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Updated on December 02, 2021

Have you ever dreamt about temporary no muss, no fuss hair coloring that allows to bring all your ideas to life, even the craziest ones? You’re not alone! Fortunately, Janine Ker has invented the life-changing graffiti hair painting technique that offers incredibly cool hair designs. Apply various patterns of any complexity using special stencils and coloring sprays. Turn your hair into a canvas, add some fantasy and create unique stylish hairstyles every day!

Graffiti Hair Ideas to Try at Home or Salon

The main secret here is to spray everything accurately and patiently. Beginners can practice with colorful hair crayons. Choose simple patterns (pixels, polka dots, colorful strands) before trying sophisticated floral ornaments, because all great artists start with small experiments.

1. Golden Pattern

If your color type allows golden experiments, here’s an idea for the most luxurious event in your life, because golden elements look extra powerful and eye-catching. Dark chestnut hair shades are the best base for this graffiti pattern.

Bubble Ponytail With Gold Stencil


2. Pixel Bangs

The season of Web Punk is officialy open, because these pixel bangs are still popular and great. The coloristic solution is perfect for women who prefer the austerity and laconisism, even in terms of trying freak trends on.

Pink Hair Graffiti For Bangs


3. Unicorn Hair

Deep and bright unicorn hair colors challenge mermaid aesthetics. Graffiti experiments look especially futuristic and cute in conjunction with crazy shades and colors. Moreover, when your hair reminds a rainbow, you’re brave enough to start spraying.

Teal And Blue Mermaid Hair


4. Fashionable Palette

When choosing the right colors, pay attention to such fashionable shades as mint, menthol, pale pink, soft violet and electric blue. Create your unique palette, following trends and discovering the subtle ties of color combinations.

Hair Graffiti For Blonde Hair


5. Old School Flowers

Neat and accurate floral graffiti ornaments are amazing, especially on sleek and shiny hair. It is a perfect party solution that turns your hair into a real artwork. But you probably should master this art before spraying (or challenge your hairdresser).

Floral Hair Stencil For Brown Hair


6. Colorful Strands

If graffiti patterns are too festive and unusual for your lifestyle, try to dye your strands temporally with the help of sprays or special hair crayons. This is how you can test various colors and avoid looking like a cartoon character ― stay classy and bright.

Graffiti Hair Chalk For Blonde Bob


7. Glitter Spraying

There’re special glitter sprays that can make graffiti hair trend even more awesome! Creating looks for going out, change your hair same as you change your clothes. Feel the freedom of creative self-expression through sparkling hairstyles.

Nape Undercut With Glitter


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8. Flash Tattoos

Here’s a quick transformation for your hair! This option is especially useful for girls who get bored with their usual hairstyles and obesessively look for new ideas. New temporary colors solve this problem almost forever.

Pastel Pink Hair With Hair Tattoo


9. Shining Patterns

Neat flash tattoos can beautify any classic hairstyle, like this sleek crown braid updo. Add some amazing gloss to your evening outfit, and you’ll never forget such a brilliant hair styling hack. By the way, these tattoos can be washed away with simple water.

Braided Updo With Hair Stencils


10. Pixel Effect for Long Hair

Long sleek hair is a great canvas, so you can paint whatever you like using the graffiti technique. These orange and yellow pixels can make any hairstyle complete and interesting to look at. Find your perfect colors and patterns thorough creative experiments!

Pixels Hair Tattoo


11. Girly Details

Any hairstyle can be glamourized with the help of temporary cute bows, hearts, flowers and other pink stuff. Stock on some stencils and enjoy beautiful transfomations. Also that’s how you can connect your makeup and hairstyle – with similar shades and forms.

Blonde Bob With A Pink Bow Hair Tattoo


12. Colorful Stars

Your hair can become your main accessory thanks to sexy and original graffiti solutions. You can wear beautiful sprayed patterns as an update for your casual hairstyle. Moreover, spraying stars is really easy and fast. Actually, you can make DIY stencils, using paper and scissors.

Colorful Stars Hair Stencils


13. Tender Floral Design

For blonde hair shades, choose black, brown, pink, violet and other bright colors to make the right contrast and an accurate pattern. Graffiti hair plus a little black dress equals the perfect party look to capture all the attention.

Spray Painted Design For Hair


14. Dream Catcher

This charming and sophisticated hairstyle imitates an Indian dream catcher and inspires to dance around the bonfire, holding hands and singing songs. A hoop of willow and feathers can be easily replaced by the right stencils and the graffiti method of temporary coloring.

Dreamcatcher Hair Tat


15. Geometrical Forms

Sometimes graffiti hair is the best idea, especially when you need to look stylish and festive. Try on different patterns in your favorite color, like these cute blue flowers made of rhombs. When you choose only one color, it’s easier to pair such an extravagant hairstyle with clothes and accessories.

Sleek Brown Hairstyle With Hair Stencils


16. Pink Hearts

Graffiti stencils have come to our world to completely change your hair styling routine, especially for extra short haircuts. This idea can be easily implemented at home within 10 minutes. Emphasize your style and have fun!

Short Blonde Hairstyle With Pink Hearts Tats


17. Cute Stencils

In fact, you can buy a lot of graffiti hair stencils and experiment every day. Choose patterns according to your plans, mood and outfits ― stay creative, even if your day promises to be grey and boring.

Platinum Blonde Hair With Hair Tat


18. Badass Style

This strange graffiti hair idea can help you to create an unforgettable and extraordinary style for a loud party with friends or any cool photoshoot. It reminds early shows of Vivienne Westwood. Get inspired to share your futuristic spirit – let it be your punk moment!

Pink And Green Hair Tat For Dark Brown Hair


19. Violet Bangs

The graffiti hair trend is your chance to try on colors you’ve always dreamt about. Maybe one day you’ll fall in love with violet flowers on your bangs and reveal your inner Princess. If the color isn’t yours, just wash it off and forget.

Purple Hair Tat For Caramel Hair


20. Cosmic Patterns

If you’re tired to search new party hair ideas, it means that you’re probably ready to try graffiti coloring! Don’t worry, this technique is safe for your hair, and the results are absolutely stunning.

Tribal Hair Stencil


Hair stenciling opens new opportunities for hair styling and allows playing with temporary colors. Join the club!

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