Five Easy Travel Hairstyles for Every Woman

A road trip, a long airplane flight or an around-the-world backpack adventure has to be comfortable and casually stylish from all points of view. Sometimes when we are on the road, all we need is to keep our hair away from our faces. Other times all we want is to take as little of the scorching summer heat as possible through the hair on top of our heads. And almost every time we wish to travel light without packing travel blow dryers, flat irons, large spray bottles or jars of hair products.

For all the travel buffs out there who want to keep things simple, gorgeous and practical, we have today five easy travel hairstyles for every woman, no matter her hair length or hair type.

#1: From Pigtails to Buns

This is one of the easiest and fastest hairstyles you want to give a try because it takes under five minutes, looks great and doesn’t need many accessories or styling products. You can go from pigtails to lovely buns extremely quickly! This hairstyle is perfect for ladies with medium or long hair, no matter if straight or slightly curly.

How to do it: Part your hair into two pigtails and secure the tails with elastic bands. Braid (or simply twist) each tail and tie the ends also using an elastic hair band. Now wrap each tail around its base to create loose and chic buns and secure them with bobby pins.

#2: Simple Twisted Top Knot

If you travel during hot summer days, and your hair is long, you know you just have to create some bun or updo to keep it away from the back of your neck and face. When it comes to fast and simple – at least for women with long hair – the top knot is your best bet. There are several dozens of bun styles that can make you look gorgeous in a matter of minutes, but let’s see one with a twist!

How to do it: Create a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Twist the hair into a loose spiral. then twist it around the ponytail base. Secure with bobby pins and you are good to go!

#3: Medium Half Up Style

Not only women with long haircuts have a lot of trouble with choosing interesting hairstyle while travelling. If you have short to medium hair, our advice is to try the style you see in this picture. Of course, you may simply gather your hair with a boring headband or with uninteresting bobby pins. But why not be stylish during your trip?

How to do it: Take the round part of hair at the top of your head and make the simplest messy voluminous bun. Hide free strands under the bun and fix everything with bobby pins. If you like to read or work during a long journey, you may additionally braid your fringe.

#4: Casual Side Braid

A side-swept ponytail is a timeless hairstyle that can take you anywhere in the world. But if you want to really look dashing and never worry about strands touching your face or hair heating up your neck, you should try the braided version. This hairstyle goes well with long and medium hair alike.

How to do it: First, create a side swept ponytail. Make an ordinary three-strand braid or a fishtail braid, and tie the ends with an elastic band, it is that simple! If you have medium hair, and you don’t like a short braid sticking out from behind your ear, pull the braid up and backward to make a small cute side bun and have your bobby pins keep it in place.

#5: Hair Accessories to Save the Day

When it comes to keeping your wild locks in place or hide a bad travel hair day, there is nothing easier than using hair accessories like travel scarves, bandanas, and headbands. There are plenty of ways to tie a scarf into a hairstyle, but we have a little favorite hairdo using a simple elastic headband. This hairstyle takes a few minutes and is suitable for long and medium hair.

How to do it: Place the elastic headband on your head, so it keeps all strands away from your face up front but keep it over the hair, not under it. Secure the headband with bobby pins on the sides. Part your hair at the back in three and wrap each strand around the headband once or twice, securing it with pins and clips. You will achieve a cute messy chignon that is both stylish and comfortable.

These were our five quick and easy travel hairstyles suggestions! Do you have other tricks up your sleeve? How do you manage your hair while on the road?


Olivia Gillmore is a professional stylist and blogger, who graduated from Art Center College of Design, California. Olivia considers herself a lucky person because she has the time and opportunity to combine both of her passions: styling and writing. Olivia is a regular contributor at