60 Devastatingly Cool Haircuts for Thin Hair

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Everyone wants to have luxurious hair that is obedient in styling and always looking good. However, the key to a truly effortless stylish look is in the right haircut. Even with insufficient hair thickness and density you can come up with some absolutely breathtaking styles. Besides, there’s no need to stick exceptionally to shorter lengths. Good hair stylists know tricks on how to make your thin hair appear thicker even in long haircuts.

Flattering Haircuts for Thin Hair

Whether you prefer long strands that you can toss over your shoulder or a quick and easy short look, we have 60 haircuts for thin hair that will fulfill your needs. Thin hair can look lifeless and uninspiring if it is not styled correctly. Pump up the volume on lackluster locks with a textured bob, lustrous layers or full curls!

#1: Short Layered Bob Haircut

There are two surefire ways to transform thin hair: texture and color. Dark roots against light hair instantly give the illusion of density in your strands, while choppy layers boost volume.

#2: Windswept Waves

The main goal of hairstyles for thin hair is to amplify limp locks. This can be done in a variety of ways, but one of the most on trend textures is associated with tousled beach waves. They are perfect for weekend outings or after work dinner and drinks.

#3: Edgy Side-Part Haircut

Side bangs are ideal for thin hair because they bring heaviness around the face which ultimately makes hair appear thicker. Try them out in a collarbone or shoulder-length cut for a cute and classic look.

#4: Sexy Cinnamon Haircut

Reddish brown is a great color for thin hair because it’s rich and deep without contrasting too much with any scalp that may be showing through sparse strands. If you want to add light colors, make sure to just use them as a face-framing element.

#5: Medium Cut with Choppy Ends

One thing to pay attention to in haircuts for thin hair is the line where your hair falls. Too many layers around the ends will make your hair look too light and wispy. Stick with sharp lines like blunt or delicately chopped cuts.

#6: Classic Nineties Bob

The nineties are back. The most popular celebs and influencers can be seen wearing brown lipstick, chokers, high-waist jeans and more. So, it was only a matter of time before cool hair styles drew from the decade as well. This spunky retro bob haircut with heavy volume throughout the crown is on trend and perfect for thin locks.

#7: Tucked Back Haircut

There are many reasons to snip your strands if you have long thin locks as a woman in her thirties. Besides lacking body, long thin hair may also look too juvenile and take away from emphasizing your best features. Short bobs or long pixies are perfect because they are versatile and chic.

#8: Candy Coated Shag

This may not be one of the most expected thin hairstyles, but that’s what makes it so refreshing. Just because your hair is not thick does not mean you can’t have fun experimenting with different looks. Any color can work on this hair type as long as you incorporate depth and dimension into it with darker roots and highlights.

#9: Silver A-line for Thin Hair

An a-line cut gradually transitions from short in the back to longer in the front. It’s ideal for medium length hair because it creates fullness in the back without needing heavy layers; perfect for those who prefer sleek straight styles.

#10: Red Bangs for Thin Hair

Layered cuts are not the only way to achieve movement and visual interest in styles. You can also use a variety of highlighting methods. For a natural, even look, try the balayage (or painted on) method shown here.

#11: Lovely Lavender Bob

Blunt haircuts for fine thin hair are ideal because they get rid of stringy ends and make the overall style appear thicker. Because there are no layers, you will need to keep hair from looking one dimensional with a unique blend of dark and light hues.

#12: Long Side Bang

Bobs aren’t for every woman. Some prefer the versatility of ponytails, buns and more. For the ladies who can’t imagine life without longer locks, a layered haircut is a great choice.

#13: Balayage for Medium Haircut

If low maintenance is your middle name, balayage is a good option for you. The hand-painted technique makes sure there are no harsh growth lines, which gives you a little extra time between appointments. The coloring technique is perfect for busy women with fine strands.

