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Updated on December 27, 2023

Fine-hair ladies, where are you? Are you struggling with your lifeless, limp hair? Well, my friends, I have some BIG ideas to make up for the lack of hair you may have. I, myself, don’t have a ton of hair to back me up, so I’m constantly trying to fudge it! Live a little and check out some of my easy tutorials for hairstyles that add volume to fine hair!

1. Braid-Non-Braid

For all of you who say you can’t braid, this tutorial is for you! It may look like a braid… but, it ain’t! Once you get the hang of it, you can pull this off in under 15 minutes.

Side Updo With Messy Knots
  1. Part your hair to the side, and start on the top of the heavier side. Grab two strands and simply tie them in a knot! Stick a bobby pin in to secure it in place. This is important, and it will cause way less stress and keep you organized.
  2. Now, with your two tails of your knot, add more hair to both tails, tie them in another knot, and secure with a bobby pin. Note: These bobby pins aren’t necessarily staying in, so if you see them or if they hurt, don’t worry, you’ll be taking them out later!
  3. Keep on going with this routine until you hit your ear. Thicker-hair girls, take big sections. It’s OK. You’ll probably have at least four knots. Thin-hair girls also take big sections. But you’ll probably have only three knots.
  4. Bring the rest of your hair to the side of your knots. Tie it all in place! Backcomb your ponytail so it’s bigger (for finer hair), or if it’s thick, still do this; the backcombing also helps give the bobby pin something to grab on to!
  5. Wrap it around to make a bun and pin in place. Pro Tip: Wherever your fingers are, holding the bun in place, is where you want to insert your pins.
  6. Once everything is tied down, you can start taking out the pins in the knots. Start peeling and expanding the knots until you’ve reached your desired look. Be gentle. A little tug goes a long way. Slowly pull apart.

2. Braided Crown, No Flowers Needed

Feeling Boho? Braiding your bangs just ain’t that cool anymore. But, what about a braided crown? Heck, yes! This is a more romantic, organic-looking braid, as opposed to a weird, tight one.

Braided Crown For Second Day Hair
  1. Section out the front half of your hair. Tie the rest out of the way.
  2. Part your hair down the center. Whip your head off to the side and start brushing your hair up! You’ll be braiding UP, toward your part, so let’s make things easier and put the hair in the direction it’s going to go.
  3. Now, start braiding. Make a French braid by taking strands and adding them in UNDER the middle. This way, the braid will pop out, making it bigger and thicker. Remember, ladies (or gents?), go big or go home.
  4. Finish off your braid, then go to the other side and repeat the process.
  5. Tie the tails at the ends. Start pulling apart your braid slowly. This method is called pancaking, which I happen to think is hilarious. Pancake those braids, ladies!
  6. Criss-cross your braids on top of your head, and secure the tails hidden underneath your French braid. Voila!
  7. Secure it with a trusty bobby pin, and you’re laughing!
  8. Let the rest of your hair down. Be free and easy!

3. The Modern Milkmaid

Once you’ve mastered French braiding, this look can easily be added into your weekly repertoire. Braids are a large part of my weekly go-to styles. They’re easy, fast and look impressive. What more could a gal want?

Modern Milkmaid Braids
  1. Part your hair down the center. Did you know that if you match it up with your nose, it’ll be in the middle? Duh!
  2. Next, start braiding. For this braid, you’ll want to go UNDER the middle piece. Going under makes the braid sit on top, therefore, making it easier to pull apart! And, the major bonus is that the braid looks bigger.
  3. Grab a little bit of hair every time you go under the middle section. Try to make it as tight as possible! But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be neat; we’re going for a lived-in braid, so it’s OK to be sloppy, but be tight. Capisce?
  4. Once you’ve completed both braids, give yourself a freakin’ High Five! Now, back to work. Start pulling apart each loop. Start at the bottom and work your way up!
  5. In the back, pull the braids to the side and pin them in place.
  6. Pull out some fancy money-shot pieces, such as any baby hairs, sideburns, neck hair… whatever you’ve got!

You can throw glitter on those roots, wear a jaunty cap, put on a flower crown … make it your own!

4. These-Ain’t-Your-Mama’s-Rolls

Don’t know how to braid? No problem, I got your back! Remember topsy turveys in the ’90s? Well, they’re back! Moreover, this is the hairstyle that adds volume to fine hair as well!

