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70 Winning Looks with Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

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A bob haircut is a fairly decent and relatively low-maintenance solution for fine hair. A collarbone, chin-length or cropped styles are equally beneficial for hair that lacks body. It can always be added with simple styling techniques and available hair products. The following are some of the cutest examples of bob hairstyles for fine hair. Even if you have been sticking to this cut for years, view them with ideas for a seasonal update in mind.

Best Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you must always learn new tips and tricks how to make it look thicker. Bob haircut is a marvellous solution for thin locks. You just need to choose the right type of this cut. Draw attention to texture and edges, make it messy or wavy, ask your hairstylist for highlights, and you will never have the bad hair day again. All those tricks in our article!

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#1: Stacked Bob with Soft Lines

A stacked bob haircut is ideal for added volume with fine hair. You won’t achieve accurate geometric shapes like with stacked thick hair, but the soft and sliding lines of the bob in the photo are no less charming. Light teasing at the roots enhances volume and adds an aerial note to the hairstyle.

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Popular Long and Short Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircut is known for its universality. You can definitely try it despite the age, face shape, hair type and hair color. Check our galleries and find fresh ideas for your next haircut.

Long Bob Hairstyles

A long bob, or lob, as it is commonly referred to, has continuously been dubbed the hairstyle of the year. It is a much deserved recognition because the style manages to be flattering for a variety of different face shapes, hair textures and complexions. To put it simply, lob is classic and universal. Find the perfect variation for you in our gallery below.

Short Bob Haircuts

When it comes to short hairstyles, a chin-length bob with bangs is unquestionably the one that celebrities have loved over the years. If your hair is short and you are looking for some inspiration, you are in the right place! Besides, if you still have longer locks and think of cutting them short, here we’ve sorted out some of the hottest bob looks.

Messy Bob Hairstyles

Messy bob hairstyles are super chic, convenient, trendy and easy to style. All you need is to get a flattering bob haircut and select the right hair product for your hair type. Naturally wavy hair is the direct indication for a messy bob. But even if your locks are straight, there are ways to achieve the popular messy texture. Here are 20 cool ideas for messy bob enthusiasts!

Graduated Bob Haircuts

When it comes to simple yet stylish haircuts, graduated bob haircuts are a great option. If you are ready for something new – either to kick off a new season or just embark on a fresh start, this is a style that will work with almost any hair texture and color.

Blunt Bob Haircuts

Blunt bob haircut claimed its right to fame several decades ago, when it first emerged from the skilled scissors of stylist extraordinaire Vidal Sassoon. Haute couture and regular fashionistas haven’t looked back since then. This dramatic, angular style, is suited for a wide array of face shapes and hair textures – but this only partly explains its appeal and staying power. For more proof, check out the twenty picture-perfect hairstyles lined up below.

Asymmetrical Bobs

Blunt symmetrical bobs are classic, but can sometimes seem too regular for women who crave an extra dose of style and glam throughout their everyday lives. An asymmetrical bob haircut gives an edgy vibe to the standard look, which you can further customize with curls and colors. Look through our top twenty looks below – they really suit any woman’s desire for self-expression.

Choppy Bob Hairstyles

Bob ‘dos no longer need any introduction, and neither do their edgier cousins, choppy bob hairstyles. That’s because they’ve been around for long enough to have taken on many creative, versatile guises. The 20 amazing styles below are visual testaments to this style’s staying power, across time and fashion trends.

Well, after viewing these haircuts you should seriously think about joining the bob club. Sleek and glossy or shattered and slightly tousled, they always look fresh and original. We hope you have found a lot of useful information and inspiring ideas here.

#2: Extra Angular Highlighted Bob

There are many ways to boost volume of fine hair. One of them is drawing attention to the flawless edges with a sharper angle of the front tresses. Distinct highlights, long side bangs and a smoothed out finish make the look even more dramatic.

#3: Cropped Edgy Short Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair

The ragged outlines of a sassy look are a flawlessly classy option for any occasion. Fine layering for the back and long disconnected front tresses are the “wow” factors of this chic look, and the subtle highlights are its spice – an excellent bob hairstyle for any age.

#4: Sleek Polished Collarbone Bob

Sleek A-line bob is beyond time. Being laconic and elegant, it fits into office, casual or party looks. With fine hair you need to raise it at the roots when blow-drying to avoid the limp feel. The fantastic silky texture and polished finish catches your eye instantly.

