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Updated on November 03, 2021
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3. Side Bang Chignon

loose chignon with a twist


When searching tutorials on how to make a chignon bun, you’ll likely find more than a few variations that involve a chic side bang. This chignon is secured a little looser, allowing the side strands to fall around the face and over one eye.

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The perfect updo is often a process of trial and error, which largely depends on personal preference, hair type, maintenance and the overall look you hope to achieve. However, there are a few updo hairstyles that stand the test of time and generally flatter most hair types and face shapes. One such style is the classic chignon. The chignon bun is more intricate and sophisticated than a regular bun, making it the best updo pick for formal or special occasions.

Classy Chignon Buns

One of the best things about chignon bun hairstyles is that there is a wide variety of ways to create the look with much individuality. If you’re looking to spice up the way you style your current updo, perhaps the following photos of flawless chignons will provide some welcomed inspiration. Get ready to swoon over these chignon styles that are on a whole other level of classy!

1. Wavy Chignon

curly chignon with a side braid


Soft blonde waves always provide a sexy look to your hair, even when your locks are pulled back. Before this chignon bun is created the hair is filled with waves, then it is lightly twisted on the side and formed into a slightly messy chignon.

2. Extreme Crown Chignon

Those of you who simply can’t do without the crown of your hair being teased to the heavens will want this polished chignon immediately. All the focus of this gorgeous updo hairstyle is on the massive crown that is teased into the perfect circular shape.

bridal chignon updo


3. Side Bang Chignon

When searching tutorials on how to make a chignon bun, you’ll likely find more than a few variations that involve a chic side bang. This chignon is secured a little looser, allowing the side strands to fall around the face and over one eye.

loose chignon with a twist


4. Sophisticated Formal Updo

The twisted design on this bun is definitely something that will turn heads. The front and sides of the ‘do are pretty understated, but in the back the pieces of the chignon are twisted around the base to form the flawless curved lines.

formal low chignon


5. Low Textured Chignon

Adding some height at the crown of a low chignon bun is a great way to convey a dose of drama to the look. Here the hair is lightly teased at the roots and there are a few tendrils escaping the sides to enhance the natural-looking messy feel of the updo. The final touch is a very delicate hair piece placed inside for decoration.

chignon with a bouffant


6. Bright Blonde Tucked Chignon

The sleek, tucked-in low bun is the epitome of chic. This look is ideal for any black-tie event, and it doesn’t require a ton of your time to put it together. Just be sure to prepare your hair beforehand with a straightener or a hairdryer with a round brush and give the look a hefty spritz of hairspray when you finish to keep the chignon in place while you dance, schmooze and chat the night away.

Sleek Formal Low Bun


7. Braided Updo

Go one better than the typical messy chignon. Wrap a thick, Dutch braid around the side of your head and feed it into the bun or wrap around its base. Pull at the braid and loosen the bun until you reach the ideal level of undone-ness. You’ll definitely be the belle of the ball with this ‘do.

Low Bun With A Side Braid


8. Wispy and Whimsical Chignon Bun

Give the classic chignon look a romantic upgrade. Add some twisted elements to loosen up a typical uptight bun. Leave the front sections of the hair loose and curl them with a curling iron. Then, wrap the curls around the bun and secure with bobby pins. Make sure to let the ends of the curled strands flow free.

Loose Low Blonde Chignon


9. Fabulous Full Bun

If that thick, long hair is giving you grief, it’s about time you showed it who’s boss. Create a full, bodacious tucked bun and let your hair work for you, not against you. Simply pull your hair into a low pony and tuck it over into the base of the ponytail. Pin it down and tug at the bun until you reach the fullness and volume you want.

Chignon For Thick Hair


10. Low Bun with Asymmetrical Twists

Dress up your deep pink mane styling a lovely chignon bun. With just two twists and a tuck, your ‘do will have people mesmerized by both its style and vibrant shade. Get ready to have your dance card filled to the brim.

Chignon Updo With Messy Twists


11. Side Chignon Bun

Prepping for a formal affair? Make sure your hairdo is one that is primed to be in ALL the pictures. Try a tangled and twisted side chignon that features a loose and unrestricted bun base. The ‘do is ultra-feminine and guaranteed to make you the It girl of the evening.

