10 Best Diffusers for Curly Hair in 2021

Best Hair Diffusers

Using a hair dryer on curly or wavy hair can often result in an unfixable frizzy mess. However, with the help of hair diffusers, you could rock hassle-free curls every day. It’s time to leave those curl creams and pomades behind, because diffusers are your all-in-one tool for bouncy curls.

Just by removing the direct heat from your hair dryer, you can walk away with a completely new head of hair. Start your new year off the right way by finding the perfect product for your curls from our list of the best hair diffusers out there.

Top-Rated Diffusers for Curly Hair

Deciding on which hair diffuser to buy can be tricky, especially when each one offers different benefits. Use this table to compare all the top of the line diffusers out on the market and find the one that best fits your curls.

Product NameFeaturesPrice
The Curly Co. Diffuser - Editor’s Choice
The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser
Volume booster, convenient size, silicone structure Check Price
Hairizone Diffuser
Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser
Volume booster, quick drying, over 200 air holes Check Price
xtava Black Orchid Diffuser
xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser
Large bowl, ionic technology, quick drying Check Price
DevaCurl Devafuser
DevaCurl Devafuser
Hand shape, volume booster, ceramic material Check Price
Bed Head Curlipops Diffuser
Bed Head Curlipops Diffuser
All-in-one product, ceramic technology, good for traveling Check Price
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Diffuser
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Diffuser
Universal fit, volume booster, cup-shaped, large fingers Check Price
Conair Compact Styler
Conair 1875-Watt Compact Styler
Part of a set, multiple heat and speed settings, ionic technology Check Price
Hot Sock Diffuser
Hot Sock Diffuser
Small and compact, travel-friendly, soft Check Price
Beautural Hair Dryer
Beautural Professional Hair Dryer
Cool air button, 1875 watts, ionic technology Check Price
BIO IONIC Universal Diffuser
BIO IONIC Universal Diffuser
Lightweight, heat-resistant, salon-quality Check Price

#1: The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser – The Best for Ease and Convenience

A common misconception that smoothing out your curly or wavy hair means compromising your hair’s natural texture. With the help of the Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser, you can knock out frizz and static from your hair, leaving behind only well-defined curls. In addition to creating smooth locks, this diffuser also gives hair an extra root lift for added volume. Several reviews say that this curl diffuser is one of the best ways you can get “straight from the salon” quality hair without using a lot of other products.

Can’t possibly fit another beauty product on your bathroom counter? Don’t stress because the diffuser’s silicone structure is collapsible, making it perfect for storing and travelling. Another great benefit of this diffuser is its ability to fit most hair dryers with no problem. It has finger attachments on the inside that easily grip onto your hair dryer, so it slides on with ease! Make sure that you push the nozzle of the diffuser all of the way onto the dryer so it doesn’t collapse during use.

  • Convenient size
  • Adds volume
  • Very affordable
  • Controls frizz
  • Has trouble fitting on larger hair dryer barrels
  • Can collapse while using
Diffusers can be bulky and difficult to store, so we recommend this Collapsible Hair Diffuser to anyone who is constantly on the go or is in desperate need of a space-saving product. Its flexible structure will fit most hotel hair dryers, so you can enjoy beautiful curls far away from home.

#2: Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser – The Best for Curl Enhancement

Since diffusers are an extra attachment to your normal hair dryer, it’s sometimes hard to find one that fits perfectly onto the end. However, Hairizone prides itself on the ability of their hair diffuser to fit most hair dryers out there. This diffuser fits hair dryers with nozzle sizes ranging from 1.7 inches to 2.6 inches, and its lockable side buttons allow for a tighter grip on your dryer. Hairizone claims that their universal diffuser will fit 90% of all hair dryers available today.

Heat is evenly distributed throughout the hair with the help of the diffuser’s 211 air holes, resulting in a 40% quicker drying time. Made with eco-friendly materials, the diffuser’s round shape guarantees a nice, steady flow of heat to your locks. While some diffusers will simply smooth hair, this one actually works to enhance and define your curls as it dries them. Be sure that you do not set your hair dryer to the hottest setting, as the lower levels of heat will help protect your scalp and won’t overheat the diffuser itself. An added bonus? You get your choice of black, light blue, red, or baby pink.

  • Comes in four different colors
  • Easily adaptable
  • Quick drying time
  • Adds volume
  • Defines and enhances curls
  • Larger size
  • Wobbles if not tightly secured onto hair dryer
  • Doesn’t fit nozzles over 3 inches
We strongly recommend Hairizone’s hair diffuser for those needing extra curl enhancement when drying their locks. Also, if you have a smaller dryer, this may be the right diffuser for you. If your dryer has a nozzle larger than 3 inches, you may struggle to fit the diffuser on the end.

