10 Сhic Updos for Medium Length Hair

If you need inspiration to choose from a variety of updos for medium length hair, you’ll find it here! Hair that has reached at least a shoulder length is ideal for all sorts of updos – it’s not too short and not so long to become heavy to hold a style. Whether you’re looking for a wedding day hairstyle or just want something to feel fancy on a Friday night, medium-length girls are the luckiest of all, thanks to all the different options available.

Updos For Medium Length Hair

Something that is extremely popular nowadays for medium length is curly updos. Messy curls with a feel of lightness and effortlessness are all the rage. If you want a more refined look for a formal event, you’ll also discover it here.

#1: Formal Medium Length Updo

This hairstyle looks very intricate, but it’s actually quite simple. The locks are curled with an iron or set with rollers. Each curl is then wound and pinned in place. The pretty flower embellishment adds the final tender touch.

curly messy updo for medium hair
curly messy updo

#2: All Curled Up

Even with a medium length, updos for thin hair can prove to be challenging. Curling the hair adds texture and hold, giving the stylist more to work with. For this style, a small barrel iron was used and the hair was sprayed with a holding product and arranged with hair pins that easily blend with the hue of her strands. This half updo with a retro feel keeps things full and so pretty!

vintage curly blonde updo
vintage blonde updo

#3: Up and Away

The pretty updo pulls hair up and away from the face, leaving wispy face-framing pieces on the sides. When it comes to medium length updos, this type is very popular for weddings, proms and other formal occasions where a woman wants something fancy but able to last all night.

curly updo with a bouffant
curly updo

#4: Waterfall Braid Updo

Lovely and intricate, this style utilizes the popular waterfall braid combined with a classy updo. If you have highlights in your hair, this ‘do will really show them off. Be warned, however, that this style isn’t so easy – it’s best to have a professional stylist to do it if you are crunched for time and haven’t tried it before.

formal braided updo for medium hair
formal braided updo

#5: Elegant Braided Crown

Intricate and lovely, this updo is inspired by Renaissance styles. Hair is backcombed and brushed straight back for body. The sides are then braided or twisted and pinned to perfection. There’s no room for messy strands with this style, which is why you should probably have a friend or professional to do it for you.

braided vintage updo
vintage updo

#6: Traditional Updo

When it comes to formal hairstyles, this one is pretty popular starting in the prom years. The thicker and longer your hair, the more volume and intricacy you can pull off with this updo. Hair is twisted and pinned in sections, leaving some tendrils softy curled and flowing free. This is a great option when you are choosing among classy formal updos for shoulder length hair.

twisted updo with a bouffant
twisted updo

#7: Criss Cross Beauty

Elegant and ideal for a bride on her wedding day, this hairstyle is inspired by a waterfall braid and chignon fusion that works beautifully. Add in a jeweled hair accessory to finish off the look – or perhaps hide a small snag if you are new to this hairstyle.

twisted updo
bridal updo

#8: Infinite Waterfall

A creative take on bridal hair, this updo takes the waterfall braid one step further. Utilizing all of the hair, the plait is curved in an infinite loop that is nothing but lovely. If you feel the end result is too perfect, pull gently at some strands for loose side tendrils.

lace braid updo
lace updo

#9: Fancy Braided Updo With Hair Flowers

This cute, vibrant style is inspired by a beautiful, mysterious mermaid. Of course, it helps if your hair is brightly colored – but anyone can pull off this gorgeous style. There’s a lot of braiding involved, so get an early start. When it comes to updos for medium length hair, this island-loving style is in a category all its own.

creative braided updo for medium hair
creative braided updo

#10: Coifed Updo for Medium Hair

This hairstyle is polished on the sides and messy along the center of the head – a perfect combination of textures and a modern twist on a classic formal updo.

intricate twisted updo
twisted updo

If you like the hairstyles listed above, you can view more varieties of creative updos from Nastia in her instagram @veselovatskaya_nastia.