30 Ultra Modern Braided Mohawks of This Season

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Mohawk-inspired hairstyles are not ever going to be outdated. Modern Mohawks are not reminiscent of punk rockers or shied away from anymore. Although classic Mohawks undergo numerous updates from year to year and are more frequently styled as fauxhawks, we love them and always recognize for ones of the most stylish ‘dos ever. Sleeking the sides up, you draw attention to the outlines of your face, facial features and beautiful neckline. So, if these are your stronger points, check what chic Mohawks with braids and weaves you can embrace for this season.

Braided Mohawks to Sport This Season

Check out the ideas in pictures below to get inspired.

#1: Mohawk with Side Braids

This Mohawk combines the traditional edgy style with intricate braids inspired by African American hair trends. Medium to thick hair will fare well with this ‘do, but thinner-haired ladies can pull it off, too – it will just look less voluminous.

#2: Pretty in Pink

Spice up braids by adding in a fun color like cotton candy pink. If pink isn’t your thing, go for a bold turquoise or a hot red. The longer your hair, the more room there is to play around with color – but short haired gals can still get in on the Mohawk fun.

#3: Short Style Mohawk

While this braided style may be popular with long locks, short haired girls don’t need to feel left out. Simply braid the bangs into a loose fishtail, curl the ends of your locks, brush the sides upward to the top of the head and secure everything with hair pins for a fun faux hawk look.

#4: Elsa Inspired

White and grey hair is very popular with young women right now, and you can pull off this gorgeous Snow Queen persona thanks to an intricate Mohawk with braids or one chunky braid, like in this instance. It will take a few rounds of practice, but once you get the hang of it, this is a lovely and relatively simple style to wear.

#5: Embellished Hair

Fancy up your Mohawk-inspired ‘do with a fun, sparkly accessory. You can virtually wear anything to spice up your style, but pearlized or gemstoned hair embellishments tend to work best. Wear your style during the day and then add in the sparkle to fancy it up for a night out.

#6: Clusters of Braids

If you love the look of a Mohawk but are a little hesitant to go permanently drastic, part the sides of your hair into tight, small braids and then gather the remaining hair into a thick, loosely coiled plait. Add in a fun temporary hair color for an added statement.

funky braided mohawk updo

Instagram/ @thegypsybazaar

#7: Sweet and Twisty

Mohawk braids don’t have to be rebelliously dramatic. Instead, take a cue from the style and incorporate just a whisper of it into your next formal hairdo. For this, all you need is medium length hair, bobby pins and a setting spray.

#8: French Braid with a Twist

Work your long hair into a French-braid/Mohawk fusion that will really turn heads. The longer and thicker your hair is the better. It looks even more beautiful if you have balayage or ombre.

#9: Half Hawk

Leave your beautiful long hair flowing free without driving you crazy all day – simply French braid the center portion very tightly and leave a messy bun on the crown. The result will be a subtle Mohawk that frames and brightens your face.

#10: Neon Style

Braided Mohawk styles can take on many different forms, but none is as fun as this neon number. Whether you choose pink, chartreuse or aquamarine, both temporary and permanent day-glow hair colors are fun to wear.

#11: Etched Design

For an edgier style you can get the undercut or undershave, but don’t forget to work a girly design in. Mohawks can still be feminine when you are sporting a butterfly, flower, heart or any other design that makes a statement along with a top pile of beautiful curls.

#12: Goddess Inspired

Make a barely there faux hawk by braiding hair into a long bubble braid. Reserve some side strands for tiny braids that are then worked into the main focal point. Spray this with your favorite setting product and be ready to see heads turn.

#13: A Rainbow of Beauty

Braided Mohawk hairstyles are ideal for all ethnicities, as is exemplified in the photo below. Cornrows are colored according to a scheme of complementary hues like hot magenta, white and teal – and then they are gathered up to the top of the head into the direction of a Mohawk.

#14: Edgy Ombre

Love the beauty of ombre hair but want something a bit more creative? Try this edgy take on the popular modern color job. Braiding hair into a Mohawk style while leaving the bottom portion of hair long and straight is a beautiful way to show off some color.