#5: Wispy Texturized Bob

A big plus of fine hair is an opportunity to create many ethereal wispy styles with the feel of air in your hair. This stunning bob is one of the best examples. Cut blunt but styled disconnectedly, it still maintains a perfect shape and features fabulous texture, as well as great coloristic solution.

#6: Textured Shoulder-Grazing Lob

Anja Rubik’s most harmonious image is that of a delicate blonde girl with blue eyes. With this textured long bob, complimented by long sweeping bangs she fits into it perfectly. As we see, a wispy style is very flattering for fine hair.

#7: Face-Framing Angled Bob

Thanks to her jet black angled bob, Leigh Lezark looks quite dramatic even with a nude make up and pastel-colored outfit. Leigh’s cut is tapered towards the edges to achieve their utmost accuracy and beautiful contour lines.

#8: Choppy Bob Haircut For Thin Hair

Although Emma Roberts’ hair is not all that thick, she can boast of a chic bob that looks chunky and remains hot this season. Emma styles it side-parted and messy to create a fun nonchalant look thanks to those cute thick pieces.

#9: Collar-Bone A-Line Bob With Asymmetry

Now we see that Emma Roberts really likes bobs. Here is another version of the cut that flatters her no less. This bob is neatly angled to graze her collar bone on one side, while the other side is shortened a bit. Long side bangs blend with the face framing locks almost seamlessly.

#10: Edgy Cropped Bob

Julianne Hough is unbelievably charming when expressing her emotions, and so is her fresh bob crop when styled in wispy waves to bring out its edginess and boost hair body. Platinum with dark roots is a gorgeous summer solution to compliment Julianne’s tan.

#11: Shoulder-Skimming Bob With Fringy Contours

Rose Byrne’s long bob is classy and refined without extremes. Its angles and bottom are finely trimmed for an awesome fringy finish that will look great in both straight and curly hairstyles. And, certainly, we can’t pass unnoticed the fabulous brunette ombre.

#12: Soft Classy Lob

Being a renowned style icon, Taylor Swift couldn’t appear at Oscars 2014 rocking anything that is not super classy. Her soft lob with face-framing layering and black floor-length sequin gown from Julien Macdonald speak for themselves.

#13: Jaw-Length Blunt Bob

Rosamund Pike wants to go shorter this summer, so she decides on a simple classic bob with a length at the jaw corners. A short bob crop is low-maintenance and versatile. I love it sleek and side-parted.

#14: Chopped Ends & Long Bangs

Italia Ricci is rocking her chocolate choppy bob at Teen Choice Awards 2014 as if it’s her own perfect choice, and we can’t but agree. Styled messy, it looks spontaneous and summer-fresh.

#15: Blonde Wispy Lob

Kate Mara’s fine hair appears adorably voluminous and wispy. Her centre-parted long bob is cut in the collar-bone length and trimmed through the edges, so that she could effortlessly style this awesome disconnected ‘do. Remember this trick, it works for all bob hairstyles for thin hair.

#16: Tapered Mid-Length Bob

Zendaya Coleman’s bob is tapered towards the ends to keep a neat rounded shape even in curly hairstyles. Zendaya’s locks gain fabulous volume and texture when curled into beach waves. Her horizontal arched bangs aren’t flat ironed deliberately to match the texture of the ‘do.

#17: Textured Bob With Layered Face Framing

Kylie Jenner’ black silky locks brim over with shine and strength. A long textured bob crop like this lets them reveal their texture and body at fullest. Kylie keeps her bangs long and sweeps them to one side.

#18: One-Length Shoulder Skimming Bob

Rachael Taylor graced the pages of the Australian August 2014 issue of The In Style Magazine with a chic blonde bob styled for a trendy wet look. Who knew that fine hair could offer such perfect volume and texture?

#19: Mid-Length Layered Bob

Rebecca Romijn radiates optimism and sunshine, rocking her pastel yellow one shoulder dress and a stunning pale blonde bob with subtle honey streaks. The gracefully cascading layers through face-framing locks are something!

#20: Tapered Layers & Awesome Texture

Jennifer Lawrence presents an enviable bob for curly hair with a breathtaking coloristic solution. To avoid the dreaded triangular shape, Jennifer’s locks are smoothly tapered and styled in the perfectly imperfect waves, accentuated by highlights.

