polished and clean-cut.

textured high and tight


10. Caesar-Inspired High and Tight

While high and tight haircut may not be the most modern or head-turning men’s haircut, there are ways to make it stand out. Pair it with expertly trimmed facial hairstyle, and you’ll get +10 interest points to your overall look.

faded high and tight with square hairline


11. Red High and Tight

This edgy men’s haircut proves that even a high and tight hairstyle with no fade looks interesting. The longest length is traditionally in the quiff, and the sides and the back are clean-shaven.

men's military haircut


12. Accurate and Dramatic Haircut

Since this is one of the oldest and most traditional military haircuts, it’s no surprise that some men who wear it choose to keep it very accurate, as if they were currently enlisted.

clean shaven high and tight


13. Traditional High and Tight

This über traditional take on high and tight hair is arguably best suited for those who were or are currently enlisted in the military. This cut may be a bit too harsh for those outside of the military, but it works for men who appreciate the lowest possible maintenance in hairstyles.

high and tight with shaven sides and back


14. Blended in Fade

It’s true that the majority of those who wear high and tight hairstyle decide to keep it on the shorter side with minimum hair left up top, but there are exceptions to every rule. This one features more hair thanks to the seamlessly blended in fade.

extra short fade haircut for men


15. Short High and Tight

If you want to keep with military tradition, then wearing a short high and tight haircut is probably your best bet. The one pictured here is classic and neat.



16. Haircut with Square Hairline

There are unpretentious haircuts that still look catchy. Here’s one of them. This high and tight hairstyle features a square hairline with perfect right angles and a polished skin fade.

high and tight with skin fade


17. Funky Green High and Tight

It’s safe to say that punk-inspired high and tight haircuts are definitely not something you see every day. However, it is definitely a modern and edgy way to spice up a traditional style.

funky fade with green top


18. Neat High and Tight

There is something to be said about a men’s haircut that is cut so expertly that it looks neat from every angle. That is the case with this cute version of the high and tight hairstyle.



19. Crew-Cut-Inspired High and Tight

The crew cut and the high and tight hairstyle have definite similarities, so bringing them together is inevitable. This one features a short, polished blend of both.

short Caesar cut with fade


20. Brushed Up Forward Style

Not so often you see versions of high and tight hair cuts and high and tight recon hairstyles that are long enough in the front so they can actually be combed in different directions. Here, you have a longer crown section that is combed to the front and up for a personalized look.



Whether you’re a fan of the classic high and tight or prefer the more extreme high and tight recon style, make sure that the cut suits your lifestyle and flatters your face. With all of the cool men’s haircuts out there, this may be just the one for you to try.

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