40 Trendsetting Brown Ombre Hair Solutions for Any Taste

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#2: Sweet Brunette with Chocolate Highlights

Deep Brown and Chocolate Highlights

Instagram / @hairbyjosh_u

If you don’t go for too much contrast, a subtle ombre transition might become a perfect solution. From darker roots to chocolate brown ends – it creates the sun faded effect, looking extremely natural. It looks especially good with medium and long wavy hairstyles.

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Natural brunettes do not lack brightness, but they can add a very stylish twist to their looks with one of creative ombre hair brown ideas. With dark hair you can achieve the most low-maintenance ombre solutions if you keep your natural color at the roots.

Brown Ombre Hair Solutions

Brown hair offers lots of dramatic coloristic looks, because you can successfully use more than two shades for ombre highlights. The current tendencies that offer to turn towards naturalness and rock subtler versions of ombre. Anyway, the choice is yours. Let’s check what is proper for you and your hair.

#1: A Study in Brown

Highlighting Deep Root Color with Chestnut Strands

Instagram / @sydneyraehair

Brown ombre hair is such a flattering way for natural brunettes to experiment with lighter shades. The transition from dark roots to chestnut strands is absolutely pretty. To get the voluminous look, curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron and lightly tease for the final look.

#2: Sweet Brunette with Chocolate Highlights

If you don’t go for too much contrast, a subtle ombre transition might become a perfect solution. From darker roots to chocolate brown ends – it creates the sun faded effect, looking extremely natural. It looks especially good with medium and long wavy hairstyles.

Deep Brown and Chocolate Highlights

Instagram / @hairbyjosh_u

#3: Curly Brown Ombre

Curly long hair looks great in brown ombre coloring because curly texture catches the light and shows the depth. Transitioning from brown to the shade of honey is flattering against hazelnut eyes, highlighting their warmth. Such a hairstyle would definitely highlight the overall casual look.

Honey Brown Curls Underline Hazelnut Eyes

Instagram / @jomcintyrehair

#4: Waves of Hot Chocolate

This casual medium long hairstyle is possible with any shade of brown. Here, the subtle transition from dark to the chocolate shade of brown combined with smooth waves looks really stylish by adding depth and complexity. Another benefit of such a hairstyle is that it does not require changing your natural hair color completely, just like most kinds of ombre.

Medium Length with Warm Chocolate Brown Ends

Instagram / @salonrujkayseri

#5: Subtle Brown Ombre Hair

Bring warmth to your skin and style with an understated ombre. Dark hair that transitions to lighter shades of brown has a youthful appeal because hair gets darker as we grow up. When deciding what color to apply to the ends, many women choose the shade they had as kids.

Youthful Appeal with Waves in Shades of Chocolate

Instagram / @jacqui.swan

#6: Wavy Brown Bob

Waves usually take the first place in popularity of styling options when it comes to accentuating your messy bob, but this particular style features a head full of sexy flips. The reason why the flipped ends look so good here is that they create the adorable messy touch and appear absolutely carefree. The accent is further highlighted with two-shade hair color.

A Messy Touch with Lighter Brown Ends

Instagram / @locksbylauryn

#7: Sun Kissed Strands

What can look brighter than deep brown? Only deep brown with burning red strands! This brown ombre hair color will look great with loose messy waves and practically any hair length. If you want to add some fire to your daily look, highlight your hair with bright red color accents. It will look fascinating with natural darker roots.

#8: Ash Blonde Highlights to Natural Brown

This hairstyle proves that brown ombre hair ideas are not limited to chocolate, chestnut, and golden shades. Platinum blonde ends create a stunning contrast with dark roots, making this hair color stylish and trendy. Combined with airy waves, this look will match any hair type.

A Contrast Between Platinum Blonde and Deep Brown

Instagram / @ozangrpnr06

#9: Long Golden Waves

Each brown to blonde ombre is unique. This option features gorgeous, elegant golden waves that fill the hair and create a deep and complex color solution. Such a hairstyle will flatter brown eyes and warm skin tones.

Elegant Golden Waves Perfect for Long Hair

Instagram / @leilacoloriste

#10: Sandy Blonde Accents

Another good way to accentuate your hair color is to bleach ends to sandy blonde. To avoid sharp contrast, create a smooth transition between roots and ends. Flipped ends will add airiness to the style. However, this ombre will look amazing with straight hair as well.

Sandy Blonde Ends Adding a Girly Touch

Instagram / @doni_happy_salon

#11: Casual Chestnut Waves

To create a sun faded effect, add random chestnut strands to your natural hair color. Such a hairstyle will flatter any length and texture. It will create stylish highlights to your look without making it overly bright or daring. Add loose waves for a more girly touch.

Chestnut Highlights for a Natural Sun Faded Effect

Instagram / @glostudiomx

#12: The Most Natural Subtle Ombre

If you prefer looking naturally, this subtle brown ombre might become a perfect way of accentuating your hair color without campiness. A beautiful blend of colors will flatter any tone of skin, eyes, hair textures, or length. No one will even notice that you’ve had your hair dyed!