#14: Textured Lob with Bangs

An undercut is probably the last element you expect to see in bob haircuts for fine hair, but by using a soft version of one you can create major volume in the back of your style. The fine wispy ends are a cool accent of this look that makes this bob stand out.

#15: Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut

You don’t always have to use light caramel or blonde highlights in dark hair to really make a statement. Some women prefer to remain brunettes, and if that is the case, medium brown babylights are just the thing needed to add sparkle to deep chocolate hair without drastically changing the overall color.

#16: White Blonde Lob Haircut

Long bobs are a must-have because they look effortless with minimal styling. Just rub a bit of a styling product into your strands for texture and you’re good to go. It really doesn’t get any easier or chicer.

#17: Burgundy Bombshell

Long hairstyles for fine thin hair need some layering. Light layers and V-cut ends for face-framing strands are just fine. Darker colors tend to look richer and reflect more light, which ultimately creates more density in fine hair.

#18: Wavy Layered Hairstyle for Mature Women

Age is nothing but a number, so embrace the greys and turn them into something fantastic. This is proof that you can still look youthful with grey hair. Soft curls will add body to thin strands and a swipe of colorful lipstick will instantly enliven pale complexions.

#19: The Redder the Better

Growing out a pixie cut is not easy and can definitely be an awkward transition. The key is to create a tousled, choppy texture that will still maintain the silhouette of the cut no matter how long it gets. Ladies with a rock star edge can pull out their favorite band tees to pair with red hot strands.

#20: Beautiful Beach Waves

There’s something so appealing about beach waves, because they look polished without seeming overdone. Luckily, this is an incredibly popular look right now. You can make it of the base of medium and long haircuts for thin hair.

#21: Long Haircut with Layering and Ombre

Only layering can give you those cute flicks which organize volume-lacking hair in the most beautiful way. The soft seamless fade of color couldn’t do a better job of enhancing the texture and dimension of this cute long hairstyle.

#22: Shoulder-Skimming Wavy Bob

Large loose waves work wonderfully as a volume booster. When you use a flat iron or a curling iron to style the waves, do not touch the ends – let them stick out naturally. It’s a contemporary approach to perfectly imperfect lively locks that are now all the rage.

#23: Choppy Messy Bob

If your straight hair is thin, choppiness will give it the desired texture and volume. A chin-length bob with chopped edges is a beautiful solution. You will be able to style it messy with a bit of backcombing and light hold hair spray. We also admire the idea of the soft purple hue on the dark brown base.

#24: Layered Bob Haircut

Thinning hair is not good news, but there are hairstyles that will present your finer locks in the best possible light. This picture demonstrates one of them. The layered side parted bob with the dimensional hair color seems to be truly flawless. We love!

#25: Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Short to shoulder length is the optimal range of length for fine hair. With longer hair you normally need to put more effort into styling to prevent the look of lifeless locks. This cute mid length hairstyle shows how you can easily gain volume and fun texture for your fine tresses – at the expense of soft waves for the central part of your locks (the roots and ends remain untouched!)

#26: Long Bob Haircut

Fine hair has its advantages too, not only drawbacks. If your hair is thin, you can easily achieve those amazing soft looks which appear so very tender and feminine. You may even enhance the impression with a soft flaxen blonde hair color. Check this A-line bob – it’s so lovely!

#27: Long Textured Cut

If you want to wear your finer locks in free-flowing downdos, a long choppy hairstyle is an optimal solution. Get long finely-chopped layers and style them with a texturizing product.

#28: Medium-To-Long Layered Haircut

If your thin hair is also straight (which is a common case), you are likely to deal with the problem of flat-looking limp hair. A medium choppy hairstyle like in the photo communicates the desirable depth and dimension to your tresses, and the two-tone hair color idea plays here an important role too.

#29: Long Layered Pixie

A short layered asymmetrical hairstyle for women with finer locks is also a popular way to boost the thickness of tresses. When you sweep your hair to one side, it seems thicker, and choppy layers only enhance the final impression.

