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Updated on February 14, 2021
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18. Light Golden Chestnut Hair

Reddish chestnut hair is popular, but don’t forget about golden chestnut hues. An all-over golden chestnut shade is fairly close to blonde, but if you use it as highlights, it also pairs beautifully with very dark, almost black hair.

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Think chestnut brown hair is boring? Bzzzt! Wrong answer! Brown hair encompasses so many rich shades of brown, from almost blonde to brown so dark it’s nearly black. Chestnut itself comes in many different tones, plus it’s complemented by dozens of colors that make ideal highlights and lowlights.

Update Your Chestnut Brown Hair

Don’t think your brown hair is boring. Even if you need to warm and brighten it up a bit with a chestnut dye, there are endless ways to make your lovely locks pop. There are some really cute suggestions for you below.

1. Medium Chestnut with Subtle Highlights

This is a warm chestnut brown hair with very subtle, natural-looking highlights. If you don’t want to look like your hair is dyed or go extremely red, this is a stunning balance. It’s extremely versatile, too, and looks lovely with a variety of skin tones and eye colors.

2. Reddish Brown with a Golden Sheen

This is a lovely, soft shade of chestnut with subtle golden highlights. The resulting colors are radiant, plus the combination will make your hair look incredibly healthy. Wherever you go, you’ll look like you have that inner glow. Oh yeah, you’ll be the object of hair envy.

3. Highlights to the Sky

These are the most gorgeous caramel highlights ever. Light highlights – golden, blonde, caramel – look stunning against the dark browns and subtle reds of the true chestnut hair color. Although you don’t have to get a short cut to try your highlights, something layered like this will definitely make them stand out more.

4. Medium Meets Dark

Here’s another example of ombre done right. It’s a little more extreme as well, which can actually make your color last a bit longer, yet it’s also incredibly natural-looking. Stick with a dark to medium fade, without going too dark or too medium. It’s all about balance.

5. Ode to Autumn

Looking for a new fall hairstyle? Mimic the leaves and go with autumnal shades. A dark, rich chestnut hair color with some very subtle red and gold highlights ought to do the trick.

6. Thick Chestnut Curls

That is a beautiful thick head of curly hair. The rich chestnut dye job makes her curls appear even fuller than they are. Very thin subtle highlights sprinkled throughout the curly ‘do offer a lovely surfer finish.

7. Chestnut Brown Wavy Bob

Take a look at the shine on her chestnut brown hair. There are different shades of brown, and the style has a rich finish that makes her hair look messy but healthy and pampered without a drop of shine serum required.

Brown Bob With Caramel Highlights

Instagram/ @larisadoll

8. Chestnut for Brunettes

There is a number of different ways you can tweak a chestnut dye job so it is unique for you. The loose wavy hairstyle shows a very subtle chestnut color on the ends of the layers. The roots are the darkest, and the hair is gradually getting lighter, as if the color is washing out.

9. Short Curly Chestnut Hairdo

Do you love red hair but feel uneasy about trying a flaming shade? Try something like a reddish chestnut shade. It’s particularly great for brunettes who want to refresh their hair color without doing anything too drastic.

10. Dark Bob with Chestnut Highlights

Black hair can sometimes be tricky when it comes to highlights, because a lot of streaks will create a striped effect against the super dark base. A wavy bob like this is one way to pull off the trend. Chestnut brown ribbons have been added sporadically on black hair. The highlights are focused on the ends so they enhance the haircut and look spontaneous.

11. Light Chestnut Brown Hair

If you’re a brunette, you don’t have to dye your hair blonde to get a cute golden ‘do. Instead, try a golden chestnut color. Soft and subtle highlights like those in the photo are the perfect way to warm up a dark base.

12. Textured Waves

A chestnut dye job looks good whether you keep it simple or go for something a little fancier. Her wavy hairdo takes a minimalistic approach. The chestnut hair color is slightly darker around the roots but the shades are blended seamlessly.

13. Mid-Length Golden Chestnut Hair

A chestnut color is always soft and feminine. If you want proof, check out this light chestnut brown hairdo. The shade is very tender, as if diluted with milk. It works very well with wavy hairstyles.

14. Deep Chestnut Brown Waves

See how beautiful her flowing waves are? A full, wavy mane like that would be perfect no matter what color it is. However, the deep base color with occasional lighter pieces gives her hair an expensive-looking finish.

15. Black Roots to Chestnut Brown Ends

Here’s an obvious version of chestnut ombre. If you have black hair, this is a very easy style to recreate. Just ask your hairstylist to blend in some reddish brown pieces into your natural hair color starting at temple level or a bit lower, depending on the length of your hair.

16. Medium Tousled Bob

One of the best things about chestnut colored hair is that there is such a large range of shades that it is really easy to find something to suit your complexion. If you prefer a reddish finish, take inspiration from this look. The hair color is a bit softer than auburn but it still has enough vibrancy.

17. Chestnut Ombre Waves

A dark-to-light chestnut hair color has become a classic dye job recently. Her wavy locks show the skill of the hairstylist. There is no obvious line where the different colors meet. Everything blends together to create a smooth gradient style.

18. Light Golden Chestnut Hair

Reddish chestnut hair is popular, but don’t forget about golden chestnut hues. An all-over golden chestnut shade is fairly close to blonde, but if you use it as highlights, it also pairs beautifully with very dark, almost black hair.

19. Chestnut Brown Hair with Red Highlights

A solid chestnut hair color is luxurious, but don’t be afraid to mix in some other colors – with highlights. This beauty’s light chestnut brown hair is enhanced with some soft red streaks. The red helps bring out the different tones of the chestnut base.

