Hair Care

No secret that our hair needs little helpers to look its best and be our true joy. Hair ages same as we do and suffers from environmental factors every day. It’s our initial beauty duty to protect our locks or restore and maintain their health. Whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy or straight, dry, normal or greasy, you need to pick the right shampoo and conditioner. Got that covered? Inject a few organic treatments into your hair care routine, using natural products found in your fridge and rediscovering their properties. We are here to surprise you with new hair care tips, tricks and secrets, because we know your locks deserve to be pampered.

During these days of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, you may be finding yourself in a position of needing some new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) inspiration. And, while your hair maintenance may be categorized as “non-essential” in some circles, we all know nothing is more essential than self-care, right? That’s why I’m sharing these eight amazing and easy-to-follow DIY hair mask recipes you can do right now, from home. So, let’s get started. [click to continue…]

If you’re like most people, you have a regular hair-care routine that includes shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and maybe even a deep conditioner or hair mask. You might also clarify, on occasion, or do a special treatment at the salon once or twice a year. But have you ever thought about how to properly care for your scalp? It turns out, shampoo is only one part of proper scalp care. Scalp exfoliation is what most of us are missing out on for a healthy scalp. [click to continue…]

Recently, I found out that I had been wrong all my life. I thought dry scalp and dandruff were the same thing. I also learned that others thought the same thing, and I wanted to spread awareness of the dandruff vs.dry scalp problem so more people could fix their issue. Keep reading to understand the difference between the two and find the right treatment for both. [click to continue…]

We don’t often think of a connection between our period pain and what we’re lathering onto our scalp. However, our skin is a very absorbent organ, and what we massage into our scalp can be absorbed into our bloodstream. More than that, the fragrances and ingredients in our haircare routine that we inhale (like that giant gulp of hairspray you accidentally ate!) can enter our body and can have a negative impact on our hormone health. Considering that our hormones control our menstrual cycle, this can exaggerate period symptoms. [click to continue…]

Let’s face it. We’ve all experienced dry and damaged hair. Some of us are tired of store-bought products that only mask the problem, temporarily. What if I told you it’s easy to make your own hair products? It’s rewarding and saves you a lot of cash. Here are three natural DIY recipes for your curly hair! [click to continue…]

Are you still washing your hair every day? If so, here is the ultimate guide on how to give up shampooing daily and why you actually should stop! Plus, there are many benefits that come along with “doin’ the dirty.” Keep reading to break the vicious cycle, with the help of a professional stylist! [click to continue…]

The skin-care trend has reached its peak. Starting from the minimalist step to the 10-step skin-care routine. But don’t you think something is still missing? Yes, it is hair and scalp care! Caring for our scalp and hair are just as important as it is for our skin. Their fundamental steps are pretty much the same. Whether you’re looking for a basic routine or something extra, we got you covered! [click to continue…]

Cannabis and its derivatives have officially made their grand appearance in the beauty industry, as well as in health-conscious communities. Miss Nevada Earth Taylor Nicole Burk is the first in American history to advocate for cannabis on an international pageant platform, Miss Earth USA. When you read her article, you’ll learn about the cannabis beauty space in America and the differences between hemp and CBD hair-care products. Also, there will be a list of the best-selling hair-care brands created on the wave of legalization. [click to continue…]

Okay, so maybe there’s not a direct connection, but I knew it would get your attention — and hopefully get you off the Pantene Pro-V. Studies are now showing that there is a possible relationship between the products we use every day, the chemicals inside them, the disruption of our hormone balance in the human body, and the destruction of the fish in the sea. Read on to discover the alternative path, inspired by Ayurveda and adopted to contemporary life by Katie Silcox, the New York Times Best-Selling author of the book, Healthy, Happy, Sexy – Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women.

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Believe it or not, most of our hair breakage and split ends occur when we’re having our very important beauty sleep. Preparing your hair for bed can drastically improve the quality of your hair, minimizing hair breakage, rough follicles and even the need to use heated hair tools. Keep reading for classic and fresh ideas on how to protect your locks while sleeping. [click to continue…]