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Published on December 21, 2023

The classic crew cut is a timeless men’s hairstyle that is not only dazzling but also practical, making it perfect for men who want to look good without spending a lot of time on their hair. Check these 30 crew cut hairstyles to find a stylish yet versatile look that effortlessly takes you from work to any other occasion.

1. Flat Top Crew Cut Fade

Unlike the gradual tapering seen in classic crew cuts, the sides of a mid fade crew cut transition rapidly to expose the skin around the ears with a close, ultra-short shave. Using the precision of this technique, Teodorescu Radu, the owner of Spuk Studio, creates a sharp and stylish aesthetic popular in 2024.

2. Creative Line-Up Fade Crew Cut

Integrating a fade hairstyle with the crew cut offers numerous options, allowing you to customize the level of contrast between the upper and lower sections of your hair. For a bolder appearance, copy this high fade crew cut with a textured top by Luis Armando.

3. Buzz-Inspired Crew Cut with Line Design

The distinct contrast in length between the top and the sides creates a sharp and eye-catching aesthetic, providing a bold statement for those who appreciate a more daring and dynamic look.

4. Spiky Crew Cut with Skin Fade

A combination of shaved sides and facial hair can result in a contrasting bold look that will help you stand out with your short crew cut. Due to the increased length at the front, it also lends itself well to a contemporary rendition by incorporating a short quiff.

5. Slicked Back Mid Length Hair

If you wear slightly longer hair on top, try this trendy slicked back style that can be easily achieved with a gel or pomade. The longer top contrasts well with the shorter back and sides, adding volume to your hair.

6. Short Quiff for Traditional Crew Cut

This crew cut trend is particularly well-suited for men seeking a haircut with a touch of attitude. To achieve this look, start with a classic crew cut and use a blow dryer to lift the hair at the front. Once the hair is standing up and dry, apply pomade to finalize the short quiff look.

7. Buzz Cut with a Shaved Line

You can never go wrong with a buzz-inspired crew cut, which possesses a unique ability to emphasize the inherent masculinity of a man through a straightforward structure. This style will be particularly suitable for men with oval and round face shape.

8. Ivy League Crew Cut with Side Part

The secret to maintaining this side-swept crew cut style is wearing a gradient in the side area. Ossion Venezuela, the creators of this look, also emphasize that “the area you should leave shaved the most is those closest to the ears.”

9. Quiff Haircut with High Fade

In this updated version of the classic crew style, the quiff involves styling the hair at the front by brushing it upward and backward. This technique enhances fullness and volume, resulting in a polished and masculine appearance that also elongates round face shapes.

10. Disconnected Short Lineup Haircut

The clean, minimalistic lines of the crew cut, complemented by a full beard, contribute to a powerful and rugged appearance, highlighting the strength and masculinity of the style. For a spicy contrast, Nick Barford from Nūdo Studio emphasizes the boldness of this haircut with shaved sides.

11. Drop Fade Cut for Wavy Hair

The undercut cut combines the neatness of the classic style with texture on top, making it a good choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet contemporary aesthetic. Ask for the short back and sides, resembling an iconic drop fade.

12. Textured Crew Cut & Crispy Fade

Short haircuts like this yield a bold and edgy appearance, making them a versatile choice that exudes confidence and style. The key is to ensure that the hair on the sides and back is significantly shorter while the top remains textured and lined up.

13. Mid Fade Spiky Crew for Men

One creative option to draw attention to the crown of your crew cut and give your hair the illusion of fuller, thicker strands is to experiment with messy spikes. Find a product with an excellent hold to get the right spiky finish and keep those spikes up.

14. Buzz Cut Fade with a Beard

The addition of facial hair has the remarkable ability to alter the appearance of a man’s face, accentuating and defining his features. When combined with a crew cut or a buzz cut, a beard can have truly transformative effects.