#3: xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser – The Best for Quick Drying

In this fast-paced world, we no longer have time to spend hours getting our hair to cooperate. Luckily, the xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser has one of the largest surface areas of any diffuser on the market, so you can dry your curls safely in no time at all. The multiple layers of prongs and the 360-degree flow of air provide professional-grade results, so can enjoy frizz-free volume and hair that hasn’t been over-dried.

For those who just can’t live without the blow dryer, this hair diffuser will allow you to protect the health of your hair. The ionic technology of the xtava Black Orchid diffuser tames unruly curls without losing any volume or definition. Each 3D finger has a hole at the end where air passes through, so your scalp also dries quickly — and safely. However, this particular diffuser is only perfectly compatible with xtava brand hair dryers, so double check the nozzle size of your dryer before buying this attachment.

  • Holds a lot of hair at one time
  • Defines and enhances curls
  • Large size can be difficult to manage
  • Non-xtava hair dryer compatibility is not guaranteed
  • Gets hot to the touch very quickly
Curls and thick hair usually go hand-in-hand, so the xtava Black Orchid hair diffuser is great for those with fuller locks. Being able to dry larger portions of your hair at once will cut down on styling time and get you ready to go much quicker.

#4: DevaCurl Devafuser – 360 Degree Flow of Air

There’s a lot more to DevaCurl’s Devafuser than its interesting hand-shaped design. This product emits a 360 degree flow of air to your hair during use and gently dries your curls into their naturally bouncy coils. The circle of air surrounds each individual curl, so your hair dries faster and with less hassle. With a barrel circumference range of 5.5 to 6.5 inches, this diffuser fits most popular hair dryers, in addition to the DevaCurl brand.

DevaCurl’s diffuser is built to withstand high heat. However, to get soft, frizz-free curls or waves, use only low to medium heat settings. The fingers will never tangle or knot your curls, no matter how much you scrunch your hair while using the hair diffuser. You wouldn’t normally think of a diffuser locking in hair’s moisture, but DevaCurl’s Devafuser has a metal plate coated in ceramic material that seals hydration and shine into your locks.

  • Enhances and defines curls
  • Volume booster
  • Fits most commercial dryers
  • Locks in moisture
  • Pricey
  • Bulky
  • Can melt when used on high heat
Although on the more expensive side of available hair diffusers, DevaCurl’s Devafuser is great for natural and super kinky hair that needs frizz smoothed down. However, always pay attention to the size of your own hair dryer, so you can be sure the diffuser will fit properly. Look how Zendaya uses her DevaCurl diffuser in this video tutorial!

#5: Bed Head Curlipops Diffuser – The Best All-in-One Product

There’s nothing better than a blow dryer/diffuser combo, and Bed Head delivers! With its three heat and two speed settings, the Bed Head Curlipops hair dryer and diffuser has all the features you need to dry your curls with just the right amount of air. The ceramic technology of this diffuser and dryer set calms down your natural frizz and adds in a boost of shine to your locks. The slow setting of the diffuser gives a steady stream of heat, so your hair dries quickly but without the annoying flyaways that result from normal dryers.

The dryer also comes with a “cool down” setting that you use after almost completely drying your hair. This setting locks in your style and prevents your hair from frizzing throughout the day. You can also use this combo tool without the diffuser if you wish, but for better results for curly hair, use the additional attachment and see the difference in the definition and volume of your locks. Run the fingers of the diffuser through your curls after drying for more texture and shape. The dryer is 1875 watts, but is not dual voltage.

  • Compact design
  • Great for traveling
  • Affordable
  • Only lasts about a year
  • Not dual voltage
Bed Head’s diffuser is a great product for anyone who does not want to deal with buying separate pieces and risking an incompatible attachment. With its pink and purple color, this all-in-one deal will please those looking for quality product and convenience.

#6: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Diffuser – The Best for Volume Boosting

The Babyliss’s diffuser has a secret weapon: the Nano Titanium technology. This addition flows heat quickly to the roots of your hair, so you can spend less time styling and more time enjoying your safely dried locks. The Nano Titanium also releases ions that go deep into your hair’s cuticles, smoothing out frizz from the roots and to the tips. The fingers of the diffuser easily give your roots added volume. This cup-shaped diffuser will work really well on those with long curls, for it can accommodate a large amount of hair.

The diffuser fits the majority of Conair brand hair dryers, but will also be compatible with dryers that have a similar nozzle size. You don’t want your diffuser popping off in the middle of drying! Reviewers say that the diffuser can be difficult to get on the nozzle and that you might feel resistance when fitting it to the dryer.

