Create Iconic Parisian Hairstyles Using Vintage Scarves

As an idolizer of Parisian fashion, as well as vintage styles, it is really hard to never buy a new scarf. Every time I go vintage shopping, I always see unique scarves that I “need”. I have scarves in all kinds of sizes, patterns, colors and fabrics. But one might not really know what to do with an often very colorful and patterned piece of fabric. Therefore, in this article, I’ll demonstrate five different French-chic hair looks you can easily do yourself.

Scarf Headband with Ties

To create this look, you need a scarf that is a long rectangle rather than a square. But, you can also fold your square scarf into a longer and slimmer shape. Put the middle of the scarf on top of your head, and tie it under your neck. You should now have two ties under your hair. Take these ties and tie a knot over your hair. It should look something like the picture on the left. If you have a very long scarf, you can do the look that’s shown on the right. I twisted it around my head twice before doing the final knot.

Scarf Headband With Ties

The One with the Handkerchiefs

These looks might not technically go under the scarf category, since they are actually made with men’s handkerchiefs. But, what defines a scarf? Personally, I would say that handkerchiefs are a form of miniature scarves. It is a little secret of mine that I look for fabrics in all kinds of sections in a store — and that includes the men’s section. For these looks, I simply just tie a handkerchief I bought from the men’s section around my hair. In the left picture, I took some hair on the top of my head and tied the handkerchief around that. In the picture on the right, I took all of my hair and tied the handkerchief around it. I also put a hair clip over it to make it more fun. This look is really easy to create. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to go outside the box and try something different when it comes to your hair accessories. I have found cool fabrics in all kinds of places!

Hairstyle With the Handkerchiefs

The Scrunchie Scarf

This look is hard to describe, but very easy to make. All you need is a scarf and a hair tie. Take your square scarf and fold it in the middle so that it becomes a triangle. The easiest way to fold it after this is if you take the pointy end of the triangle and fold it up around a centimeter and keep folding it until you reach the other edge. Your scarf should now look like the picture to the left. Then, place the middle of your folded scarf in the hair tie and twirl it around until there is no fabric left. Tie the ends together, and you shall have a scrunchie. In the picture to the right, I just took all of my hair and tied the “scarf scrunchie” around my hair as if it was a normal hair tie. As I often do, I use both of my hands and “shake it up” so it looks a little bit messier and effortless.

The Scrunchie Scarf Hairstyle

French Scarf Braid

This look might be the hardest one to do, but do not be afraid. If you do not know how to braid your hair, I would recommend you check out a tutorial before trying out this look, since it would be hard for me to explain how to braid through writing. If you know how to braid, this look will not be a problem for you. For this look, I use a longer and slimmer scarf (rather than a square) and a hair tie. Tie the middle of the scarf on top of your head in a small hair section. Then you make a braid as you normally would, but you include the two scarf ties. When you feel the braid is done, use a hair tie to make sure that the braid doesn’t fall apart. For this look, I didn’t braid all my hair, so I decided to wrap some of the fabrics around the hair tie to hide the unfinished part.

French Scarf Braid Hairstyle

Bow Made with a “Non-Scarf”

This look does not include a scarf, but it includes some fabric that I found in the craft section. As I have said, when I do vintage shopping, I do not look for scarves or fabrics just in the “scarf section”, I also look for them in places where one might not immediately think to look. These two ribbons (in the pictures) are actually made for crafting. When I saw them, I just thought they would look cute as a bow in my hair. In the left photo, I took all of my hair and tied the ribbon around it. In the picture on the right, I have tied the ribbon around a section of hair from the top. A tip here is to choose a ribbon that has some “roughness”, or stiffness, to it, so that it doesn’t come loose when you are out and about.

Bow Made With A Non-Scarf

I hope you enjoyed learning these Parisian-chic looks and got some inspiration to make your hairstyles more playful. Another tip is that you should go to the closest vintage or thrift shop and look in the scarves section — there are so many colorful fabrics out there waiting for you. Do not forget to check out other sections, such as the men’s section and/or the craft section; there are some hidden gems there, too.

Have fun with your styles! I mean, I have even tied some shoelaces in my hair to make a look, and I got only compliments for it. You can find more hair looks and also video tutorials, on Instagram. See you there!

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