15. Military Crew Cut with Skin Fade

Military crew hairstyles are designed to look neat and polished, so if it’s your goal – go for it! While providing a clean and well-groomed appearance, this cut can also help define your face shape more prominently.

16. Zero Fade Crew Cut with Full Beard

This combination of fade crew cuts and facial hair is well-suited for both young and older men. This flattering aesthetic enhances facial symmetry and can bring a sense of balance to your overall appearance.

17. Skin Fade Spiky Crew Cut

The crew cut complements various hair textures and lengths, making it a versatile choice for all men. For an edgy finish, give your hair a slightly unstructured appearance with spiky styling to add texture and bring a youthful vibe to this look.

18. Men’s Crew Cut with a Quiff

If you grow your hair slightly beyond the conventional length, you open up several options for styling your crew hairstyle. You can either fashion it in a messy style for a relaxed and casually disheveled appearance or blow dry the top and fix the result with a pomade for a fuller pompadour-like look.

19. Modern Crew Cut Haircut

Despite military crew cuts being considered quite simple options, you can significantly transform your crew haircut with zero fade and shaved lines. This can result in a polished and masculine appearance while maintaining a cool and trendy vibe.

20. Classic Side Part with a Skin Fade

Although creating a side part in shorter strands can be a bit challenging, combing it into place while the hair is wet and using styling products can help define the split and achieve a very fashionable look.

21. Spiked Crew Haircut Men

The spiky hairstyle complements any framing and allows for a versatile and stylish appearance. To achieve the best results with your short spiky hair, use a strong pomade that will save your spikes for longer.

22. Captivating Curly Crew Cut

If you have naturally curly hair, choosing the crew cut for your next hairstyle is a perfect option as it effectively manages wild waves and curls. A little longer top with a soft curly texture provides an effortlessly chic look that complements the unique characteristics of your hair.

23. Taper Fade Military Crew Cut

For those seeking an even shorter take on the classic crew cut, this style provides a practical and edgy alternative. Akin to a buzz cut, it involves trimming the top, back, and sides short with clippers.

24. High Fade Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League crew cut proves to be a favored and straightforward hairstyle among men, appreciated for its ease of maintenance. It offers versatility by allowing adaptation to various hair textures and styling preferences.

25. Short Crew Cut with Skin Fade

The distinguishing feature of cut is a taper to seamlessly transition from top to clipped sides. Unlike a buzz cut, which is uniform length all over, the short crew cut delivers a shorter overall length, adding a touch of modern flair to the timeless style.

26. French Crop High Fade

The taper fade French crop proves to be a practical and stylish choice for individuals seeking a professional yet effortlessly chic appearance. While adding efficiency to your morning routine, it also provides the convenience of saving time, allowing you to skip unnecessary steps and perhaps enjoy a bit more sleep.

27. Fade Crew Cut for Thick Hair

The versatility of the crew cut makes it an excellent choice for various settings, whether you’re in a professional office environment or enjoying leisure time after hours. Complement your haircut with a stylish fade to add interest to this look.

28. Blonde Taper Fade Crew Cut

A taper fade stands out as one of the most flattering and adaptable choices among versatile haircuts for men. It can be easily tailored to suit your specific hair texture and type and accentuate your blonde or silver crew cut.

29. High Skin Fade with Blunt Fringe

The minimalistic aesthetic of a classic crew cut makes it an excellent choice for a professional business look, offering a neat and tidy appearance that works well for any outfit. If you wish to add some edginess to this style, pairing it with a skin fade will be an excellent idea.

30. Side-Swept Crew Cut with Hard Part

Requesting a hard part from your barber involves him shaving a distinct line to emphasize the part, providing a more pronounced and stylized appearance. This simple modification can elevate your crew cut, giving it a personalized and sophisticated edge.

Browsing through these pictures of various crew cut styles can provide you with a clear idea of the look you desire, allowing you to sit in your stylist’s chair with confidence.

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