#21: Long Layered Bob

Hilary Duff’s long bob features the same length at the back and front with incorporated sharply angled layers towards the ends. This bob version looks especially cute when styled centre-parted with long bangs on either side.

#22: Classy Lob With Textured Edges

Natalie Imbruglia’s lob brings to light long layers and textured ends. She completes it with subtle random chocolate highlights and styles her brunette locks off-centered for a sweet casual look.

#23: Asymmetric A-Line Short Bob

Naomi Watts creates a bright glamorous look on the base of a platinum asymmetric bob with long side bangs. Backcombing for fine hair provides superb aerial texture and desirable volume for chic ‘dos.

#24: Lob With Sharply Angled Layers

A messy long blonde bob is extremely sexy. Laura Vandervoor’s cut and style for Maxim magazine fascinates with its edginess achieved thanks to the sharply angled layers and a messy finish for her silky blonde locks.

#25: A-Line Bob With Fringy Edges

Chelsea Handler thin tresses look very classy in her sleek A-line bob. Its fringy ends are skimming Chelsea’s shoulders just so very gently and offer an enjoyable feel of movement.

#26: Neatly Angled Lob

A long bob is convenient and good-looking in simple undone styles. But it can acquire a more polished look if sleeked and tucked behind your ears. Taylor Shilling’s lob is neatly angled to offer her cut a well-balanced A-line silhouette and cute flicks at the ends.

#27: Blunt Collarbone Bob

Yvonne Srtahovski’s sunny bob is free of angles and layers. It makes an emphasis on one length and blunt cut instead. As for the coloristic idea, Yvonne opts for the radiant platinum blonde with shaded roots and sunny balayage highlights.

#28: Lob With Piecey Layers

Jessica Alba’s lob secret is in long angled layers which end up with piecey ends, effortlessly styled for a chic messy downdo you can wear every day. Medium locks swaying over the shoulders make an optimal length for a wide range of hairstyles.

#29: Flirty Bob Crop

Kaley Cuoco has just appeared on the pages on the Women’s Health Magazine rocking an awesome razored bob crop. Her back and side locks are shortened, while her length is tapered to end at the nape. The cool shape and edgy outlines are the absolute success.

#30: Long Layers At The Face

Willa Holland’s lob falls perfectly grazing her shoulders with its textured ends. She has no bangs but very flattering long layers around the face shaping A-line silhouette. I love the color and shine in particular.

#31: The Best Of All Side-Parted Haircuts For Thin Hair

Here’s a little secret: not all short haircuts are the same! There are different kinds that work well for different face shapes and every type of hair; you just have to look around to find the right one. This angled cut creates volume in fine hair, especially when it’s blow-dried with a lift at the roots.

#32: Chin Length Bob Haircut

This gorgeous cut is shorter in the back and longer in the front, angled to perfection to give you the exact glamorous style you’ve been looking for. It’s best to wear this look straight, so if you have natural curls, be forewarned that you’ll be adding a bit of time to your morning routine with this haircut.

#33: Textured Short Hairstyle

This short bob is something to rave about! It gives off an elegant vibe with its carefully cut length and messy texture. The side-swept bangs are cut to effortlessly fall across your forehead, softening the look. The shorter the length, the easier it is to style your hair, so make the chop and spare some extra minutes in your routine to style it.

#34: Layered Short Hairstyle

Layers are a great way to create volume in fine hair. This bob haircut shows how the shorter pieces work together with the longer pieces to retain the length while adding the bounce. To create this textured look with your own similar cut, use a quick spray of dry shampoo at the roots of clean hair.

#35: One Length Long Bob Hairstyle

Keeping one uniform length all around allows hair to retain a certain consistency with its style while also adding some thickness into the mix. Long bobs are frequently worn either straight or with soft waves created by curling irons. Try both out to decide which one you like better!

#36: Angled Long Bob Hairstyle

This classically styled bob is a good option for those traditionalists out there. This hairstyle has no bells and whistles, nor does it need any. Simple and sleek, this short look falls to your shoulders and needs no painstaking styling.

#37: Stacked Short Haircut

If you’re an active person, it can be difficult to find the time to style your hair, which is why short hairstyles are so effective for athletes. This look is easy enough to pull back with a headband when you’ve got to run, figuratively and literally speaking, and short enough to style in the morning without losing any sleep.