#13: Matching Brown Eyes

This casual caramel brown ombre perfectly matches warm skin tones and brown eyes. Although the hairstyle looks simple and natural, it may not flatter pale skin and blue or gray eyes. On the other hand, these caramel highlights enhance the chic points and make the hairstyle more eye catching.

#14: Ash Brown Subtle Ombre

Unlike the previous hairstyle, this subtle ombre will flatter any skin and eyes. Ash brown ends highlight the depth of natural color, while subtle transition accentuates hair textures. Lighter and darker hair colors perfectly combine in a fascinating look that will add chic to your daily style.

#15: Chocolate and Gold

Adding texture is a great way to ensure your hair looks its absolute best. This look features a brown to blonde hairstyle with a middleware soft milk chocolate tone for a better blend of the darkest and the lightest shades. Tousled waves create an airy touch. However, it will also look good with straight hair.

Stylish Combination of Brown and Blonde on Long Hair

Instagram / @drainbayankuaforu

#16: Golden Rose Ombre

An ombre combining caramel brown and rose gold looks stunning. A perfect solution to add a glimpse of elegance to your everyday look. The smooth stretch allows avoiding too sharp contrast while adding vividness to your natural skin color. If you, on the contrary, want to add more contrast, combine this color with deeper dark roots. If your natural color is lighter, you can achieve darker shades using a hair dye.

Brown Ombre with Pink Highlights for a Stunning Look

Instagram / @ozanonlineee

#17: Voluminous Honey Brown Curls

Subtle honey brown ombre perfectly combines with small curls. Such a hairstyle allows for creating color layers, adding depth, an impressive amount of volume, and overall movement. Looks perfectly with long hair. For those who have short or medium length hair, be careful – the effect might be too voluminous.

A Mix of Small Curls and Brown Ombre for Voluminous Look

Instagram / @romeufelipe

#18: Highlighting the Face

Face framing highlights used in this ombre hairstyle underline eyes and lips. The combination of hair colors has a youthful appeal, while airy waves create a girly touch. This particular kind of ombre will also look great with rose gold ends.

Underlining Face Shape with Brown Ombre

Instagram / @hairbyoguz

#19: Brunette Ombre Bob

A short, wavy bob is one of the hairstyles that will never go out of style, with cold brown highlights adding a fancy touch. Additionally, the presence of loose waves creates nice movement and dimension. This hairstyle will make you look perfect at any event.

Elegant Waves of Brown Ombre Bob

Instagram / @k.a.y.a.n.e.b

#20: Deep Brown Ombre for Medium Length

Dark roots are highlighted with strands of chocolate shades in this fascinating hairstyle. While looking perfectly natural, the ombre creates contrast, underlining the depth of root color. Another perfect mixture of hair colors that will flatter any complexion.

#21: A Combination of Brown and Blonde

The ashy blonde ends connected with the dark roots through caramel and golden blonde make a harmonious and classy look. To have a great success with ombre (nobody wants to wind up in the #ombrefail category), make an appointment with an experienced colorist.

Blonde Balayage for Brown Hair

Instagram / @kaleybess

#22: Long Brown Hair

This brown to blonde look is the perfect example of the diagonal effect, one of many types of ombre. Best for long strands, a diagonal transition runs the lightest color high up in the front, but starts low in the back.

Long Brown and Blonde Ombre Hair

Instagram / @stephengarrison

#23: Subtle and Soft Brown Ombre

This subtle ombre is such a pretty way to bring warmth and vibrancy to your complexion. Instead of going for five or more shades lighter, choose to go up just one or two shades. On short curls, warm brown ends produce a cute halo effect.

Light Brown Balayage for Natural Hair

Instagram / @takeya_monique

#24: Honey Brown Ombre

This ombre seamlessly transitions to a soft light brown shade for a look that is sophisticated and natural, but still on trend. Opt for this style if you want to try ombre but aren’t into having multiple shades in your hair. Ask your stylist for a honey hue with a delicate shift from dark roots (and bring this pic).

Caramel Balayage for Brown Hair

Instagram / @tanya_amador

#25: Ashy Brown Ombre

With deep brown hair you don’t have to go blonde in ombre. Brown ombre hair is just as fun. This dark brown to light brown color has a cool girl vibe because of the ashy, grayish ends. Go for messy waves with tons of texture to enhance the undone appeal.

Dark Brown to Ash Brown Long Ombre Hair

Instagram / @jamiekeikohair

#26: Curly Ombre Bob

For an adorable bob that stands out from the crowd, add golden or ash hues (depending on your skin undertone) that will illuminate your complexion. When people think ombre, they imagine long cascading waves—which look great. But curly girls can rock a cool color fade too. Short voluminous hair is lighter, bouncier, and way more fun.

