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Updated on December 21, 2022

Instagram is one of the biggest and best tools out there for finding all kinds of things: recipes, lifestyle inspiration, self-care affirmations, fitness tips, and YES, this is how to find hairstylist. Maybe you’re in a rut with your hair, haven’t had a great relationship with a stylist in a while, or recently moved and need a hairstylist in your new city. Great news! You can turn Instagram into your personal search tool, not just for a new look, but for the right professional to help you get there.

How to Find a Hairstylist via Instagram?

Many of my clients have found me on Instagram so I’ve got a good idea how it works from the other perspective. I’ve found a stylist on Instagram myself. After following, interacting with, and admiring the work of @audreyinskeep for years, we decided to finally meet and do each other’s hair. When my clients move away, I use these exact tips to help them find a new stylist.

First, it helps to have an idea of what you want for your hair. Do you want to go lighter/darker, straighter/wavyer or shorter/longer? Do you want a specific service? Do you want to make a big change, update your classic look, or maintain the status quo? Now, think of a few words that describe what you want. These will be your keywords. Some examples are balayage, brunette, blonde, long hair, short hair, Brazilian blowout, hair extensions, haircut, best haircut, bridal hair, prom hair, etc.

Here Is What You Should Do

  • DO Search for hashtags that consist of your keywords, plus your local area (ex: #balayageportland, #hairextensionsmiami, #brazilianblowoutlosangeles, #bostonbridalhair and #dallashighlights).
  • DO Check the tabs and look at “recent” posts that match your search. Those posts are sure to have great inspiration and current information.
  • DO Try to focus on pics of people with your hair type, natural hair color, skin tone, face shape, etc.
  • DO Search for hashtags that describe the person you want to find, plus your local area (ex: #dchairstylist, #detroitcolorist, #phillybarber and #sfhairsalon)
  • DO Use Instagram’s “Save” and “Collection” features. Do you see that little button on the bottom right of a post that looks like a ribbon? That’s used to save posts so you can access them later. Also, you can organize your saved posts into categories using the “Collection” option, so you don’t get your brunch places all mingled in with your hair inspiration.
  • DO Look through the pages of a few stylists you come across. Do they do a lot of the same thing? If so, is it what you want? Do they show a wide variety of hairstyles, colors and types? If so, is yours among them?
  • DO Contact the stylist the way they have their page set up. Some will have buttons to call, text or email. Some will have a link to their website/booking page. Some will say what salon they work in, and show the number there.

Here Is What You Should Not Do

  • DON’T Search for your keywords on their own. This works for finding inspiration pics, but most results won’t be anywhere near you, so it won’t help you find a stylist.
  • DON’T Spend too much time looking at the “top” posts that match your search. They may have been very popular for a specific reason, but the pics may not be current or relevant anymore.
  • DON’T Get caught up in hair you love, if it isn’t realistic for your hair type (Charlize Theron’s fine, close-cropped cut wouldn’t look the same on Chrissy Teigen’s thick hair)
  • DON’T Search for the description of the person you want to find without a location. Why? There are stylists all over the world.
  • DON’T Visit someone’s Instagram page that showed something you liked and not write down the page name or take a screenshot. That way you’ll be able to go back to it, and it won’t get buried among the memes, quotes and concert info you’re always snapping shots of.
  • DON’T Get fixated on the first stylist you identify with during your search. It’s good to look at options, so save that one, but keep looking.
  • DON’T Expect an immediate answer, especially if you’re messaging outside of typical salon hours. Social media can make us feel connected to people we don’t really know, but remember they deserve their private/family time, as well, so be patient and wait a day or two for them to message you back.

Here are some tips from a superstar Instagram stylist Amy aka @camouflageandbalayage:

Do Your Due Diligence

Now that know how to find a hairstylist and even have a couple of people in your area, whose works you love, it’s time to dig deeper. What do their bios say? How about their captions? Do you see anything that inspires you, speaks to you, sounds like someone you’d want to spend a few hours with? A personality match is an important part of really connecting with your new stylist. Read through the comments on their pics; are their clients writing and saying they love their hair? That’s always great to see.

For further research, see if the stylists have a Yelp page. If their bio lists their salon, check out that salon on Yelp. In addition to reviews, this may help you get a better idea of the salon environment, which is important, too. You’ll need to check if your visit will come with certain amenities, such as Wi-Fi, beverage service, parking, accepts credit cards, or additional services such as waxing/skincare? Yelp will usually show these topics.

Last, but not least, for a consultation, most stylists will offer a short consultation appointment to new clients at no charge. Or, if there is a charge, it’s probably applicable toward services booked. So, take this info, hit the ’gram, and find your dream stylist.

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