30 Creative Updos for Curly Hair

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If you’ve got naturally curly tresses, you know that updos for curly hair are the best hairstyles. Curls can be breathtaking when done right, but oftentimes a simple morning routine can demand too much time and attention. That’s where quick effortless updos come in. We’ve got 30 styles for you to try on frizzy or unmanageable second-day hair that often causes you so much stress.

Quick And Lovely Updos For Curly Hair

Let’s check what is proper for you and your hair.

#1: Double Bun Curly Updo

What’s better than one bun? Two buns! This double bun updo complements curls, but still provides the gorgeous natural volume that curly locks offer. Pinning the buns low (right at your nape) allows to achieve a more sophisticated look you can wear out on a date or to a dinner party. Don’t forget your heels!

#2: Girly Bow Bun Updo For Curly Hair

Who says you have to buy your hair accessories? With this style, you can create them yourself. DIY is a trend made popular by bloggers and Pinterest; jump on the bandwagon with the style you can easily achieve at home. The volume of your natural curls will keep the bow looking plump all through the day.

#3: Low Tuck Updo

Check out this carefully sculpted masterpiece! Save this sophisticated style for hair that refuses to cooperate on a time crunch. It’s perfect for a day when you’re running late to work and can’t fit in a hair wash before bolting out the door.

#4: Loopy Side Updo For Curly Hair

Second-day hair doesn’t have to be disastrous. In fact, in most cases hair has better texture the day after a wash (granted you don’t have exceptionally oily hair.) For this look, carefully pin a low loose side bun using the larger section of your second-day hair. Braid the rest (about a quarter of it) and wrap the braid around the bun for a classy touch.

#5: Simple Quick Bun Updo

This elegant bun is a suggested updo for those attending a wedding—brides, bridesmaids and guests alike. It’s one of the easiest styles of all time. Simply pull your hair into what could be a ponytail, but don’t follow-through. Instead, leave it as a bun and move the ends around the elastic to complete the style.

#6: Romantic Loose Updo For Curly Hair

This updo works well on natural curls and naturally straight hair curled with a curling iron. For those with pin straight hair or lifeless waves, use a curling iron to form loose curls before styling. Divide your curls into 3 sections. Braid the central section loosely and make a bun out of the braid. Braid the side sections and wrap them around the central bun. You’ll come up with a perfectly complex-looking updo for any occasion!

#7: Messy Casual Updo

If you don’t have natural curls, this look requires curling all the way to the roots with either a curling iron or cloth rollers. Once you’ve curled your whole head, this curly updo is quick and easy to achieve with minimum effort. It’s just a matter of pinning the curls randomly, winding up with a beautiful mess similar to this one when you’re finished.

#8: Easy Twist and Pin Updo For Curly Hair

Another great style for pulling back messy, uncooperative curls is this fun twist-and-pin updo. Wear it when you’re out on the town or you have a date night planned with your boo. It’s tasteful enough to wear just about anywhere. Try it for work or school, there are no limits, actually!

#9: Curly Pony

So you hit the gym first thing in the morning; that doesn’t mean your hair needs to be ruined for the rest of the day! Spritz some dry shampoo into those locks to refresh the volume (plus dry shampoos smell amazing!) Pull your hair into a low ponytail and spice up the modest look with a cute clip around the elastic.

#10: Sock Bun Updo For Curly Hair

Everyone loves a topknot for its messy yet chic style, but what about when you’re looking for something a little more controlled? For a more sophisticated but similar look, try the sock bun updo. All you need is a tube sock to recreate this perfectly shaped bun.

#11: Elegant Blonde Highlighted Updo

Looking for a formal, memorable style for your special day? This highlighted updo starts with pulling all of the hair up to the top of the head and creating a sculpted mass of curls that cascades forward. Hair glue will keep those rivers of strands in place in the back. The perfect blend of vintage and modern!

#12: Spring Blossom Twisted Crown

Finding updos for curly hair that are light and airy is a bit more difficult, especially when the curls tend to frizz. But this look manages to combat the frizz in the most graceful way. Thicker and thinner sections are twisted, pinned and complimented with a delicate floral headband.

#13: Loose Curly Messy Updo

This elegant curly updo is timeless. The goal is creating a series of curls which blend together for an effortless and a bit messy look. You can begin by gathering a whole lot of bobby pins. Start by taking small sections, tucking the ends and pinning to secure. The more pins the better!