20. Chestnut Waves with Blonde Highlights

Are you looking to brighten your light chestnut brown hair color? Adding in some blonde highlights will kick it up a notch. You can clearly see all of the different shades, but they have been expertly blended to create a harmonious hair color.

Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

Instagram/ @neon_beauty

21. Chestnut Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Think about using golden blonde and chestnut brown ribbons of color to enhance your haircut. Here, the hairstylist emphasized the waves in the mid-length bob by adding thin golden highlights to contrast the darker base.

22. Chestnut Brown Hair with Bangs

When you are looking through pictures of chestnut hair, it becomes easier to identify the different shades of brown and figure out which one will work for you. If it is an all-over color that you’re after, this dark chestnut brown is a great option. It’s deep but it isn’t so dark that you would take it for black.

23. Long Chestnut Brown Curls

When you have long waves, you do not want to add different chunky highlights because they would only take away from the hair’s natural beauty. The hair colorist stuck wisely with a soft ash brown base and subtle chestnut highlights that enliven the main color and shine in the sun.

24. Chestnut Bob with Loose Waves

If you’re trying chestnut brown hair for the first time, you cannot go wrong by starting off with something easy. Her chestnut hair is a perfect option. The darker brown shade has a golden undertone that will help brighten your complexion and give your hair some added luster.

Long Wavy Chestnut Brown Bob

Instagram/ @caitycatt

25. Chestnut Brown Hair with Lighter Tips

Regardless of what you might think, there is a chestnut brown hair color for everyone. A dark chestnut shade with lighter tips is well suited to brunettes with longer hair. Note the way the lighter ends seamlessly blend with the darker strands. You end up with a uniform but “noticeable” look.

26. Dark Chestnut Brown

If a darker color suits you better, go bold. Chestnut is an excellent way to experiment with darker hues because it’s so rich and multifaceted. Just avoid a flat, matte look.

27. Delicious Ombre Effect

Ombre isn’t going anywhere, and chestnut actually lends itself well to the trend. Ombre looks cool against dark hair, especially when it smoothly blends with the base color and then fades.

28. A Walk on the Red Side

It’s important to remember that chestnut represents a multi-colored spectrum of hot hues for your hair – including red. If you’re dying to find out what it’s like to be a redhead but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, err on the chestnut side of things. You’ll still have some brunette tones in there, and that makes the transition a little easier.

29. Dark Hair, Don’t Care

Just because your luscious locks are naturally deep and dark, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid experimenting with chestnut hair. On the contrary, black hair was practically made for chestnut ombre.

30. Red with an Edge

Here’s a great example of mixing red highlights with chestnut to get the best of both worlds. Red dye tends to fade fast, but mixing chestnut, auburn, and even a little of golden brown will keep your color rich and vibrant for much longer.

31. Dimensional Chestnut Waves

Here is one more way to embrace the real beauty of your hair. Dark chocolate roots and more light shades on the tips add dimension and volume to your hair color. Waves will help you to emphasize the magic change of tones and reflect the light beautifully.

32. Chestnut on Chestnut

Here’s a fab way to layer a dark chestnut brown hair color with highlights in a lighter shade. Layering colors from the same spectrum is an excellent way to add depth to your hair, plus the combination makes your locks look lush. It’s a great way to fake some volume if you have flat or fine hair.

33. Go for the Rose Gold

This is one of the best chestnut hues ever. It’s not quite red or strawberry blonde, it’s definitely not brown, and there are so many beautifully blended tones in it. This is more of a golden chestnut base with just enough red, gold, and blonde highlights to create a molten, fiery rose gold concoction.

34. A Chestnut Crop

Before you start thinking that all of these hair color ideas are for ladies with long hair, please observe. Chestnut is an excellent color for pixie cuts. In fact, feel free to go with a dark or bold hair dye. The short cut can take away some of the shock if you go with a really extreme color change.

35. Rubies in Her Hair

Chestnut is a phenomenal color for African American women. Especially if you’re rocking a natural ‘do, chestnut will complement every possible skin tone, from beautiful mahogany to freckled cinnamon and cafe au lait. Go with a deeper red shade like this for a dramatic, regal look that will play up your eyes, your coloring, your bone structure – you name it!

36. Layers on Layers

Layers really do work well with this color – that is, layers in your hair and layers of varying shades. Ask your stylist to give you some long layers with a little flip, lots of body, and tons of volume. Start with a chestnut hair color and score highlights in caramel, auburn, dark gold, and light chestnut brown.

37. From Dark to Bright

If you’re starting out with black hair or really want to try it, you can still create a warmer, softer look. Again, highlights for the win – get medium blonde, chestnut, gold, and maybe some copper, and go for an ombre effect when you apply them.

38. Just like the Weasleys

How serious is your Harry Potter obsession? Because you can use a red-leaning chestnut to make yourself look like an unofficial Weasley, easily.

39. Added Shine

Now, if you do choose to go with a solid chestnut hair color, minus any highlights or glazes, you have to make it look good. Take a few pictures after you get your hair done, preferably in well-lighted areas. If your hair looks dull where the light hits it, start stocking up on shine treatments and serums that you can use on the daily basis. You’re welcome.

40. A Chestnut Rainbow

Of course, this is an entirely different option. Include every color of chestnut on the spectrum and fade into it, all the way from root to tip. Look at how multidimensional that is!

Chestnut brown hair is almost universally complementary, so whether you’re fair, dark, or somewhere in between, there’s a shade for you. Just decide if you’re more brunette or redhead, how light you want to go, and what colors you want to blend. Experiment!

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