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Jane Minkoff
Published on March 26, 2024

Move over, long locks – 2024 is shaping up to be another year of the bob, and Halle Bailey is leading the charge with her latest hair transformation. The actor and musician stepped out at the Aerie REAL Fest in Atlanta, turning heads and setting hearts aflutter with her stunning curly bob. But this wasn’t just any bob – it was a masterpiece crafted by her longtime hairstylist, Tinisha Meeks.

Picture this: Halle Bailey, radiant as ever, sporting a curly bob that danced effortlessly between her chin and collarbones. But wait, there’s more! Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the subtle yet striking addition of two large twisted loc tendrils framing her face, adding an extra dimension to her already fabulous ‘do. And it didn’t stop there – Meeks sprinkled in a few more twists throughout Bailey’s locks, seamlessly blending them with her luscious curls.

Bailey’s knack for hair experimentation knows no bounds, and each style she debuts is more captivating than the last. From braids to twists to loc ponytails, she’s done it all – and with flair, might we add. So, it came as no surprise when she decided to hop on the bob bandwagon, but with her own unique twist, quite literally.

Taking to Instagram on March 23, Bailey treated fans to a carousel of selfies showcasing her chic new look. The comments section lit up with praise, with creator Brittany Jones declaring, “The short hair eats every time,” to which Bailey responded with a heartfelt “love u.” Fans couldn’t get enough, inundating the thread with questions about the style’s intricacies and how to achieve those envyinducing curls (hint: it’s all in the hands of the talented Meeks).

But Bailey wasn’t done wowing us just yet. The following day, she graced our feeds with a full-body shot from the Aerie REAL Fest, giving us a glimpse of her head-turning ensemble complete with a nose highlighter that could rival the sun and a bedazzled manicure fit for a queen.

Known for her signature waist-length locs, Bailey isn’t afraid to switch things up and embrace shorter styles. Whether she’s channeling Old Hollywood glamour at the Met Gala or turning heads at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy bash, she effortlessly exudes confidence and style with every hair flip.

As spring blooms into full swing, Bailey’s bold bob serves as a reminder that there’s no time like the present to embrace change and unleash your inner trendsetter. So, why wait? Channel your inner Halle and embark on your own bob adventure – after all, life’s too short for boring hair.

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