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Updated on September 11, 2021

Trying on a new hairstyle feels like starting dating someone. You can like it or not in theory, but your feelings eventually decide everything. Maybe you will fall in love. Maybe you’ll be looking for an excuse to run home ASAP to let your hair down. After all, life is too short to linger, hesitate or play too safe. Do you have a date slated for this week? Just use this ultimate dating hair guide to look extremely gorgeous and sexy.

Stylish Hairstyles to Wear on a Date

Men love feminine hairstyles with loose, touchable hair, light waves or soft curls. You can certainly try straight hair or an updo if it fits better into your swoon-worthy look. The main thing is to coordinate your hairstyle with your outfit and style your hair accordingly. What do you want to look like on your date? Natural and minimal, tender and romantic, or intriguing and mysterious? We’ve got some ideas for you.

1. Braided Headband

A little braid amid of naturally looking wavy hair looks perfectly effortless and charming. It’s the best dating hair solution if you want to open your face and show off the length, achieving a beautiful but rather “woke up like this” style.

half updo for long hair

Instagram/ @jbraidsandbows

2. Wavy Voluminous Pony

If your date promises to be extra elegant and posh and your hair needs to match this luxury atmosphere, try to wear this glamorous ponytail, using one secret hack. Insert a hair clip underneath the top section of the pony to make it look even more pompous and fluffy.

Curly Ponytail With A Bouffant

Instagram / @kykhair

3. High Braided Bun

High hairstyles look neat, smart and almost-bridal (if you’re pursuing specific goals going on Saturday dates). Anyway, this awesome braided bun will complete any cocktail or evening gown and emphasize your natural beauty and gracefulness.

Bun With A Braid Around Updo

Instagram / @lilithmoonlife

4. Half-Up Fishtail Braid

All men adore romantic and feminine hairstyles, so it would be a great hair solution for a date. Make some creative fishtail braids, connect them into a flat bun rimiding a flower and let the rest of your hair flow down. You can also curl separate strands or use a sea salt texturizing spray to achieve a more natural boho chic effect.

Braided Half Updo

Instagram / @kassinka

5. Glam Springy Curls

This superb, seductive hairstyle is an absolute classic for date-night adventures. You probably have your own proved methods of curling (watch some tutorials, if you don’t), so just apply some shine plus firm-hold spray, go out and look (feel) awesome!

Curly Side Downdo

Instagram / @kykhair

6. Geometric Bob

If you’re a bob-girl and wear bangs, you can also create perfect and romantic date hairstyles, just like this one. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hair textures and highlights to look modern, fashionable and stylish.

Cropped Brown Bob With Highlights

Instagram / @salsalhair

7. Massive Bun

This harstyle looks both simple and sophisticated, so you can make a mixed and unforgettable impression. You can wear such a bun with a fancy dress or casual outfit, bright or nude makeup, whatever. Just don’t forget to fix your high bun with firm-hold spray to avoid running to the ladies room every 5 minutes.

high blonde bun

Instagram/ @kykhair

8. Half-Up Bun

This casual but classy hairstyle is always a good idea for a date, especially if your hair is long, lush and naturally curly. You can make a bun of any size with the help of elastics, hairpins and firm-hold spray. That’s how you can show all the richness and beauty of your hair.

Half Updo With A Bun For Natural Hair

Instagram / @jazminenicolee

9. Braided Mohawk

If you’re a daring girl who likes to stand out from the crowd, try on this gorgeous hairstyle for the upcoming date. It’s sexy, beautiful and really unforgettable, so you’ll easily capture all the attention and leave a thrilling aftertaste.

10. Brushed-Back Hair

We’ve already discussed all the benefits of no-part hairstyles which are so fashionable now and popular among designers and top hair stylists. And you know what? Sleek brushed-back hair is a perfect solution for a date you’re waiting for, because it’s sexy, stylish and saucy at once.

Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

Instagram / @petronellanilsson

11. Smooth Waves

This awesome, easy hairstyle is an absolute must-have for all women who love to attract attention and know a lot about what men prefer. Just simulate some beautiful effortless mess on your head, and it’ll be the last thing you’ll have to simulate.

Long Messy Side Part Hairstyle

Instagram / @kearybladel

12. Rope Braided Updo

Do you love to emit retro vibes? Have you ever tried to? Well, this beautiful hairstyle will make you look unapproachable and provocative. All men love mysteriousness and challenges, especially on the first date.

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13. Fluffy Ponytail

If you have second day hair or no time to do magic in front of the mirror, just choose a pony solution and feel confident. It’s better to hide an elastic with a simple wrap to look more elegant. Let’s make ponytails glamorous again!

Bouffant Ponytail For Long Hair

Instagram / @natalieannehair

14. Afro Puffs

If you’re a lucky owner of lush thick African hair, pay attention to this extremely stylish and easy-to-make hairstyle. There are a lot of puff variations and all of them can be used as date-night hair inspiration. Be sure to check it up and improve your beauty arsenal.

Three Buns Updo For Natural Hair

Instagram / @tolaniav

15. Laced S-Braid

This cute hairstyle seems to be created exclusively for romantic dates and tender kisses. It looks really festive and sophisticated, but you can easily do it at home having looked through a couple of right tutorials. Take your time before the long-awaited Saturday night and master the art of braiding snakes!

Curvy Half Up Waterfall Braid

Instagram / @n.starck

16. Lil Deconstructed Bun

If you never cheat on casual style and feel uncomfortable wearing pompous hairstyles, try on this messy bun for medium length hair. It looks very simple but elegant, especially in ensemble with smoky eyes and extravagant jewelry.

Low Messy Knot

Instagram / @brittsully

17. Sleek Pony with Crisscross

Here’s a hairstyle for girls who are ready for bright experiments. A leather crisscross around your pony will make the whole image much more stylish and catchy. You can also use any silk ribbon instead of a leather band to create a more feminine look.

Long Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairwithlinda

18. Two Buns at Once

As you can see, this hairstyle is really easy to implement at home, having only a couple of hairpins, elastics, firm-hold spray and two hands. The result will be stunning! Two buns, like two sweethearts, is such an original and unforgettable hair solution for your romantic date!

Two Low Buns For Long Hair

Instagram / @taylor_lamb_hair

19. Braided Crown

If you enjoy being in the center of attention, try on the braided crown for the next date with your boyfriend. Add some French chic to your usual hair styling arsenal, and you’ll get a lot of compliments including the sweetest words from Him.

Messy Crown Braid Updo

Instagram / @brittsully

20. Rings Instead of Elastics

Actually, massive rings from your dusty jewelry boxes can serve as non-trivial hair accessories. Choose a suitable ring and fix it instead of a boring rubber band using hairpins (just like on this photo). Turn on your imagination!

Half Up Braid Hairstyle

Instagram / @heidimariegarrett

Ok, now it’s time to break hearts, find the true love or at least have some fun!

half updo for long hair Curly Ponytail With A Bouffant Bun With A Braid Around Updo Braided Half Updo Curly Side Downdo Cropped Brown Bob With Highlights high blonde bun Half Updo With A Bun For Natural Hair Looped Mohawk Updo Long Slicked Back Hairstyle Long Messy Side Part Hairstyle Low Braided Updo Bouffant Ponytail For Long Hair Three Buns Updo For Natural Hair Curvy Half Up Waterfall Braid Low Messy Knot Long Low Ponytail Hairstyle Two Low Buns For Long Hair Messy Crown Braid Updo Half Up Braid Hairstyle