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Updated on February 06, 2021

Is there anything more fun than a little girl with pigtails? We think not! Be inspired by these amazing and beautiful hairstyles. Whether you are styling hair that is short, medium, long, straight or curly, you’ll be sure to find something to try out that will stand out.

Pigtail Styles for Girls

Most of the following girly hairstyles with pigtails involve braids with ribbons and lovely bow ties, cute twists or unusual partings. Some hairstyles look intricate, but there are also simpler ones, suitable for beginner level.

1. Criss-Crossed Low Ponytails with Ribbons

This is a beautiful hairstyle for girls with long hair. Two inside out French Braids are criss-crossed in the back to create a very interesting design. Adding in a pretty ribbon really takes this braid to the next level. The overall effect of these French braid pigtails is really beautiful.

2. Braids, Buns and Bows

Take your braiding skills to the next level by creating a basket weave effect. A traditional braid suggests three strands, but this one uses four or more strands to build an intricate and very unique braid. Hair is parted right down the middle with a basket braided down on either side. The braids are secured and then twisted up into cute little buns. The crowning pieces of this hairstyle are the adorable hair bows on top of each bun! There is a lot going on here, but it’s truly an inspiring look to try!

3. Double Heart Braid

This double heart shaped braid actually appears harder to achieve than it really is. The inside braid was sectioned out and braided after the outside one was braided and out of the way. After both braids were created and secured into pigtails, a pretty ribbon was weaved into the braid for a more formal and intricate result. Finally the deep purple flowers were attached to each ponytail. This would be a great look for a flower girl.

4. Asymmetrical Flower Girl Hairstyle

Break all the rules by styling your hair similar to these fashion forward pigtails. Braids curve around the head in a basket weave technique to be secured into soft ponytails. The bright and bold hair accessories make the overall look that much sweeter.

5. Four Braids with Ribbon Lacing

This symmetrical style is pretty and a great inspiration! Try out different color of ribbons to match any outfit. This is a fun look to try for girls with short, medium, or long hair. All you need is four braids, two long pieces of ribbon, and elastic bands. Make sure you braid really tight to get the same crisp effect as shown.

6. Braid and Twist Combo

Twists and braids work well together in this chic girly hairstyle. Three twists are created high on top guided diagonally down to feed into one of the braided ponytails. Top it off with two giant, neon colored bows, and you’ve got a head-turning style for your little Princess!

7. Double Twists with Double Buns

Check out these awesome twists and buns! Long, thick hair is definitely necessary for this hairstyle. Start with one twist on top and one on the bottom and then attach them to the two pigtail buns on either side. Finish your look off with soft, color coordinating ribbons.

8. Braid Split into Pigtails

This hairstyle is all about careful sectioning and skilful braiding. A single French braid is split on the crown into two parts. Some pretty ribbons and flowers make this look perfect for spring or summer. Don’t underestimate the importance of ribbons and hair accessories. They can take a simple braid to something so intricate and complicated-looking.

9. Criss-Crossing Pigtails and Lacy Buns

Check out this awesome girls’ hairstyle! Six mini ponytails are woven into a really cool look – up the back and ending in two fluffy buns on the top of the head. Fun pink bands and ribbons make the twin tails pop.

10. Braids of the Future

These French braided pigtails look quite futuristic. Loose strands are left out and then braided back in further to create an awesome spider web effect. This would be a great idea to use for a Halloween costume but it also has to be mastered by someone who really knows how to French braid pigtails.

11. Classy Ribbon-Intertwined Ponies

This is a great inspirational hairstyle that almost any skill level can achieve. Classic ponytails are positioned high up on either side of the head and then intertwined down with ribbons. Who knew something so simple could look so sophisticated and gorgeous?

12. Intricate Ribbon Braids

If you can imagine it – you can do it. Zig zag partings, thick braids and red ribbons are all the parts of this chic hairstyle. The ribbons are woven through the braid making the hair look like it bunches up. Super cool, and it’s worth the time and effort when the result is so beautiful and interesting.

13. Snake Braids

If you have super long hair and want to show it off – this look is for you. Braids go down and up the back and get secured high on the sides of the head for a beautiful, curved look. These pigtail braids require good hair thickness and decent length.

14. Pigtails with Chain Link Braids

Here is another gorgeous hairstyle for thick hair. Rock out your braids by doing the twist! A chain link braid is done from a pony split into two sections. Then each of these two is also split to make a twisty twist – this is when you twist your right strand over your finger and put in over the left strand to make a rope braid. Two rope braids are twisted into one chain link braid. You can make three chain link braids and join them into these lovely twintails with almost a dizzying effect. So fun!

15. Double Braids with Double Buns

Take a look at this fabulous hairstyle that combines braids and buns into one! The thicker your hair is the better for this chunky bun style. We love how the buns are secured with colorful bobble elastics. This look just can’t get any cuter!

16. Braided Crown

Who doesn’t love a girl with pigtail hair? A nice braid on top creates a cool crown effect that blends seamlessly into French braid pigtails. The crown braid helps to keep the front of the hair looking soft and frames the face very nicely.

17. Waterfall Ponytails

Stacked ponytails look super sweet in this version of a pigtail hairstyle. Crisp part lines and colorful rubber bands make the overall look very special.

18. Big Double Bows

These gorgeous black hair bows are absolutely fabulous! Two twin tails climb up the back in a diagonal pattern and end into perfect hair bows. This pigtail hairstyle is sure to set you apart from the crowd.

19. Soft Fishtails

A deep side part creates a softer result on this cute country blonde. Fishtailed pigtail braids are created and kept messy for a nice, unkempt hairstyle.

20. Ravishing Ringlets for Black Girls

Curly ponytails are super cute! These are very simple but are played up by creating a diagonal part line on the top center line in the back. We love the unplaited looseness, too!

Present-day pigtails aren’t just two twin ponytails. They can incorporate braids, twists, buns, ribbons, flowers, and more! Challenge yourself to try something new and take your old classic hairstyles to the next level.

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