  • Universal fit
  • Extremely affordable
  • Volume booster
  • Can melt under high heat
  • Pops off if not on completely
Although this BaBylissPRO diffuser is not as compact as some, you still won’t have to haul around a large attachment for your dryer. Anyone on the hunt for an affordable product that will deliver an extraordinary boost of volume and frizz-free curls would be pleased with this diffuser.

#7: Conair 1875-Watt Compact Styler – The Best for Heat and Speed Options

Looking for the complete package? Conair’s Ionic Ceramic 1875 watt Hair Dryer comes with a compatible diffuser attachment as well as a concentrator for those days when you want to smooth and straighten your hair. With three different settings for heat and two speed options, you can choose the right combination for your hair type. Conair recommends the lower heat and lower speed for anyone with fine and thin hair, and the higher heat and speed for thicker, longer locks. With the diffuser attachment, however, you’ll want to make sure you use a lower heat setting.

Conair’s ceramic and ionic technology yields shiny and healthy hair, rather than the brittle disaster that can occur from using a normal hair dryer. Their Soft Touch design guarantees 75% reduced frizz and less heat damage to your hair. You can also press the “cold shot” button that gives off a quick blast of cold air to help preserve the volume and structure of your waves or curls.

  • Multiple heat and speed settings
  • Ionic technology
  • Long life expectancy
  • Can overheat quickly
  • Cord is stiff and difficult to manage
We recommend this package for those who want the convenience of the all-in-one product. With Conair’s dryer, every attachment is compatible and promises salon-quality results for a reasonable price.

#8: Hot Sock Diffuser – Travel-Sized and Convenient

Diffusers don’t always have to be large, bulky attachments. If you’re lacking space in your bathroom, opt for the Hot Sock Diffuser. It’s lightweight design blocks out heat damage and spreads out the air so your hair is dried evenly and steadily. However, this diffuser lacks the protruding fingers like most, so you won’t get the same volume boost that you would with a normal diffuser.

Because this attachment is soft and durable, you can simply slide it onto your dryer without having to worrying about the proper fit and size of the diffuser. The sock will pretty much fit any dryer on the market! Not to mention, it’s small enough to fit in your purse. Be careful, because if you set your dryer on high, the diffuser sock may slide off during styling. If you seem to be having this problem, simply tie a hair band around the nozzle of your dryer to keep the sock from sliding off.

  • Space saving
  • Perfect for travel
  • Very affordable
  • Can slide off
  • Doesn’t have fingers for volume boost
Although Hot Sock diffuser doesn’t promise a root lift, you will still walk away with minimal frizz and beautifully defined curls. We recommend the sock diffuser to those who need a convenient travel product that won’t take up too much space in your bag!

#9: Beautural Professional Hair Dryer – Comes with Various Attachments

You can never go wrong with a hair dryer set, and Beautural Professional’s package comes with all the tools you need to have beautiful hair every day. Equipped with a diffuser and concentrator, this dryer also comes with different heat and speed settings, giving you a consistent flow of heat regardless of which level you choose. The ionic technology setting keeps static and frizz at bay and promotes more silky hair. The ions will always help keep in the moisture of your hair, so you don’t have to worry about the heat of the dryer soaking up all the hydration.

This 1875 watt dryer has a removable air filter which allows you to easily clean out the product and offers even more protection from harmful heat. The diffuser has a lot of small finger protrusions that extend out to capture each curl, so no strand of hair is left unattended. The attachment snaps onto the dryer for a tight fit, so you don’t have to worry about the extension falling off while you’re drying and styling your hair. To keep you safe, the dryer turns off automatically if it gets overheated.

  • Contains a cool air button
  • Ionic technology
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Short warranty
The Beautural Professional is a great package deal, and you’ll get a lot of benefits for your money. The diffuser attachment is built perfectly for curls and waves, and you also have the option of smoothing out your hair with the concentrator.

#10: BIO IONIC Universal Diffuser – Chosen by Professionals

It’s always nice when you can achieve salon-quality hair without ever having to leave the comfort of your own bathroom. Bio Ionic’s Universal Diffuser is chosen by professional hair stylists as one of the best diffusers for curly hair. The slide-on attachment fits most ionic-powered dryers and has 12 air holes to dry your hair quickly. The lightweight diffuser won’t weigh your dryer down, and it can withstand the highest heat settings without melting. The diffuser also features a natural volcanic mineral that promises intense hydration as you dry your locks.

The fingers of this diffuser extend further than the bowl, so it is perfect for achieving the messy bed-head style. Although the product is on the more expensive side, especially since you are paying for just the diffuser attachment, Bio Ionic promises astounding results in the form of healthy looking, smooth curls.