Curly Low Asymmetrical Updo


12. Big and Bold Bun

The cinnamon roll look is very now and perfect to rock on your head. Take some inspo from your favorite dessert pastry and create a large, rolled bun that covers half the head. Make sure the top of the hair is textured and pumped up a bit to match the fullness and messy finish of the bun.

Large Messy Chignon Updo


13. Floral Chignon Bun

Chignon hair can definitely hold its own, but when accessorized, it really takes on a new life. And it doesn’t take much! You can use real or faux flowers and tuck them into the top of the bun, so they create a lovely floral frame. The look is completely feminine and completely perfect, especially for brides, or those participating in a wedding party!

Sleek Black Chignon With A Bouffant


14. Sleek Vintage Updo

Make your hair a work of heart by creating a sleek and curvy chignon. The defined twisted section that feeds into the bun is retro yet modern. Make sure you pin the bun and the accent piece down right to keep the style stiff and secure.

African American Vintage Chignon


15. Voluminous Chignon

Sometimes chignon updos are so fancy and intricate that they surpass the look of a bun and take on a new form. A full, voluminous chignon can do this, especially when both the top and the bottom half of hair are in full effect and pumped up.

Sleek Formal Chignon With A Bouffant


16. Swirled Bun with a Bouffant

Chignon hairstyles are far from plain or simple. They can be incredibly intricate, complex and fit for the fanciest formal affair. In fact, layering curled pieces of hair over a low bun can give the style an incredibly interesting feel. Simply pin down curled sections and spray with hairspray. It will keep the look perfect all day long.

Curly Chignon Formal Updo


17. Plaited and Weaved Chignon Bun

Basket weaving shouldn’t just be for baskets. It can be applied to your hair, too! The woven and overlapping styling on the base of a messy low bun hairstyle looks chic and unhackneyed. Try it for your next girls’ night out to switch things up a bit.

Braided Chignon With A Bouffant


18. Gorgeous Bun with a Side of Fishtail

When in doubt, try a bun with braid look. Braids serve as natural accessories to your chignon and make it look instantly more elegant and refined. The thick, messy fishtail braid, for example, works as a nice wreath wrapping around your chignon and sectioning it off of a bouffant, if you do one to balance out your large low bun.

Large Looped Chignon Updo


19. Bun Updo with Fishtails

Put that low chignon through the ringer…in a good way. Try weaving a chic-yet-messy fishtail braid along the side, through the back and into your bun. Pull at the bun and the braided sections to give them some fullness.

Messy Chignon With Braids


20. Messy but Magical Chignon

Chignons can take a casual, everyday flair when styled in a specific way. A messy, loose bun is ideal for weekends or weekdays when you want to look relaxed. To achieve a nice naturally messy look, apply some texturizing spray or powder to the roots and mid-shaft of the hair prior to styling.

Bedhead Bun Updo


21. Tucked and Twisted Chignon

Take a new spin on the classic French twist by trying a twisted chignon. The tucked and rolled technique gives your hair a classy sleek look that works with any ensemble and any occasion.

Low Formal Chignon For Medium Hair


22. Pumped-Up Bun

Give your chignon style a bit of much-needed lift. Tease the hair at the crown (generously) and comb over the upper layer so it’s smooth on top. Then create your twisted, rolled-up bun at the bottom. Once the style is set, lightly comb over the teased top and sides so they are totally smooth.

Sleek Twisted Chignon


23. Curled Chignon Bun

Formal chignons take on new levels of chicness when they are designed specifically for curly hair. Prepare your curls as you normally would with mousse or gel, so the ringlets are at their most flawless. Then, twist the hair into a messy, undone bun at the base of the neck. Secure with pins and you are good to go.

Curly Chignon For Long Hair


24. Large and in Charge

Look every bit the bride or debutante you are, by trying a full, dramatic formal chignon look. The bun is more intricate and complicated than traditional bun styles and requires overlapping sections being aptly tucked into your ‘do. The outcome is incredibly stunning and totally unexpected.