Subtle Brown Ombre for Curly Hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

#27: Long Ombre Waves

For a classic, ultra feminine ombre look, go for chocolate brown strands that morph into pale blonde waves. Keeping hair dark at the top, brunettes can try out blonde hair in a more natural, flattering way. This style features golden brown highlights that pull all the tones together.

Blonde Ombre for Brown Hair

Instagram / @a_fournier222

#28: Choppy Brown Hair

For a dark to light ombre that’s totally city chic, a choppy bob will be a definite win. This ombre is all about the faux grown out roots. To style, use a straightener to bend strands slightly for a trendy beadhead look.

Brown Ombre Bob with Bent Ends

Instagram / @mizzchoi

#29: Mellow Ash Brown Ombre

For a romantic take on ombre, go for a color variation that is soft and subtle. Dark brown to light brown is the easiest ombre look to pull off. For a simple styling tip, put hair in two buns overnight, and in the morning use a large barrel to curl random sections.

Curly Ash Brown Ombre Hair

Instagram / @taitkieuapril05

#30: Brown Hair with Highlights

This medium hairstyle is part ombre, part highlights. The overall effect is very youthful and natural. Ask your stylist for fine golden brown highlights that start at the top of the hair and become thicker and more prevalent as they are working their way down. Sunlight is now your new best friend!

Deep Brown Hair with Light Brown Balayage

Instagram / @thecolourparlor

#31: Chestnut Brown Ombre Curls

The key to any brown hair ombre is tone. Chestnut, cherry, and caramel hues are divine on brunettes with a warm skin tone. To know what’s right for you, take a peek at your closet. Chances are you already gravitate toward warm or cool. The warm tones here are heavenly!

#32: Long Balayage Ombre

Straight haired girls look fab when treated to edgy waves. The twisted texture lends an extra dose of LA flair to her brown to blonde stretch. With hair this long, simply use a sea salt spray, create a low braid, and leave in for two hours. In a rush? Four extra large hot rollers— yes they’re making a comeback — will do the trick.

#33: Messy Ombre Lob

Light brown ombre hair becomes super modern with the addition of ashy ends. For a no-heat take on the twisted midshaft trend, create a loose French braid that ends at the nape instead of braiding all the way down. But a flat iron works great too!

Shaggy Ombre Lob Hairstyle

Instagram / @taitkieuapril05

#34: Honey Brown Accents

Oh honey, we love honey brown! Sweet, fun, sexy, girly, pretty…the list could totally go on (and on), so let’s stop there. Here’s what you really need to know: you will look amazing with this color. Every girl should try honey brown at least once, no matter which end of the color spectrum she’s arriving from.

Caramel Ombre Bob with Honey Brown Accents

Instagram / @modernsalon

#35: Gorgeous Ombre Waves

Deep brown hair is known for being sophisticated (think Princess Kate). This look is surefire proof that ombre brown hair can be glamorous too. The gorgeous brown to caramel mane is treated to a high-shine gloss treatment and classy curls and waves. To protect long strands, apply a mask of pure coconut oil before you shampoo.

Long Golden Brown Ombre Hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

#36: Brown Ombre Lob

This trendy lob haircut looks stunning done up in caramel hued ombre. The swept back layers play nicely with highlights. Sun kissed side bangs complete the style and add glimmer around the eyes. It’s a great choice for striking the balance between subtle and stark.

#37: Long Brown Hair with Caramel Ends

Brown ombre hair can fall into a host of color specifications and categories, with the intensity of browns based on personal preferences. This hairstyle features medium brown hair that transitions to a lovely caramel shade. Chunky curls are then placed throughout, mid shaft to ends. A delicate side part keeps the look soft and feminine.

#38: Long Caramel Blonde Ombre

The brown ombre hair shows just how stunning and versatile in shades it can be. While there might not be that much styling to this look, it is still perfectly sleek and polished, allowing the ombre highlights to be on full display. There are also some subtle layers placed throughout for movement and definition.

Long Caramel and Blonde Ombre for Dark Brown Hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

#39: Gilded Ends

From the gorgeous caramel highlights to the sexy, asymmetrical waves, this look is the epitome of what stunning hair looks like. A short bob style looks fabulous when paired with the ombre highlights same as a long bob. Dark brown hair is the perfect base for highlights of any color. The messy side part and the hair falling over one eye seals the deal.

Dark Brown Asymmetrical Bob with Golden Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @eleanorpendleton

#40: Light Brown, Burgundy and Caramel Mix

This look presents a dark brown hair base with burgundy toned roots and caramel highlights – soft and flattering with just a hint of edge. The ends of the hair are styled into chunky curls that are slightly tousled to create a more natural look with a healthy dose of imperfection encouraged in all modern hairstyles.

Burgundy to Light Brown Ombre with Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @ashleyhair_

There are endless ideas for ombre hairstyles – from combining natural colors to adding extraordinary bright highlights (like blue ombre). The only limit for experiments is your own imagination and professional level of your hair stylist.