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Updated on April 17, 2021

The crazy yet fascinating world of the beauty industry never stops spinning, so let’s get the best out of it. Because there are so many types of hair extensions and they are still considered something extra, we decided to ask an expert all the tricky questions. Meet Jessi Gish, hair extension company and salon owner from Utah. She’s been helping clients by creating Rapunzel-like hair for more than five years now. Keep reading to discover how extensions can change your look, even if you prefer shorter length!

TRHs: What types of hair extensions are popular now? What’s your favorite?

Jessi: Tape-ins and hand-tied beaded wefts are both huge in the hair industry right now, and for good reason. They’re both great methods. I don’t have a “favorite” as the extension world has so much to offer, and there’s a reason there are so many different methods out there. No two heads are the same, and every client is going to require something different. I know this from experience, over the last five years of doing hair and extensions specifically. I’ve found that it’s best to offer a few different methods so that you can cater to an abundance of clients.

Types Of Hair Extensions

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TRHs: What does your normal appointment look like if your client tries hair extensions for the first time?

Jessi: We usually have a 10- to 15-minute consultation where I ask questions about their hair type, lifestyle, hair-care routine, etc. After we’ve decided the best method for their hair, we color match and install. After installation comes blending and styling, which is the best part because the client gets to see the finished result of their new hair! Each client goes home with a hair-care sheet that tells them how to take care of their new investment.

TRHs: How long does hair have to be to use hair extensions?

Jessi: If you’re going for length, collarbone is the preferred length to work from. But what I love about extensions and how far they have come is that there are now options for even shorter hair. I use tape-ins to add fullness or fill in gaps as clients grow their hair out.

Blonde Waves With Hair Extensions

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TRHs: Which kinds of extensions can be easily applied at home?

Jessi: Clip-ins are the best method for consumers to try at home. You clip them in and out yourself. They’re the perfect solution for those that want long hair without the commitment.

TRHs: Can we find good hair extensions on Amazon?

Jessi: As a stylist who has done hair extensions for years and now the owner of a hair extension company, I would say be very cautious of hair extensions you see on Amazon. There’s a lot that goes into the quality of extensions, and it’s true what they say: Good hair ain’t cheap and cheap hair ain’t good! Hair extensions can be expensive up front, but good quality will last you longer, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. It’s similar to the idea of buying hair color at the grocery store. The convenience and price tag may be appealing, but in the long run quality is always better.

TRHs: How do you find the right color?

Jessi: My company has 25 shades, each able to be custom toned to match your own hair perfectly. I always say when matching extensions to your own hair, match them to the bottom of your hair rather than the top. If you’re interested in JZ Styles Hair and unsure of what color to order, you can email us at [email protected] and we can help color match you.

Before Ffter Extensions Transformation

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TRHs: How can hair extensions damage hair?

Jessi: If they’re installed correctly and taken care of properly, you should have no damage from hair extensions. At the end of the day, extensions are a foreign object being attached to your scalp, so they will cause a little extra weight — which is why it’s important to follow the instructions your stylist gives you on proper care to make sure both your hair and the extensions stay healthy.

TRHs: Which products do you recommend for styling hair with extensions?

Jessi: Sulfate-free products are key, especially when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates dry the hair out, and since extensions don’t receive the same nutrients your own hair does, sulfates can affect them even more. Make sure to oil the ends of your hair two to three times a day as well to keep it moisturized.

Long Platinum Blonde Hair With Extensions

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TRHs: What are the prices for different kinds of extensions?

Jessi: It varies depending on the price. Clip-ins range from $280 to $300, wefts range from $260 to $380 depending on the kind, and tapes range $100 to $160 depending on the color and length.

TRHs: How can someone’s experience with hair extensions be positive? What are your three main tips?

Jessi: I love hair extensions! My three main tips would be to always sleep in a low pony or braid at night to prevent tangling, get regular trims at your move-up appointments, and use professional styling products to prolong the life of your hair. Extensions can do amazing things for your confidence!

Do you have any questions left? Ask them under this post, and we’ll write another article with all the answers. And don’t forget to follow Jessi Gish on Instagram and YouTube!

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