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Updated on January 16, 2024

Don’t you just love it when something that looks or seems really complicated or difficult ends up actually being a piece of cake? Yeah? Me too! One day as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed looking for inspiration, I came across the most gorgeous flower braid hairstyle ever. I knew right away that I needed to learn how to recreate it, no matter how hard it was. But guess what? It was simple! Today I will be showing you how to create a beautiful flower braid, how to incorporate it into different hairstyles, and some of my favorite products that I use to achieve my looks.

Flower Braid Step by Step Tutorial

Follow the instructions below to master one of the most magnetic braids ever. This tutorial works for all hair lengths and textures. So let’s start braiding!

Step 1. To begin, you want to start with a few stitches of a regular three strand braid.

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 1

Step 2. Next, gently pull on the stitches of the braid on the outside edge to make them look big and fanned out. This technique is called “pancaking”.

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 2

Step 3. Continue these steps all the way down your braid. Make sure to braid only a few stitches and then go back and pancake as you go. If you wait to pancake you braid when you reach the end, the braid will be too tight and your pancaking will look messy and uneven.

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 3

Step 4. When you reach the end of your braid, secure it with a small elastic. It should look like this:

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 4

Step 5. Next, begin to roll your braid up into a spiral, with the pancaked side on the outside.

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 5

Step 6. Continue rolling your braid with the pancaked side facing out until you reach the head. (Having the outside edge pancaked gives a more ‘petal like’ effect to your flower!)

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 6

Step 7. Once you finish rolling up your braid, hold your flower steady and in place with one hand, and pin it down with the other. Here I am using Lala’s Updos and Pink Pewter’s magnetic bracelet to hold my bobby pins.

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 7

Step 8. Try your best to wiggle your bobby pins under the flower, only catching the bottom part of the braid. This ensures that you won’t see any bobby pins once you are done pinning.

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 8

Step 9. Next, use your favorite hairspray to set your flower in place. I love using Big Sexy Hair’s Get Layered hairspray. It sprays as a really nice, easy to control mist, which is perfect for when I don’t want to get thick globs of hairspray on my braids.

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 9

Step 10. Tweek your flower as needed, tugging on some of your ‘petals’ to even them out. And then, you are finished!

How to Do a Flower Braid: Step 10

See? How easy was that? Now you can try it for yourself. You will be sure to get a lot of compliments!

How to Use Flower Braid in Hair Styling?

Here are some styles that I have done in the past using this flower braid technique!

1. French Mermaid Braid with a ‘Bouquet’ of Flowers

French Mermaid Braid with a Bouquet of Flowers

2. Three Strand Loop Braid Topped with a Flower

Three Strand Loop Braid Topped With A Flower

3. Topsy Tail Flips Accented with a Flower

Topsy Tail Flips Accented With A Flower

4. Half-Updo with a Fishtail Flower Braid

Half-Updo With A Fishtail Flower Braid

5. French Bow Braid Ended with a Flower Braid

French Bow Braid Ended With A Flower Braid

I hope that you have enjoyed my styles and that you were able to learn something new today! If you did, you can find me on Facebook and on Instagram to see more of my content!

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