Big Smooth Chignon Updo


25. The Princess Chignon

Princess hairstyles are characterized as big, regal and totally stunning, and the princess chignon bun is all of these things — and then some more. The thick braided crown and oversized-bun combo fits the bill and delivers a hairstyle that’s not just fit for a princess. It works for a queen, too!

Large Chignon With A Headband Braid


26. Classy Beehive Chignon

It’s definitely possible for hairstyles of this type to combine two styles into one, as proved with this low bun. This chignon is highlighted by the presence of a well-formed beehive. What a classy idea of a prom updo or wedding hairstyle!

sleek formal bouffant chignon


27. Wrapped Base Chignon

As with many low ponytails and buns, an easy and decorative way to secure your style is to wrap the base of it with your own hair. This blonde bun features a wide section of hair that is wrapped around its base for a sleek and polished look awesome in its pure minimalism.

chic blonde chignon


28. Overlapping Chignon

The question of what is a chignon hairstyle could be easily answered by this picture. Here, the hair is formed into a bun at the nape of the neck, while some selected pieces are sectioned out and overlapped over each other to add an interesting detail to the look.

low roll chignon


29. Floral Chignon

A simple flower is one of the oldest and most classic ways to add some instant beauty points to a hairstyle, especially a chignon. The chignon itself is kept very simple, allowing the flower placed behind the ear to be the focal point.

polished chignon with hair flowers


30. Intricate Chignon

If you want your chignon bun to be the ultimate conversation starter, you should definitely give this one a try. This intricate chignon features several pieces of hair that are twisted and weaved together beginning at the lower middle part of the head.

loose messy chignon


31. Sleek Chignon

No-fuss and beautifully polished, this is the low bun for those who prefer an understated look. Low on the neck and embellished with a floral accessory, this chignon is as sleek and classy as can be.

wedding chignon with a hair piece


32. Swirl Chignon

This chignon bun is one of the more complex ways to create the style, but it looks absolutely beautiful. The swirl design created with this chignon requires a skilled hand, but the outcome is breathtaking.

red messy chignon for long hair


33. Basket Weave Chignon

The basket weaving technique is quite a popular way to spice up an updo, and a chignon is no exception. This look displays two different basket weave techniques at the base of the chignon to create lots of dimension, a few different textures and the depth.

loose braided chignon


34. Classic Chignon

Elegant, classic and perfectly polished, this low bun is simply beautiful. The style itself may be simple, but that is exactly what makes this look so stunning.

sleek chignon for black women


35. Thick Chignon

All you, thick-haired girls out there, will love this take on the chignon bun. Featuring a high crown and a wide base, this chignon proves that you can have heavy locks and still pull off this style as if it was designed exclusively for you.

beautiful chignon for thick hair


36. Multiple Braid Chignon

In what is perhaps the most modern chignon on the list, this one definitely has a personality of its own. The chignon itself is sort of deconstructed and secured to the side, while the multiple braids are running in different directions, enhancing the intricacy and visual interest of the style.

two braids messy updo


37. Twisted Side Chignon

Some bun hairstyles look elaborately twisted, while in reality they are done on a whim. Looser fixation and minimal styling products are the clues to such effortless-looking spontaneous updos. A curly texture and balayage highlights are also very helpful.

creative chignon for curled hair


38. Flower Crown Chignon

It is well-known that many simple hairstyles look much better when you add floral accessories as decorative elements. This chignon bun takes a step further by featuring a floral crown that is the hairstyle’s focal point.

simple rustic chignon


39. Accessorized Chignon

Accessorizing your chignon is the ideal way to inject more personality into the look. Many chignon bun hairstyles incorporate hair accessories, and this one uses a multi-strand chain with two decorative brooches on each side.

Indian style chignon


40. Braided Chignon

It may take a little more time to achieve, but adding braids to your low chignon bun is absolutely fabulous. This one features medium width braids at the base, accessorized with floral hairpins.

low braided bun


Your hairstyle with chignon can be any variation you like, from classic and sophisticated to modern and edgy. The only thing that matters is this: the look represents you. It’s also good to know that these days, a chignon bun doesn’t have to be worn at only formal occasions, but whenever you feel like it. So give those ponytails a rest and spice up your hair routine with a chic chignon!

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