Top YouTube Hairstyling Channels

Not everyone is blessed with the innate ability to style their hair like a pro. Luckily for us, we live in the age, where hair tutorials are readily available no matter where you are, as long as you have a wifi connection. Check out some of our favorite YouTube channels, filled with some of best hairstyling tips and tricks.

#1: Confessions of a Hairstylist

If you’re looking for some major braid envy, Jenny Strebe’s channel is exactly what you need. While a lot of her videos feature mermaid-length locks, she also does a ton of tutorials for women with more obtainable lengths. Aside from creating incredibly intricate braids, Jenny’s channel also includes videos to recreate celebrity looks, tips for using hair accessories, and an abundance of additional styling tips.

Visit her channel here: Jennystrebe

#2: Lilith Moon

After starting her career as a model, Lilith Moon watched and learned from some of the world’s top stylists. She has taken her insider experience and is sharing it with the world on her YouTube channel in a way that translates into everyday life. Lilith specializes in chic up-dos and reinvents celebrity styles that will leave you looking incredibly polished and put together.

Visit her channel here: Lilithedarkmoon

#3: Sayria Jade

Curly girls, meet your new best friend. Sayria’s channel is filled with an endless amount of tips and tricks to style your curls. Whether you need a product recommendation or some curl styling inspiration, Sayria is your girl. Her channel also features hair growth and hair health tips catered to wavy, curly locks. With a channel like Sayria’s, rocking your curls has never been so easy, or so fun.

Visit her channel here: Sayrialove

#4: Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark

Similar to Confessions of a Hairstylist, Amber Fillerup Clark’s channel is loaded with bold, beautiful braids. If you want to recreate her signature, full-bodied braids but don’t have quite enough hair to do so, you’re in luck. Amber recently released her own line of extensions called Barefoot Blonde Hair that can give you the added volume you need to replicate her styles. An added bonus? Her two adorable kids often serve as guest stars in her videos to give your day an extra dose of cuteness.

Visit her channel here: Fillerup8

#5: Marianna Hewitt

If you’re a fan of effortlessly undone styles, then Marianna Hewitt’s channel is exactly what you need. She focuses on beachy waves, easy up-dos, and messy ponytails. Her channel is also loaded with makeup tutorials, so if you need a little inspiration for all aspects of your look before starting your day, this channel has you covered.

Visit her channel here: Mariannahewitt

#6: Naptural85

Thinking of starting the hair journey to natural hair? Dive into this channel to get started. It is filled with everything that you need to know. She can give you tips on eliminating shrinkage, recommend the best products for your hair type, and show you a plethora of styles that work for natural hair. Often times, washing natural hair can be tricky. But don’t worry, this channel breaks it down to a science, and even provides tips on how to wash your kid’s natural hair as well.

Visit her channel here: Naptural85

#7: Kayley Melissa

With a tagline of “hair tutorials for every day,” Kayley Melissa’s channel is ideal for the low-maintenance gal. Almost every single one of her videos has the word “easy” in the title, so even the most hairstyling-inept could keep up with her easy-to-follow tutorials. Along with that, she also has a variety of workout-friendly styles that will keep you looking fierce and flawless, even during the most intense exercises.

Visit her channel here: LetsMakeitUp1

#8: Luxy Hair

If princess-inspired looks are what you’re after, Luxy Hair is the channel for you. This channel features a variety of different vloggers, so it’s easy to find a video that relates to your specific hair type and styling needs. Whether you need a refresher on the best ways to use your curling iron or want to switch up your standard chignon, this channel is sure to have all of the information that you need.

Visit their channel here: LuxyHair

#9: Guy Tang

Surfing the net you’ve suddenly come across some crazy-colored hair that looks amazing – chances are Guy Tang has created it. If you’re looking for some serious color inspiration before your next salon visit, this channel is loaded with ideas. Want Phoenix-inspired fiery locks or glow-in-the-dark dye jobs? This man can do it all. Not ready for something quite so out of the box? He also designs beautiful ash blondes, bold deep browns and perfectly blended balayages.

Visit his channel here: GuyTangHair

#10: Milablu

If you’re feeling a little bit left out because your locks aren’t quite long enough to create cascading waterfall braids or Victoria’s Secret model beach waves, Milana from Milablu has just what you need. Rocking a shoulder-length crop, she creates videos that are perfect for ladies with shorter lengths. Her channel features fun fauxhawks, creative cornrows and playful pigtails. She also has an incredibly witty, dry-humored manner that will probably induce a laugh or two while you’re parting your hair into sections.

Visit her channel here: Milabu09

Now that we have an insane amount of inspiration from watching all of these videos, we’ll leave you and get to styling. What are some of your favorite YouTube hairstyling channels?