#30: Layered Bob with Blunt Bangs

This funky layered bob haircut for thin hair is something! When you have those eye-popping patches in your locks, placed randomly but strategically, nobody will pay attention to the thickness of your hair. A bit of backcombing won’t be superfluous though.

#31: Shattered Collarbone Bob

If you lack thickness, you can add the desired body to your hairstyle with a shattered texture of a classy collarbone bob. Light layering closer to the edges and A-line side bangs create the special cute chaos that is entirely in the spirit of the trendiest messy hairstyles of the current season.

#32: Voluminous Bob Haircut for Thin Hair with Side Bang

A voluminous bob is a chic style that can work well with whatever plans you have during the day. The classic style can be worn when you are running errands or on a romantic date just as easily.

#33: Shoulder Length Haircut with Deep Side Bang

The sweet blonde hue receives some added sass thanks to this shoulder length cut with light layers. The deep side part creates a mystery and keeps the style from seeming flat and boring.

#34: Angled Bob Without Bangs

Forward-angled bobs complement a variety of different face shapes, hair textures and age groups. There’s nothing more sophisticated than this classic style. If you want to change your look in no time, switch the placement of your part.

#35: Cool Haircut for Thin Hair with Long, Angled Layers

Shine as bright as a fresh spring flower with an unexpected hair color! Brightly dyed hair is a surefire way to stand out in any crowd.

#36: Cute Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

Highlighted hair looks best with messy waves, they add interest to a standard style. The beautiful mix of blonde at the front and a deeper brown near the roots and through the underneath layers helps thin hair to look thicker. These gorgeous hues offer the ideal color combination for the warmer months.

#37: Layered and Angled Brown Blonde Bob

Instead of choosing between being a blonde or brunette, why not to opt for both? This crisp cut blends chunky blonde highlights with a deep chocolate hue for a standout style.

#38: Straight Haircut with Subtle Waves and Highlights

Hair looks fuller when it is all the same length. Highlights and soft waves create depth to give your fine locks the illusion of being thicker. An effortless look such as this can be worn virtually anywhere.

#39: Short Shaggy Cut with Textured Ends

Not quite a bob and not quite a pixie, this haircut falls perfectly in the middle like Goldilocks. The expert layers create a feathered, fluffy texture that keeps this haircut from falling flat.

#40: Celebrity Bob

When you believe there’s nothing decent out there you can do with your thin hair, a good idea is to view hairstyles of celebrities with a similar hair type that you have. Sandra Bullock’s fine hair always looks smooth and sleek. This silky elongated bob is one of the best options to embrace for fine-haired ladies who want to look sophisticatedly classy.

#41: Long Choppy Pixie

This long pixie with bangs is a great idea of a short choppy hairstyle for round faces. The finely chopped layers create the right texture of a chic edgy look that perfectly balances the roundness in your face.

#42: Choppy Angled Bob

Many girls with fine locks prefer not to go extremely short with their hairstyles. Neither they are excited to rock long tresses that don’t reveal the sufficient thickness. A bob haircut is an awesome solution in this case. This one is so cute, eh?

#43: Pixie-Bob Haircut

Short hair is a wise and the most popular pick of women with thin hair. Its first advantage is that your tresses appear thicker when they are short. Moreover, short choppy haircuts for fine hair are very easy to style. This particular one is also meant to emphasize your killer cheekbones!

#44: Medium Curly Hairstyle

If your locks are curly, you won’t ever complain that they are thin, because curls give you that wonderful bounce and body. A layered haircut and a curl-boost product is all you need to look beautiful every day. Well, soft ombre highlights like in the photo are beyond all praise, of course!

#45: Side-Parted Chin-Length Bob

Short bob variations are the most flattering haircuts for thinning hair and naturally fine hair. Even if you wear it sleek and tucked behind your ears, it will look charming. This cute bob with the length at the nape is upgraded with subtle brown blonde highlights – a great idea to individualize your chestnut hair color.