  • Universal fit
  • Lightweight
  • Fast drying time
  • Hydrating
  • Pricey
If you are willing to pay a little bit more for a salon-worthy diffuser, then you might want to give Bio Ionic’s product a try. It’s perfect for styling in a messy or polished way, so whatever your preferences may be, you can use Bio Ionic’s diffuser to achieve it.

The Buyer’s Guide to Hair Diffusers

There’s no reason to continue suffering from frizzy, un-defined curls, but you’re bound to have a lot of questions before purchasing a hair diffuser. Check out these frequently asked questions concerning usage and types of diffusers to find the information you need most when choosing the right product for your beloved curly hair.

What Are Hair Diffusers?

Hair diffusers may be shaped like a funky space object, but they are actually extremely helpful to those curly-haired ladies out there. Diffusers are an extra attachments that slide onto the front of hair dryers, and filters out or diffuses some of the hot air coming from your tool. The diffuser spreads the air out over a larger surface area, so the pattern of your waves or curls won’t be ruined.

Are Diffusers Good for Curly Hair?

Direct heat coming from hair dryers can really damage hair, especially curly or wavy hair. Have you ever dried your hair with a normal dryer and stepped away with a frizzy, poufy mess? That’s what diffuser sets out to fix. If you have naturally curly hair, a diffuser will provide you with just the right amount of hot air to dry, define, and enhance your ringlets. Diffusers also smooth out frizz all while cutting down your drying time.

How Do I Use a Hair Diffuser for Curly or Wavy Hair?

You can use your diffuser with completely wet hair, or you can allow your hair to air dry for a little while and then finish off with the diffusing. Some professionals say to allow you hair to dry to about 75% before beginning to dry with the diffuser, but this decision is ultimately up to you and your hair. Set your hair dryer to the low or medium heat setting. Flip your hair upside down and gather sections of your hair into the bowl of the diffuser, pressing the tool against your scalp. Continue until your hair is dry or until you are satisfied with your frizz-free curls!

Do Diffusers Work Better on Short Hair or Long Hair?

Although you can use a diffuser no matter what the length of your hair is, shorter hair allows the tool to get the most efficient coverage. Because bobs and medium length curls have less hair to work with, the diffuser works quickly and dries each individual ringlet. Longer locks take more time to air dry, so naturally, the diffuser will take more time to enhance your curls.

Are There Different Kinds of Hair Diffusers?

Hair diffusers come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your personal preferences, you can buy a large diffuser and dyer combination, or you can opt for a compact add-on that simply slides onto your hair dryer. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to buying the right diffuser for your curls, for there are three main shapes that you can choose from. The first, the cup-shaped product, works best for those with medium to long hair. Next, the hand-shaped diffuser (like the DevaCurl product) is great for adding a little extra body to your roots. Lastly, you can choose a diffuser where the fingers, or prongs, protrude further out of the diffuser. These really cater directly to those with super curly to kinky hair. You can also choose sock diffusers that are soft and portable. With these, you don’t have to worry about the diffuser not fitting your hair dryer.

What Is Dual Voltage?

When a hair dryer has dual voltage, that means you are able to use that dryer all around the world. Most dual voltage products will have two voltage options for you to choose from. If you have a dryer that does not have dual voltage capability, you will need to use a converter in order to use the tool overseas. So when you are setting off to your next European excursion, make sure you either have a dual voltage dryer or the proper accessories to make it work.

What Does It Mean When a Diffuser Has Ionic Technology?

When a dryer or diffuser has ionic technology, that means that the product creates and delivers negatively charged ions to your hair. The ions break down water molecules, allowing your dryer to do its job a lot more efficiently. However, there is an issue with ionic products. Since the hair is drying much quicker than usual, people tend to over-heat their hair when using dryers.

Do I Have to Have Curly or Wavy Hair to Use a Diffuser?

You don’t necessarily have to have curls or waves in order to use a diffuser. If you have straight hair, you can also use the diffuser attachment for a safer way to apply heat to your hair. However, diffusers are designed with curls in mind, so straight-haired ladies may not experience the same benefits as those with curly locks.

Can I Still Use Other Hair Products Before or After Using a Diffuser?

Absolutely. Although the use of a hair diffuser may eliminate the need for some hair treatments like anti-frizz spray or volumizing cream, you can still use your go-to products. If you want your hair to be extra curly, apply a curl defining cream before drying your locks. However, be careful not to use a product that is too thick for your hair. If you have thinner curls, you may want to opt for a defining spray rather than a heavy cream or pomade.

Kiss those frizzy, un-manageable curls and waves goodbye! Using a hair dryer directly on your curly hair can severely damage its healthy and shine, but with a little help from a diffusing attachment, you can enjoy bouncy curls every day. If you are new to the diffuser game, we hope this list of top-rated products helped make your decision a little easier.

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