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Updated on January 26, 2021
Doing simple buns or ordinary ponies every day as a casual updo is boring. Do you want to spice up your everyday hairstyles? Well, this article is for you! Here are 20 cute updos that are awesome for school, a party or just for play.

Super Cute Casual Updos For Every Day

1. Braided Pigtail Twists

Braided pigtail twists are great when you want to add a note of youthfulness to your look without looking too kiddie. All you have to do is to separate your hair into sections. Choose small pieces and braid them to the tips. Once you have done this, take gather the braids into two pigtails. Then, twist the pigtails into a swirl form. Bobby your messy buns for stability.

2. Casual Updo With A Deconstructed Pony

The deconstructed ponytail is a grunge glam hairstyle that looks great with almost any casual outfit. To create this look, you want to start with gathering your locks into a pony, twisting them one time and pinning at the nape. Next you will need to braid a few very loose braids and, holding one strand of each braid at the end, lift the two other strands towards the base of your pony to create this fabulous messy texture.

3. Wrap Around Bun

The wrap around bun is an updo that can be worn both casually and formally. Start with straight hair. You want to gather the hair into a sleek ponytail at the crown or slightly lower. Pin away any bangs. Taking the ponytail, wrap it around the base neatly and precisely. Bobby pin the bun into place. It is recommended to use hairspray to avoid any fly aways.

4. Casual Updo With A Double Twisted Pony

The double twisted ponytail is a great way to spice up a plain side pony. Divide the hair into two diagonal sections. Start at one temple and extend to the nape on the opposite side. Taking both sides, create twists. They should be done in an inward motion. Once you meet at one point, join the two twists and secure with a scrunchy.

5. The Boho Twist Updo

The boho twists are a hipster chic hair ‘do that looks good on any hair length from medium to long. Start with textured hair. Do not brush it for this adorable natural-looking effect. Use a thin headband as a base and twist your hair lock by lock around the headband, hiding and tucking the ends. Bobby pin where it’s necessary.

6. The Loose Top Knot Casual Updo

The loose top knot is a beneficial tool for those of us who like a chic look on the go! Simply gather your hair without brushing into a high, loose ponytail. Then, separate it into two sections. Twist them and wrap the twists around one another. Pin to create the appearance of an actual knot. This style works great for ombre hair.

7. Side Ponytail With A Bouffant And Braid

The low side ponytail is a go-to for most girls when we’re rushing out to school. After all, it’s easy and cute. Instead of keeping it plain, try spicing your pony up with a braid or two! Simply section off a strand near the part and braid it down to the ends. Backcomb the crown section for added volume before making the pony. Then, incorporate the braid into your ponytail.

8. Casual Updo With A Lovely Bow Bun

The bow bun is a cutesy style that adds a character to your hair do. It gives the illusion of a bun, but it is actually a cleverly sculpted hairstyle! Gather the hair into a sleek ponytail on the crown. Divide the ponytail into two sections. Taking each section, fold them in symmetrical loops to form the ears of the bow. Leave the longer ends to shape the centre of the bow. Secure the ends above the pony base. Now tie them together and bring vertically down. So smart and cute, wow!

9. Flat Twist Halo

The flat twist halo is a fun way to spice up a traditionally Grecian hairdo. You would carry it on like you do a typical halo. However, you will be forming a two strand twist. This means that you will be twisting two strands and adding pieces as you go. You want to do this starting at the hairline and continuing until you reach the start of the twist.

10. The Fishtail Knot

The fishtail knot is a seemingly intricate hairstyle that can be worn on any occasion. To create this style, section your hair from ear to ear. With the top section, create a fishtail braid. Using the lower section, make a simple knot. Take the fishtail braid and twist it with your knot. Bobby pin into place for stability.

11. Braided Under Tuck Casual Updo

The braided under tuck is a unique hairstyle that still maintains an earthy elegance for the average lady of any age. Start with straight hair. Create a sort of half up, half down style, making a small pony at the back of your head, with the rest of your hair hanging loose underneath. The pony creates the base for the tuck. Make individual braids from all the hair. Some of them may be looser and others tighter. Now begin to bring the braids up and tuck them behind the base, hiding the ends.

12. Knots Braid Halo With Bangs

The knot-braided halo with bangs is a very romantic hairstyle that is fun for everyone. To create this style, section off your bangs and style them as desired. Divide the remaining hair into 2 parts for 2 knotty braids. Divide each section into two strands and tie them together, then again and again. Complete the second braid. Bobby pin the ends of the braids above the bangs. You may pull out some small pieces for added messiness. Then, you are done!

13. The Fishtail Chignon Casual Updo

The fishtail chignon is a very feminine ‘do that adds a sense of lady-like flair to any outfit! Divide your hair into two sections, from ear to ear at the back. Braid a few inches of fishtail for the top section. Bring the ends of your fishtail together with the bottom section and make a pony. Twist the pony and bobby pin it at the nape as a bun.

14. Side Fishtail Ponytail With Curly Ends

The fishtail ponytail is a very chic, yet effortless hairstyle that does not require anything but your fingers! Start with textured hair, either loose curls or waves. Gather the hair to one side. Create a fishtail braid. You want to be sure you start low and braid tightly as you will not be using a scrunchy. You want to stop a few inches from the ends to let the curls show at the bottom. Now, you’re done!

15. Casual Updo From A Fairytail

The fairytale updo is a lovely hairdo that is perfect when you want to look like a princess. To achieve this look, you want to start with textured hair. Be sure to have your favorite hair accessories on hand. You want to create multiple braids and twist them into a bun. Creatively incorporate your decorative hair accessories!

16. The Criss-Cross Casual Bun Updo

The cross-cross bun is something that takes just some 10 minutes, but it will add design and sophistication to a boring low bun hairdo. Start with a half up half down ‘do, with the top section of your hair bobby pinned at the back. Next take strands of the bottom section, from the left and from the right in turns, bring them horizontally to the other side and pin. And finally make a low bun.

17. The Halo Bun

The halo bun is trendy and very tasteful for those who want something different in terms of casual updos. You are going to make a side part and start a lace braid along the line of hair growth. The braid turns into a twist behind the ear. Twist all hair to the ends and shape a cute bun at the nape.

18. Messy Pin Up Casual Updo

This hairstyle requires textured hair. Taking medium pieces, create loose pin curls and bobby pin them as you go. Do this until the entire hair is up and off of your shoulders. You may pull at certain pieces to add more messiness.

19. Triple Twisted Buns

Triple twisted buns are fun and playful! To create this style, you want to divide your hair into three sections. Avoid parting the hair! Create a small twisted bun with each section and bobby pin it. After you have completed all the buns, you may add a colorful hair bow or another hair accessory for decoration.

20. Wrapped Braided Chignon

The wrapped braided chignon is very classy, and it gives an expensive essence to any outfit! To duplicate the look, you need to make two chunky braids at the corners of your nape. Using the remaining hair, create a simple chignon and bobby pin it into place. Taking the braids, wrap them around the chignon. You should not be able to see the scrunchy used for the chignon.

Now that you have 20 casual updos to wear almost anywhere, go have fun! Try out these different looks next time you want to go for a night out or just to school/work. It’s always enjoyable to spice up your daily look with a new cute updo!
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