#38: Undercut Bob

When considering hairstyles for fine hair, you may rule out an undercut right away. Shaving off some of your locks won’t help add any thickness, right? Wrong! An undercut paired with the right style (like this bob) can work miracles in volume. Simply have your mousse ready when you step out of the shower and allow your tresses to embrace their natural texture.

#39: Stacked Short Haircut

This cute style is a mix between a pixie and a short bob, longer in the front and shorter in the back. If you’re not quite ready to make the chop to a pixie or you’re growing one out, this look is perfect for you! This could be the cure to your fine hair problem—the stacked look provides ample volume during styling.

#40: Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Imagine the typical bob. It falls to your chin and is parted in the middle, usually pin-straight from a flat iron. The days of one style bobs are over, ladies! There are new creative looks you can mimic in the magazines and on the runways. With this style, your deep side part and asymmetry will create ample volume.

#41: Geometric Bob With Bangs

This chin length ‘do is trendy and fun, a new take on an old look. Baby bangs are chic and cut above the brows. With this style you give the term ‘stylish’ a totally new definition. If you want to look cool and knowledgeable about the latest fads, chop your tresses into this style.

#42: Angled Lob With Bangs

Bangs soften any look and they work wonders with long bob hairstyles. Even if you pull your hair back in a rush, you’ll still have your bangs there to keep you looking fresh-faced and ready. This classic fringe falls right below the eyebrows – the perfect length to complete any cut.

#43: Chin Length Short Hairstyle With Face-Framing layers

Fine hair appears to have more volume when it’s short. Without the length weighing it down, it’s free to bounce, giving off the appearance of thicker tresses. This bob does exactly that—with a length that falls around the chin, you’ll be able to style it big and free!

#44: Layered Short Bob Haircut

A few layers can make all the difference! Take a look at the before and after pictures. In the first, the model has a clunky long bob, slightly weighed down by the uniform length. In the second, the chopped tresses are lively and bouncy!

#45: Pixie Bob With Bangs

If you can’t decide between a pixie or a bob, we’ve got you covered with this fun combination of the two! One side of your hair is pixie length, giving it an undercut sort of vibe without the shaving, while the other side is angled to a chin length bob. You’ll get the best of both worlds with this style.

#46: Layered Short Cut For Round Face With Straight Across Bangs

This short bob haircut is one for those of you who prefer a chic edgy look. The layers are randomly distributed through the hair, giving a fun messy vibe that you can wear out even when it’s not styled. The straight across bangs will require upkeep, but a few snips every month will keep them in tact. Invest in your own haircutting scissors to save money on running to the stylist so often.

#47: Medium Bob Hairstyle For Natural Waves

You don’t need to have poker straight hair to enjoy a lob. While you do have to be careful with styling to avoid the dreaded triangle head, it’s more than doable. Keep up with your haircuts every six to eight weeks and take a few minutes to style it whenever it’s looking particularly chaotic.

#48: Trendy Blunt Crop

Check this one out! Be the first of all your friends to try out this new, unique hairstyle. Angled from the back with the longest pieces falling along your cheekbones, this style is a definite must-try. Be sure to pair it with the straight across bangs to make a more uniform look out of it.

#49: Voluminous Bob Hairstyle For Oval Face

Short hair is all about being fun and sassy. Try this look out by having your locks chopped to just above-the-chin length, giving your locks volume galore! Use a curling wand to create even more texture, but be careful when styling not to make your curls too tight or else you’ll look like little redheaded orphan Annie!

#50: Sleek And Simple Bob Hairstyle

With side swept bangs that frame your face, this bob is a great take on the medium bob hairstyle trend. It’s classic and easy—no layers, no angles, just a single length all the way around and volume to boast about. Keep a round brush handy when you wash your hair and need to add a little life into flat locks.

#51: Blunt A-Line Lob

And a few months earlier Willa Holland had a similar bob cut blunt and styled with the ends curled inside for a rounded face-framing shape. No wonder: when we like a certain haircut, we stick to it for months… or years.

#52: Angled Lob Without Bangs

Vanessa Hudgens’ summer bob features its elongated version with longer front pieces and 2-tone ombre. Vanessa styles her ends wispy to create the double contrast – in hues and textures. We love!

#53: Chin-Length Bob With Blunt Bangs

Not so many bobs with horizontal bangs this summer, but Jena Malone makes a desirable exception. Her chin-length blonde bob is cut blunt and paired with light horizontal bangs, skimming her strong eye-brows.

