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Updated on April 20, 2021

Scratching your head wondering what a faded Mohawk even is? Well, you’re NOT alone! Mohawks are a staple of rebellion, style, and culture. Besides, they’re actually very similar to the feathers of larger birds which stand up when they’re surprised, threatened, or just showing off. And though styles for men tend to exhibit a bit less variety, we have plenty of impressive yet wearable Mohawks blended with fade haircuts in store for you here. So, check these out for some instant inspiration!

Faded Mohawks As A Blend of the Two Most Popular Styles

Fade haircuts are the absolute hit in men’s cut styles today. Thus, the elements of the fade have penetrated into other popular hairstyles for men, Mohawks, side parts, and long-top-short-sides styles being the most requested ones. While the classic Mohawk with shaved sides looks too extreme and inappropriate in some settings, the Mohawk-plus-fade combo is another matter entirely. Well, you can choose a fairly conservative or quite bold and funky Mohawk with faded sides from the best examples listed below.

1. Spiky Mohawk Style

This taller, spiked, wide Mohawk extends along the whole scalp, showing a bit shorter in the back. The sides are rather undercut than faded, but the short side sections are blended with the spikes so seamlessly that we can definitely refer to a high fade here.

2. Racing Stripes Mohawk Fade

This style is better than any regular Mohawk fade, because it features the racing stripes! And we all know this makes you faster! The set of lines running along the sides and down behind the ear is a cool detail which only adds to this tall, dark, and handsome look.

3. Pointed Peak Mohawk

Mohawks for men are all the rage, and we know why! They cross all cultural boundaries and set us free to express ourselves through our hair. This look with the sweeping textured length is reminiscent of a mountain range.

4. Aztec Warrior Mohawk

Getting shaven designs into the sides of your head has been happening for many years, and it doesn’t get old! Add a Mohawk on top, and you’ve got yourself a unique style! Longer spiked strands up top will hold well when set with a strong hold gel.

5. Asian Mohawk with Faded Sides

If you are a fan of the traditional Mohawk, a creative Mohawk fade won’t disappoint you either. This style, which combines both a Mohawk and a bit of a tail, makes us think of the ocean. Spiky on top and tamed in the back means more interested glances.

6. Feathered Mohawk with V-Nape

For a low fade, try this perfect feathered style with the V-cut nape. The wide, pointed set of strands is styled with gel to define the ends of the spikes and let them fall at different angles, improving the look even more!

7. Mid Fade With Part: Still a Mohawk

Mid fades and high fades open up particularly well in side part hairstyles, which can be also styled with Mohawk in mind. If you like Mohawk and want a modern cut style that looks professional, this is a good option to try.

8. Razor’s Edge Mohawk

Your faded Mohawk will look maximally close to the classic Mohawk version if you go for a high fade. The Mohawk itself can be rather short and neatly trimmed for the best balance of lengths and silhouette.

9. Faded Mohawk for Tick Hair

A Mohawk with a fade on the sides makes a great “all the time” style. If you like this particular cut, ask for a very gradual fade that blends any lines between the longer and shorter sections, and end up sporting this awesome look!

10. Birds of Paradise Mohawk

This is the look that reminds us of the bird’s natural feathered response. Make the ends of your Mohawk orange for a truly striking, eye-catching, style that no one else will be rocking. Until they see YOU at least…

11. “Not Your Average Bear” Mohawk

Choosing your own unique fade Mohawk can be a challenge. But perhaps you can take this one, tweak it, and make it your own design. A Mohawk, such as this, that fills in the space above the design definitely gives a more artistic appearance.

12. Tiger Stripe Faded Mohawk

Coming up with ideas for a new style of an afro Mohawk is fun! This is a smooth fade that shows off style and modern fashion. Stripes in the sideburns are an extra special touch. The square corner of the hairline makes a bolder statement, and the contrast of lines and textures totally defines this look.

fade mohawk for natural hair

Instagram/ @clipperlgnd

13. The “Oh, Yeah, I Have A Test in 5 Minutes” Mohawk

This short Mohawk is perfect for college students and other “on-the-goers” with very busy schedules. A short textured top gives you the freedom to get up and go. A classic edge around the face, including a long sideburn to the jawline hair, makes this a clean look that you can sport anywhere.

14. College Appropriate Cut

A wavy fade Mohawk is a great city look, whether you’re dressing it up or down. A smooth fade is the secret to a polished look. You can vary the length of hair up top – the shorter, the cleaner, as seen on this photo. The smooth line around the temples fades away and takes visual density with it.

15. Razor Stripe Faded Mohawk

Having a Mohawk with a mid-fade plus razor detail is pretty classy, right? This artistic look is business up top and party at the bottom. A gelled Mohawk, a smooth fade up the sides, and a few clear lines at the base of the neck equals a great look!

16. Riders in the Storm Mohawk

Thick hair guarantees a great Mohawk, and a bald fade along the sides gives a clean style that will go well with a t-Shirt or a dress shirt. It’s also best to give a V-cut nape to your Mohawk, so it tapers down and looks even edgier.

17. Mid-Length Curly Mohawk

A mid-length curly Mohawk fade haircut is an incredible hairstyle – and not one that everyone can pull off. Luckily, a good stylist can make every look amazing, and this is no exception. The accurate square hairline offsets the soft curls, while the Mohawk itself reveals the wonderful natural texture that should be shown off.

18. Caesar Inspired Mohawk

This slick hairdo is accented by a skin fade that starts very high. The natural curl of this Mohawk provides a nice accent, and the edges are trimmed with super accuracy. Pair with a neat facial hairstyle for balance.

19. Pompadour Mohawk

When you know you’re going to have pictures taken, this is a great style to rock! A taper fade Mohawk with clean lines sweeps backwards and over the top, while the sides are combed downward to give two different visual cues – both of which scream YES!

20. Short Mohawk with Fade

This will get you in to all the dressy places, while still giving a nod to your more outgoing, rebellious nature. Whether paired with a suit jacket or a t-shirt, this awesome style changes the way you are perceived. Short faded sides and a straight line across the front will set you apart, while still blending you in!

Faded Mohawk hairstyles present a wide variety of styles, and these are only 20 of our favorites! Already dreaming up your next cut? Then, head to your stylist today to try one of these – you’re guaranteed to rake in the compliments… especially from ladies!

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