Low And Messy Rolls
  1. As per usual, a little texture in your hair will help. Didn’t want to bathe today? Perfect! Let’s use those natural oils to our benefit. If you’re clean, that’s OK, too. Just dirty yourself up with some dry shampoo. Boom.
  2. Pick a part, any part! Take a section from the top of your mane to your temple. Remember the topsy turvy? Secure a loose ponytail, make a hole in the pony, and then loop the elastic through. Tighten it up slightly.
  3. Take another section from the round of your head to behind your ear. Topsy turvy all that, too. Tighten ’er up.
  4. Do it all again on the other side. Loosen up the topsy turvy ties by gently pulling apart.
  5. Take your two ends and tie them together in the back. This is your base for the roll.
  6. Take your remaining hair and loop it around your tie in the back. Continue rolling it up and around until there ain’t any hair left to roll up Secure it with your handful of pins.
  7. Pull out some money shots … bangs, sideburns, neck hair. Whatever works for you!

5. Panda Puffs

Bunny rabbit? Panda puffs? Whatever you want to call them, I got em, and you can, too! These are like mini-space-buns, but waaaayyy cuter!

Panda Puffs For Fine Hair
  1. Grab those random extensions you bought and never put to use. We need extra for these bundles of cuteness.
  2. Take a small bunch of hair and bobby pin it where you’re aiming to land the puff. I used just one little bunch. You should use a little one so the band in the extension isn’t super bulky.
  3. Take hair from your part line to the top of your ear, wrap it up in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Your bunch should be secretly hidden in the ponytail!
  4. Do it all again on the other side.
  5. Backcomb the backside of the ponytails. Lightly smooth over to conceal said backcombing!
  6. Fold to make a puff. Take the rest of the hair and wind it around the ponytail base. Secure it all in place with a bobby pin.

6. Glam Waves

Look like a hollywood glam gal for a day — who doesn’t want that? These all can’t be quick fixes. It’s a fancy-schmancy look, dang it! Give yourself 20-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of your mane.

Platinum Hair With Glam Waves
  1. Make sure you’ve previously styled your hair in the direction you want it to go. For example, if you wore your hair with a center part that day, but are wanting a dramatic side part, you’ll have to hose yourself down and blow-dry your hair in the direction you want for your end result.
  2. Section out your hair in half, top of the head to the back of your ears, so you have half your hair in the front and half in the back. Secure the back, so it stays out of your way.
  3. Spray your hair before curling each section (I used @lorealpro constructor).
  4. Grab a 1”-2″ section, and curl it so it’s heated through (You know it’s done if it’s HOT to the touch). I’m pretty sure I burned myself at least three times. Don’t do that. Let out the curl, and pin it in to cool. You wanna see through it.
  5. Work up to your part, and do it again on the other side.
  6. Get going on the back. Make sure you’re pinning them all in place. It helps set your curl and maintain volume.
  7. Let your sausage rolls cool down! Look how ridiculous you look. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a picture of this weird creation. At this point, I like to apply my makeup. And, by the time you’re done with your photoshoot and makeup, the curls will be cool.
  8. Take out your pins, and brush it ouuuutttt. Keep brushing until all the curls combine into one another. Fiddle around and place them where you want. Finally, hose yourself down with hairspray.

7. Twisted Romantic Updo

The easiest of easy hairstyles that add volume to fine hair. Oh, you don’t have a ton of hair? Don’t worry, you can pull off this look with a bob style or hair long enough to cover your boobs. This is an updo that doesn’t discriminate!

Low Twisted Updo For Thin Hair
  1. Start by pinning half your hair up in the back, leaving the sides of your hair down. Crisscross your pins, as this is going to be the base and anchor of your style.
  2. Start on one side, by your ear, and simply twist! Wrap it over the top of your previous pins. Pin the twist in place! Let the leftover tails rest; we’re using them up for the next round.
  3. Grab a section on the other side and do the same, grabbing the tails from the last twist and adding it in. Twist to the back and secure in place.
  4. Now repeat, going side to side, twist, overlap, pin, and repeat.
  5. Once all your sides are twisted and pinned, you’ll be left with a small amount of hair at the nape of your neck. Tuck it up and pin in place to create a soft chignon.

Products and Tools You’ll Need

Phewf! There, ya have it! Seven hairstyles that add volume to fine hair. Did you like what you read? Hop on over to my Instagram and check out the rest of my hair ideas! If you give any of them a go, make sure to tag me (, so I can see your creation!

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