#54: Blunt Bob With Thick Shortened Bangs

Model Margaux Brooke can be referred to as a brunette copy of Jena Malone at “For Love and Lemons” annual party 2014. Margaux rocked practically the same bob that Jena’s, but hers was dark brown and paired with shortened bangs.

#55: Choppy Lob

Kristen Bell’s fresh lob seems thick thanks to the shoulder-skimming length, chopped into ends and a nonchalant messy style perfect for summer time when you want to feel movement and ease of your freely hanging looks.

#56: Shaggy Lob With Throughout Long Layers

Anna Wood’s lob serves a good example of a perfect haircut and coloristic idea. We adore her chestnut brown locks layered and razored throughout the length to come up with that stunning texture.

#57: Asymmetric Bob For Curly Hair

Alyson Michalka’s bob for wavy hair stands out thanks to its enviable volume and asymmetry with elongated right side. Such a cut turns out beneficial for any face shape and looks cool in any setting.

#58: Short Bob Crop

Pregnant Scarlett Johansson keeps her blonde locks short which offers her more comfort and low maintenance. With length at the nape and textured side locks, she can still enjoy movement of her tresses and look cute without any particular hairstyle.

#59: Textured A-Line Bob

Clemence Poesy is charming with her light blonde beach waves styled on the basis of her favorite medium bob. Its tips are thoroughly textured to achieve the ideal contours which remain perfect even when being disconnected.

#60: Short Wispy Bob

Michelle Williams decides on the extra short bob length that hits on her jaw corners. Razored ends of her cut and light sharply angled bangs swept to one side build a gorgeous look with added radiance from her clear platinum blonde hair hue.

#61: Long Geometric Bob

Sarah Harding sports a chic monochromatic platinum bob freely falling above her shoulders. The optimal length helps to retain its accurate geometric shape achieved by a blunt cut. Light wispy bangs across the forehead complete Sarah’s voguish look.

#62: Collarbone Bob With Graded Tips

Kelly Osbourne’s purple bob of the above-the-shoulder length is characterized by the accurate edge trimming. It offers multiple styling options with variations of partings and finishes for straight or curly hair.

#63: Blunt Shoulder-Skimming Bob

Hayden Panettiere’s bob is cut blunt above the shoulders with rounded corners for the face-framing pieces. It’s easily-styled into both formal and casual ‘dos.

#64: Asymmetric Lob

Reese Witherspoon presented her beautiful asymmetric bob at Golden Globes Awards 2014. Paired with light wispy bangs and a side parting, it serves a chic hairstyle solution to compliment her laconic turquoise floor-length gown.

#65: Angled Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair With Wispy Bangs

And this bob from Reese Witherspoon is finely chopped and angled at front, although the loose waves soften and blur the angles leaving just a pair of elongated face-framing curls.

#66: Razored Bob With Thick Long Side Bangs

Camilla Belle is irresistibly beautiful indeed, and it’s all about her mid-length bob razored at the ends to show off those fabulous flicks. Thick side bangs can frame Camilla’s face for a sexy peek-a-boo like in the photo or be centre-parted to dress up a symmetric style.

#67: One-Length Bob With Slightly Angled Front Pieces

Karlie Kloss often rocks a classy bob haircut that is free of any ultra modern quirks yet flattering and versatile for her looks. This one could have been too puffy for thick hair, but Karlie’s fine locks do just fine with this version.

#68: So-Called Long Bob

Cate Blanchett likes the idea of bob but prefers to keep the length of her gorgeous blonde locks. Her so-called long bob features long blonde layers and very light bangs which she combs to one side.

#69: Long Bob With Light Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Same like Cate Blanchett, Anna Faris enjoys the length of her chamomile blond tresses, cut blunt and flat-ironed flawlessly for a fresh sparkling look. Anna’s light eyebrow-skimming bangs are very pretty and complementing for the chosen style.

#70: Edgy Bob With Multiple Layers

Nicole Richie is just so very cute with her layered mid-length bob resembling fur by its texture. The flattering above-the-shoulder length let the multiple layers fall freely and draw attention to Nicole’s neck and shoulders.

Well, after viewing these haircuts you should seriously think about joining the bob club. Sleek and glossy or shattered and slightly tousled, they always look fresh and original. We hope you have found a lot of useful information and inspiring ideas here.

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