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Updated on April 20, 2021

Knowing how to create an accent braid is a powerful tool to take any hairstyle to the next level. Whether it be for a workout or a wedding, an accent braid is incredibly versatile, and that’s why they are such a modern staple to the hair industry. Personally, I have learned a thing or two about accent braids throughout my career, and I would love to share some of my inspiration with you.

1. French Fishtail Braid

This is a great boho style for a date night, bridesmaid or party. As a rule, hairstyles for medium hair in the shape of a wreath are pretty versatile and simple enough to complement any outfit. Wear it with an evening dress or to add a feminine hint to a classic oversized suit; it will look amazing anyway.

2. Micro Front Braids

This style pairs really well with anyone who loves messy waves and has somewhat of a middle part. Add two thin braids on both sides—they don’t have to be perfectly weaved — and your “beachy” look becomes grungy. Add some hair rings when weaving the braids, and this will become the ultimate hairstyle for rock concerts, festivals and parties.

3. Fishtail Ponytail

A fishtail braid is a great way to spice up a classic ponytail. All you do is wrap the ponytail with the braid and let the rest hang down. Sure, this is a more discreet, yet unusual and stylish everyday updo. So feel free to wear it to work, when meeting your friends for a cup of coffee or going on a date to the cinema.

Fishtail Ponytail For Extra Long Tresses

Instagram / @kirstenzellers

4. Big and Little Braid

I’ve been LOVING micro braids lately! So, of course, it’s even more fun to add some micro braids with a big dutch braid. Together, they create a hairstyle decorated with jewelry chains, which looks so delicate and sweet. Isn’t it perfect for an elegant bride or bridesmaid look?

5. Summer Camp Braids

These accent braids remind me of braiding bracelets at summer camp, and I’m here for it. Such a detailed braid, this hairstyle is created for special occasions. Make sure to spray it with a strong hold hairspray so that your hair remains irresistible throughout the event till late at night.

6. Braided Updo

This is all one big, Dutch braid, starting from the left side of the head and turning into a low, centered bun. Leave a few strands out along the hairline when weaving the braid diagonally downwards to create the effect of slight negligence. If you’re looking for a flawless elegant updo for a wedding, photoshoot, birthday or corporate party or any other event at all, this is it!

7. French Braided Updo

We have another braided updo, but this time it’s for shoulder-length hair and is a French braid. Lightness, carelessness and romantic Provence fleur, wear it anytime you want to feel special and feminine. The beauty is you can combine it with any clothing, from jeans and a blouse, to a dress and heels.

8. Large Dutch Side Braid

To achieve this style, you need to first do a Dutch braid and then add a texturizing powder to help pull out and fluff the braid. Spice it up with cute hair accessories — rings, ribbons, baby’s breath, pins, etc. This hairdo is as simple as it can be, and I guess, that is the secret to its boho magnificence and charm.

9. Deconstructed Down Braid

This style has a large side braid, but it has curls falling out of the braid to make it look deconstructed. The down braid looks especially exquisite in long and thick hair, as there is the voluminous many-level effect created. Just imagine this gorgeous elegant braid falling down the shoulders covered with the gentle fabrics of a wedding dress. All grace and femininity!

10. Twist

If you have no idea how to braid, a twist can do the same job. It’s simpler than a French or Dutch braid and gives a similar look. To get such a volumetric effect, fix each strand, binding securely with invisible pins or small bands, otherwise the hairdo will prematurely fall apart. Besides, light waves or curls also add volume and cute messiness to the style.

11. Updo Micro-Twist

Throwing in a small French twist to an updo can bring it to the next level. The updo comes up looking complicated and sophisticated, but the whole point is to create the volumetric and slightly deconstructed effect. When putting the hair up together, pull some thin locks out here and there, and don’t forget to frame the face with a couple of curls, as well!

12. Pigtail Braids

Who doesn’t love braided pigtails? This style is a little different than traditional Dutch braid because this style was created with many, many elastics. This hairdo allows women to feel like a fragile young lady at the same time as feeling like a rocker. In addition, braided pigtails make the face oval look cuter and the hair visually more voluminous.

Chunky Pigtail Dutch Braids

Instagram / @cathughesxo

13. Bubble Braid

This style is best achieved on long hair with several elastics. Gather a ponytail, secure it with an elastic band, then, tease the rest of the ponytail to make the sections voluminous and pretty. Each time you tie a new elastic, hold the tail firmly with one hand and pull the elastic over the tail with the other hand to create the bubble effect.

14. Cornrows Into Ponytail

I am obsessed with everything about this look. The variation of sized and shaped braids into a ponytail is so beautiful and spectacular. Try adding colorful elastics and create a sewn effect between the frontal accent braids; this will give you a slight hint of the ethno look and will definitely draw everyone’s attention.

Cornrows Into Ponytail Hairstyle

Instagram / @afro_zuri

15. Festival Braids

I love seeing festival braids, and I love the colors of these boxed braids. What a great way to decorate your hair with your favorite colors without damaging it with actual dyes. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that such braids are long-lasting and fun to play with.

Festival Braids For Brighter Look

Instagram /

16. Front Micro Fishtail Braid

All you need to know for this style is how to create a tight fishtail braid. Divide your hair into two sections. Weave a braid, alternately adding thin strands from the right and left sections and overlapping them. Make sure to weave the strands tight, and at the end, fix the braid with a strong elastic band or hair clip. Voilà!

Front Micro Fishtail Braid Bob

Instagram / @jbraidsandbows

17. Dutch Braid into Top Knot

This style is perfect for all ages and isn’t as complicated as it looks. Part your hair in half, using a comb or your fingers, secure one section of your hair, tuck your head down and start braiding. Then secure the braid and create a small, messy bun, and repeat everything on another side. For a playful effect, add some glitter fixation spray at the end.

18. Cornrows into Mohawk

Cornrows are such a cool way to add edge to a style. This combination is insanely dashing; cornrows create a symmetrical framing and ideal contours, and the mohawk is all messy and rocky. This style is definitely for someone who likes grungy and daring looks or wants to be in the spotlight at an event.

Tiny Cornrows Into Messy Mohawk

Instagram / @krownd_hair

19. Infinity Braids

Infinity braids are not for the faint of heart. They look so cool and unique, yet take a very long time to create. When weaving the strands, your movements will resemble an infinity sign; that’s how the hairstyle got its name. Experiment with accessories, colorful tresses and the updo variations.

Infinity Braids With Golden Accent

Instagram / @alexandralee1016

20. Headband Braid

Everyone is wearing headbands nowadays, so why not make one out of your own hair? Spice up your casual, loose hairstyle with such a beautiful accent and transform it into a special one. This is a cute option, if you’re going to a birthday party, wedding or just to meet your friends, and want to look simple yet elegant enough.

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