#15: Multi-braid Brilliance

Don’t want to stick to a style that goes straight down the center of the head and ends like a simple braid? Transform your Mohawk into an updo and add in some fun side braids that are smaller and easily gathered into braided mohawks. This is a creative way to get long, heavy hair away from the face and neck on hot summer days, and it also looks gorgeously fancy, so, you may use it for a special occasion too.

#16: Quick and Simple

If you don’t have a lot of time to get beautified in the morning, this is one braided Mohawk that will be done in a jiffy. If you know how to French braid hair, or can at least effectively gather it into cascading ponytails, you are already halfway there. This style is perfect for thicker hair, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be super long.

#17: Ethnic Expression

Incorporate some baby cornrows into the sides for an ethnic take on Mohawk beauty. This style can be worn for days at a time, and it’s really stunning. Best of all, it’s totally low maintenance and works with a variety of face shapes.

#18: Messy Hair Beauty

Hair doesn’t have to be perfectly coifed to qualify as a winning hairstyle. When it comes to braided mohawks, this one is as loose and carefree as they come – and it’s definitely absolutely lovely and chic.

#19: Gathered Mohawk

Vary the thickness and color of your Mohawk braids to achieve a style that is beautiful and fun to wear. This updo looks simple yet creative, and with the right styling, it can actually be worn quite comfortably.

#20: A Bit of Romance

This hairstyle is inspired by a Mohawk, but quickly diverts into all things romantic. Loose side tendrils, an angled braid that curls at the nape of the neck, and, of course, beautiful sun-catching highlights provide this hairstyle with the perfect romance.

#21: A Real Rapunzel

Braided mohawks can cascade down the head into a gloriously girly fashion reminiscent of some majorly famous heroines. This is an example of a classic style for ladies who have super long hair and are ready for a creative new look.

#22: Braided Colorful Fauxhawk

This fauxhawk is created with French braids running in different directions. The style is creative, but pretty simple – you won’t need a tutorial. If you are willing to dye your hair a fun color, you can really bring more of a statement to this lovely style. Work in some mini braids on the sides for a more unique final look.

#23: Braided Mohawks with a Weave

Sometimes hair just doesn’t come Mohawk-ready, which is why a weave can be so helpful. This one combines beautiful side cornrows and the lush central section with curls that are wild and crazy up top.

#24: Braids for Days

This Mohawk-inspired hairstyle combines French braids with an updo. If your hair is mega long, keep some braids down on the sides for a finish of true creativity.

#25: Intricately Styled Mohawk

Here is another stunning Mohawk that’s actually a braided fauxhawk for black hair. This style will give you a cute and edgy look without the commitment. Dozens of braids swirl together to form this gorgeous, unique style. Of course, you need to invest in extensions to pull off this lovely hairdo.

#26: Funky Mohawk with Side Braids

With fullness up top and fun color beneath, this Mohawk style is accentuated with beautiful side braids. Black and white are really fun colors for this style, but you can use bright primary hues or stick to your natural shade, too. Mohawks with braids are really great to wear in the summer months too, when you need something up and out of the way.

#27: Twisted Mohawk Style

Ready for some gorgeous pictures? Whether you’re in a wedding party or are just feeling fancy, this twisted, Mohawk-inspired hairstyle is photo-ready and stunning every time. This one works great on girls with thick or thin hair – there’s no reason to be left out of the fun.

#28: Braided Updo

This full, Mohawk-inspired updo may require you a few attempts to complete a perfectly imperfect style. However, once you master it, it’s a quick, elegant look that also contains a little bit of rebellious spirit. As glamorous, sexy, creative and cool as it is, this updo is perfect for any occasion.

#29: Curly Mohawk Updo

When it comes to braided mohawks, this one stays totally classy. You may keep your hair natural with curls or curl and backcomb your locks, depending on your texture. The style is casual enough for dinner plans and, at the same time, fancy to hold its own at a formal event. You’ll need lots of bobby pins and setting spray if you want a long-lasting look.

#30: Fishtailed Mohawk Updo

Fancy and fun, this hairstyle is ideal with a hair accessory that sports one of many elegant designs – leaves, hearts, swirls – whatever you can find. When you grow tired of more standard braided mohawks, try this reverse, body-boosting style.

Braids for short hair really make Mohawks less extreme but more stylish. Well, these were some of the most eye-catching braided fauxhawks of the present day. I bet you are going to look gorgeous with one of them.

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