Fake It Till You Make It: Wigs and How to Style Them

Wigs are important not only for attracting people’s attention in Instagram, but to save your time and nerves in front of the mirror or under the pouring rain on the way to an important meeting. This article’s gonna become your comprehensive guide to the kingdom of artificial hair and real opportunities to get new and unexpected hairstyles!

Women and men used wigs for centuries since Ancient Egypt to show nobility and hide bold heads from the scorching sun. Greeks and Romans wore wigs to beautify their theatrical performances. Eventually, in the 17th century curly white wigs became fashionable among the high-brow society. Trendsetters like Marie Antoinette and King Louis XIV played really important roles in the future development of the fake hair culture. The XX century Hollywood stars fell in love with wigs because they were the easiest way to change one’s image and try on different styles. In the late 60s, when Chinese acrylic and nylon wigs replaced chic expensive models, every 3rd woman in Europe had at least one wig. That’s how wigs were finally involved in the aesthetics of drag queens, gay parades and underground fashion. But everything has changed again! Today it’s needless to say that wigs are on the top of popularity. While Kylie Jenner keeps proving that it was she, who started this trend, world famous brands and designers release their own collections of wigs, suggesting styling them in the most extraordinary combinations.

How To Wear Wigs

First of all, let’s clear one simple moment. Wigs can be expensive and made of natural hair or quite affordable and synthetic. If you’ve lost your hair and want it back, you should invest in a naturally looking wig. But if you dream about a transformation for one night and accept wigs as fashionable accessories, feel free to buy a synthetic one. Also it is the best option for 2nd day hair, a fast solution to the “I’ll-be-in-5-minutes” problem and a painless way to try completely new styles! We decided to show you different ways to wear synthetic wigs.

#1: Chic & Classy Brunette

Wigs like this can look casual or elegant depending on your mood, make-up and outfit. Bangs simplify styling, and the red lipstick fits just perfectly.

#2: Hot Babe in a City

Such short layered platinum hairstyles were created for breaking hearts and feeling extra confident. Try a smoky eye and don’t forget to pay some extra attention to the bangs – they accentuate your eyes even more.

#3: Curly Hair Mood

Looking for heatless ways to curl your hair? Flirty curly wigs can solve your problem quickly and painlessly. As a pleasant bonus, you can cut, shape and style them however you like.

#4: Peach Hair with Bangs

This single-time hairstyle is suitable for parties or the craziest street style looks, taking into account that pastel hair colors, including peachy, are so fashionable today.

#5: Blonde Femme Fatale

If you really want to go blonde, don’t deny yourself this pleasure, but try to find a naturally looking wig. Not all gentlemen prefer blondes, but you can check it and tell us.

#6: Pink Princess

If you want to try on pink hair without letting unicorns in your brain, just use a wig! This mermaid hairstyle would be perfect at least once in any girl’s lifetime.

#7: One More Mermaid Hair Variation

Instead of watching endless tutorials that teach how to dye your hair and become a true mermaid girl, you can make your colorful dreams come true much faster! There are many wigs dyed different colors and shades, and you can easily find your ideal combination.

#8: Wig for Hipster Mode

Boho chic waves with massive bangs look gorgeous in any situation, especially in the ensemble with a fashionable wide-brimmed hat. Use a cute chestnut wig, if morning hairstyling is out of the question.

#9: Short Hair of Your Dream without Scissors

If you think about cutting your hair from time to time, just use a wig, have fun and stay away from scissors to avoid regrets. Moreover, you can try new colors, like this awesome golden blonde.

#10: Lovely Shiny Curls

Wherever you go, a naturally looking wig can save your time and improve the whole image. It’s important to make its part look real and style strands to complement your facial features and makeup.

#11: Elegant Basic Bob with Bangs

If you want to change your appearance with the help of a wig, choose this dangerous woman’s bob with blunt bangs. The time-tested classic is the best option in any situation.

#12: Headband is Your Wig’s BFF

Synthetic wigs need proper manipulations, if you want them to look super natural. In case you have no time to do it, just use your favorite headband!

#13: Hot African Style

Beautiful crochet braids will perfectly complement your outfit. These can be attached not only to your hair braided in cornrows, but also to a net wig cap if you want a DIY wig. Actually, African women adore wigs of different shapes and styles, so follow the hottest trends!

#14: Ash Brown Wig with Bangs

This hairstyle would be suitable for casual wear or party looks. It’s so easy to style synthetic hair with bangs – you have all chances to mislead your friends, because ashy wigs look super natural!

#15: Red Headed Muse

Red is a color for strong, self-confident and passionate women. If you’re one of them, try to wear such an elegant layered wig. But don’t choose too bright colors, or you risk to be confused with a little anime girl.

#16: Purple Hair and Chocolate Skin

Don’t be afraid to play with brightness – add some unexpected colors to your natural palette. Sometimes it’s better to look strange than boring!

#17: Messy Half up Hairstyle

Styling your naturally looking wig, try to make a small bun on the top. It always looks effortless, feminine and stylish.

#18: Ginger Hair of Your Dream

Redheads are rare and therefore very interesting people. Using such wigs, you can easily join their wonderful team. And don’t forget the main rule: “Only a ginger can call another ginger “ginger”.

#19: Crazy Ombre!

If you think about variations of ombre every day, but still can’t decide what you really want, try on different wigs to clear up your mind or just satisfy your desire for a change.

#20: Short Messy Wig

This short layered hairstyle can totally change your whole image and even the perception of yourself in front of the mirror! Remember to cut and style your short wig properly and make it look just like your own hair.

In fact, it’s nobody’s business whether it’s your natural hair or not. Change hairstyles remembering who you are!