Rachel Scott
Updated on January 17, 2024

The ultimate hair DIY for hair extensions has finally arrived. Who would have guessed it would come from Balmain, one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses? In a bold move to give luxe and unattainable locks to the masses-their hair couture line has just released the most innovative hair extension machine with technology that simply amazes. Two questions still remain: is it worth it and how can we get it?

Beauty blogger Huda Kattan was one of the first to get her hands on the luxurious Balmain Système Volume hair extension tool several weeks ago and leading hair artists like Jen Atkin are following suit with their elite clients in tow. Never before has it been so easy to turn a short bob into long, luscious locks on a daily basis. Are the days of tape and clip-in extensions truly over?

How It Works

If you’ve ever used hair extensions, you know all about what’s available on the market today. From tape in hair extensions to micro link, bonding and even human hair clip in extensions-the options seem endless but always fall short. Tape-in extensions are far too delicate when wet, and clip-ins are not exactly a permanent solution. Micro link has to constantly be tightened and the sew-in kind have to rely on strong hair, which is a problem for many girls who need extensions in the first place. What can Balmain hair extensions and their Système Volume tool offer that the rest can’t?

To start, hair must be thoroughly washed and conditioned to ensure the cleanest application. Then hair is separated into sections and the square plastic case is applied. The extension should be applied to the root of the hair with the gun-like applicator. This process ensures the least amount of damage to hair in the quickest amount of time. While normal hair extension procedures can take well over an hour, the Système Volume applies the extension in under 40 seconds. A whole head of hair literally takes under 20 minutes to complete from start to finish.

If the quick and painless application isn’t enough to sway you, maybe its durability will. Hair extensions applied with Balmain’s tool will last up to 6 months and can be treated like the rest of your real hair-all the time.

Stylist Aldo Ek seamlessly demonstrates the application using this tool on Balmain’s Instagram.

Who Can Use It

Balmain offers a variety of its own human hair extensions, including curly hair extensions. However, options for short hair extensions can be limited. Fortunately, various shops offer lengths from 14-26 inches. And if human hair is too pricey, they offer heat-friendly fiber strands for more cost-effective gals.

Hair extensions for thin hair are the most common when searching for a way to boost your ‘do. Even though anyone who wants to add a little more length or fullness to their hair can benefit from the revolutionary application process.

The Price Tag

If you were waiting for the real kicker, here it is: the Balmain tool is super exclusive, it’s so exclusive in fact that it’s not available in the United States yet. It’s currently only available in select prestigious salons throughout Europe. However, if you’re able to get an appointment at one of these salons-the price tag is shocking. In London, it’ll cost you £675 ($872 USD) for hair application, styling and the hair (a box from the salon costs £225). If you consider that these extensions do last half a year and won’t wreck your precious locks, it may not be as pricey as it seems.

In the comments section of their Instagram, Balmain has instructed salons and inquirers to send an email to [email protected] with your name, country and detailed question. It looks like this lusted after tool could head stateside sooner than we think.

While there are dozens of hair extension machines out there you could try instead, none have yet to be as innovative or reliable as the Système Volume. You could pick a tool up on Amazon, but it’s risky to use a product that isn’t known for producing the very best results.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re lucky enough to get an appointment in a European salon and if the price for the process isn’t an issue, then the Système Volume hair extension tool is totally worth it. For the rest of us who don’t live in Europe and can’t simply hop across the pond, so to speak, then the Balmain hair extension experience may just be the stuff of dreams. However, once it does make its way into your local salon, the price tag may not be so outrageous considering the benefits to your hair. It seems to do hardly any damage to hair and can last a long time in comparison to all of the other options out there.

All of these innovations beg the question: is it pointless to grow out your own hair if such a revolutionary technique exists? For most of us, growing strong, healthy hair should still be our number one priority. But many women seem to do the right thing in the ways of hair care and healthy diet and still suffer with thin or weak hair thanks to genetics. For those of us who can’t seem to grow enough hair no matter how hard we try, this extension machine should absolutely be on the top of the list.

For the immediate time being, it looks Balmain’s Systeme Volume miracle tool is a bit out of reach, but if we know anything about technology, it spreads fast and innovates even faster. While you may have to resort to your clip in hair extensions tonight, you just may be receiving the couture experience tomorrow. Would you try out this exclusive process?

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