#46: Wispy Bowl Cut

The short choppy hair looks adorable from roots to ends. There are so many attractions in this hairstyle – the wispy texture, the beautiful edges, veiling the eye-brows and cheek-bones and, of course, the contrast of the cool-toned hair and the warm hazel eyes!

#47: Shoulder-Length Haircut for Thin Hair with Natural Waves

This style is as easy-breezy as it looks. Spritz damp hair with sea salt spray for a beachy texture that is perfect for carefree summer days. If you are planning a vacation, this is a great option to carry you from beach to dinner with little effort.

#48: Sleek Sharp Bob with an Off-Centered Part

Instead of trying to volumize thin hair with huge curls, flat iron it straight for a shiny and polished chin-length look. The razored cut at the ends creates a little bit of texture, and the locks falling towards the oval face add a slimming effect for ladies with rounder cheeks.

#49: Textured Bob for Redheads

Shades of red and strawberry blonde blend together fabulously in the bright and fun layered haircut. This edgy style is an effortless flirty look for the weekend or after hours during the work week.

#50: Long Haircut + Balayage Highlights

This classically appealing style with flowing curls is a winning look for most hair textures and colors. The traditional style can carry you to a corporate event, night out at a club and beyond—the possibilities are endless.

#51: Two-Toned Curls for Thin Hair

Similar to the previous style, this hairdo amps up the edge by mixing the light chocolate tone and platinum blonde together for an attention-grabbing look that has a rock star vibe. With perfect spiral curls and voluminous roots, this hairstyle will transform your appearance to something terrific, in a good way!

#52: Short and Spunky Pixie Cut for Fine Locks

Create a fuller hair look with a cut that boasts longer bangs in the front and short angled layers throughout the crown. Simply run your fingers through it in the morning and go! It is a funky style for a confident woman searching for a new look.

#53: Medium Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

Platinum is not the easiest color to pull off, but if your skin tone benefits from cool hair hues, try platinum with messy waves. Part your hair down the middle and let the shorter layers to frame your face gracefully.

#54: Brushed-Over Blunt Bob Haircut

This style, paired with glasses, embodies the essence of “casual cool.” One hair flip and you’re out the door! Throw on a chic pair of shades and you’ll get an effortless weekend look.

#55: Deep Side-Part and Blunt Ends

The sleek counterpart to the previous style, this bob oozes sophistication through the polished side-part and shiny strands. The strong blunt haircut is a powerful style to help ladies with thin hair to look stylish and feel confident.

#56: Sweet Two-Tone Pixie

Ladies with nymph-like features can pull off this edgy short haircut, as it makes their delicate faces the focal point. The angled pieces, styled messily, add lots of body and texture to the look.

#57: Textured Bob Haircut and Boho Waves

The easiest way to jazz up your normal style is to add a wave, braid or accessory. This charming Boho look has everything in one to treble the fun!

#58: Long Cascading Layers

An idea that thin hair is not meant for long haircuts is a mere misconception. Long delicate layers for the mane and fine grading for the bangs and front tresses, framing the face, bring in a fantastic feel of lightness and movement to make your hairstyle appear more voluminous, more alluring.

#59: Stylish Cropped Choppy Cut

This cropped A-line haircut with chopped edges looks pretty darn cool. A light mess is on—trend, easy to style and effortless to maintain. Ask your stylist for bold choppy ends and long side-swept bangs – a super flattering option for active contemporary girls.

#60: Perfect Short Haircut for Fine Hair

With more volume on top and leaner sides and back you will be able to create a perfect illusion of luxurious hair cut short. The blondish highlights add dimension and accentuate the rough texture of side-swept tresses… an awesome neatly nonchalant look!

Well, as we see, layering, highlights, choppy finish for the ends and destructured look work for volume at any length. Hope that sparks some cool ideas!

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