Top Men’s Hairstyles for 2017

New year, new hairstyles—it’s time to step up your game in 2017. This year we are spotting street cool yet business appropriate short haircuts, long length styles, fringe and slicked back looks that are as photogenic as ever. Interested in taking on a new style? Check out the top men’s hairstyles for 2017 that are sure to be on your radar, sooner rather than later.

#1: Short + Polished

There was a time when short haircuts were too clean cut. Often deemed as a “momma’s boy look”. It was a style that no one was necessarily jumping to get unless needed. As of late though short haircuts have taken a more popular turn that showcases them as bold and modern. With a deep part and hair slicked back in a suit and tie it it makes you comes off as you mean business, while also showing you still have a killer sense of style. A simple length like this still creates a statement without you having to say anything—just step into a room and let it do the talking.

#2: Short + Fringe

Another short haircut features two lengths merging into a look that reminds us of the models making their stance during Fashion Week. The addition of fringe creates a high-fashion look that is hard to top. If you’re willing to take on this style pairing it with streetwear outfits we believe is the perfect contrast. It tones down the almost preppy like vibes of this style and amps it up into something that’ll have everyone wanting to try it.

#3: Faded + Spiked

It could be seen as super 2000’s, but we believe this haircut is a classic that will never grow old and only grow momentum. With faded sides and a longer length in the front you’ll have the ability to still style your hair in different way every day. The spiked, tuft look that requires only a little bit of hair gel is a quick wash and go method for the guy-on-the-go. Plus, it totally gives us Freddie Prinze Jr. vibes.

#4: Buzzed + Long

Ready to really make people stop in their tracks? We think there is no other look that can do so more than a buzzed style that leaves long locks in a sweeping motion towards the back. Just imagine yourself nonchalantly sliding your fingers through it without it looking out of place. Talk about being the coolest guy on the block. Paired with a white button-down and blazer jacket provides a definite rebellious look that will grab attention immediately.

#5: Tousled + Rugged

We’re not gonna lie—this hairstyle is ultra sexy in our books and there is reason to see why. We know it can create a lumberjack feel, but it can be much more than that too. It gives off a laid-back vibe that requires very little styling. Matched with a beard, you’ll be creating crushes everywhere you go.

#6: High Fade + Textured

A high fade at the sides and textured medium length locks helps give this a balance, while still having a hip style. Style the longer locks all the way to the front in a swept motion for an almost Johnny Bravo type look. Or spritz a texturizing spray into them and run your fingers through them for a disheveled style that won’t look as if you just jumped out of the bed.

#7: High Top + Curls

Curly hair can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, we know. But this style takes curls to a high level with a deep fade on the sides and centering the hair towards a growth that goes upwards. We love how eclectic this style can be, especially when worn with bright or printed shirts.

No matter the hairstyle you choose to sport you’ll be taking on the year with a confidence that will easily be noticed. Show up to the office, a first date, family gathering or guy’s night out with a style that you’ll love to parade around.