#14: Twisted Sisters Low Buns

These low buns are a fun take on pin curls and a great way to twist your curly locks into a manageable set of knots. Take a section and first twist the hair, then loop it around into a loose bun. Leave some front pieces for the top detail, and you are set!

#15: Low Sock Bun

Formal updos for curly hair are a challenge when looking for something sleek and pulled back, but most curls can be tamed with a serum. This bun is created by cutting the toe end of a tube sock off, rolling it up, threading a pony tail through and pinning the strands back down, over the sock.

#16: Wild Horses Run at Midnight Updo

A modern and fashion-forward set of up hairstyles is coming onto the scene, and this is one of our favorites! It consists of thick curls, twisted rows of hair on the sides, and a peaked crown. It’s got height, volume, and attitude!

#17: Curly Mohawk Updo

This style is great for naturally curly hair because it accents the curls and gets them all off the neck to rest. Golden highlights pop on darker hair. Sleek the sides up and leave the top free. Position the curls down in front, and set yourself apart.

#18: Simple Loose Updo with Ringlets

Want a simpler take on curly updo hairstyles? This one is sure to be remembered as a Rembrandt-inspired updo. The front pieces are twisted and tucked back, while the top is styled with a bouffant and defined with a floral headband. The tiny ringlets drape down around the ears and neck. Use fresh flowers for the best accent.

#19: A Little Spring in Her Step Updo

A curled updo like this one takes a bit more effort, but the spring effect is so adorable and sexy! The all-over curl means you have a little bit of freedom to let them be free, but the spirals are tight enough to tame the frizz!

#20: Messy Braid with Bun and Crown

Styles for wavy hair (like this one) are so versatile that they can be worn formally or casually. This look takes a messy braid over the top of the crown, burying it in a loose bun at the base of the neck. A few strands are flying loose, giving it an airy feel.

#21: Grecian Goddess Updo

As a classic version of one of the oldest hairstyles for curly hair, this Grecian Goddess updo is sure to please! Long hair is gathered into a mid-level ponytail. All of the curls are wrapped and tucked, with a few left out spirals for detail. Add a metal olive branch and you ARE history!

#22: Side Braided Messy Updo

This loose updo is a great way to keep your hair in check, while looking a bit more dressed up in your yoga pants. Wear a fleece hoodie, and you’re all set! Technically. Make two side French braids with a half of your hair, and gather the rest into a loose bun underneath.

#23: High Curled Bun with Wisps

An easy yet fashionable style, this one is made by creating a high top ponytail and then arranging the ends. Loose strands frame the face, and the front sports pretty pompadour bangs that accent the height of the top curls. Ready, set, go!

#24: High Pony with Side Bangs for Natural Hair

One of the most inventive updos for curly hair here is this high pile of tiny spirals. A few highlighted curls brighten up the look and give it a ton of visual texture. Pile all your curls up high to get the height you’ve always dreamed of!

#25: Simple Twist Updo

This may look complex, but it’s actually quite simple. Start with the top, take chunks along the sides, twist them until you have short ends and pin at the back. Repeat for the other side to create this fun and flirty look that can go from jeans to a dress in a snap!

#26: Updo for Curly Hair with a Side Braid

This is the best evening style we’ve got! Make two horizontal French braids above the ears. Gather the mass of the curls at the base of the neck, pinning and tucking all of the loose ends, so it looks fluid. And there you have it…perfection!

#27: Twisted Maze Buns

Curly updo hairstyles don’t have to be created with curly hair! Twisting and pining down sections in different sized circles is another way to create those amazing spirals. A bit of grown out highlights sets the tone for the ends to show up in the center.

#28: Messy Low Braided Bun

This very traditional braid twisted into a bun is an ideal style for long hair, because that much hair can be very challenging to keep together. This incorporates both a braid to keep the individual strands together, and a bun to keep the rope out of your way!

#29: Large Curly Faux Hawk

This is a very doable style for short hair. Take sections from each side up, twisting them and securing with bobby pins. Work your way vertically down and don’t shy away from imperfections. The natural look of your fauxhawk updo will only raise its style points.

#30: Messy High Sock Bun

Hairstyles for curly hair are sometimes different from straight hair hairstyles… but not as different as you may think! There are not so many ways to create a bun these days. Simply braid the back in an upside down French braid and feed the ends into a simple bun. Easy… yet lovely!

Updos can be used for formal outings or just a casual day when your hair won’t cooperate. Don’t hesitate to try one of these the next time you have a party to go to or your natural curls are giving you a hard time.

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