How to Trim Split Ends and Save the Length

We know all too well about the different types of split ends that are caused by any number of things, but it’s especially a problem when you’re trying to grow your hair out. Luckily, there are fresh alternatives you can learn or ask your hair stylist to conduct for you, on how to get rid of split ends while still maintaining your length. Neglecting trimming split ends altogether causes more harm than good resulting in dry hair ends and halted growth. Committing to grow your hair out requires patience and most often, sacrificing your overall hair health in hopes of achieving your long hair goals. Learn some new and interesting hair techniques and alternatives to the conventional hair trim that could be a total game-changer allowing you to achieve longer hair faster!

Hair Dusting

The technique with the least amount of risk for taking care of split ends is hair dusting. This method gets rid of dead hair and split ends while still maintaining hair length by using a traditional pair of hair shears. Hair dusting is done by running scissors down the surface of the hair and snipping the pesky stray dry hair ends that stick out. Take a chunk of hair and smooth it and hold it taut to allow the damaged hair strands to stick out and separate from the smoothed hair. Next time, instead of requesting a “hair trim” or “cut” from your hair stylist, ask for a hair dusting to ensure you won’t be getting inches taken off. All stylists should be familiar with this method and should understand what you’re asking for.

Velaterapia A.K.A. “Candle Cutting”

Do not try this one at home! A technique that is similar to hair dusting but more drastic is a Brazilian hair treatment that eliminates split ends with a zap of an open flame called velaterapia or “candle cutting”. The velaterapia split end treatment essentially burns off the ends of your split ends instantly with an open flame, usually using a candle. The process consists of twisting a section of hair and carefully, but quickly running an open flame along the section to burn off the split ends. This method has been raved about by supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio and others who put their hair under constant stress and damage from frequent styling.

However, this method has gotten mixed reviews from numerous hair stylists on the other end who believe burning the damaged ends simply serves as a quick fix that may cause overall weaker hair in the end. The split ends are burned away but the process then leaves the hair fibers vulnerable to more damage that may cause the hair to weaken over time. If you are going to try this method, it is always suggested to have a professional do it for you and follow up with a wash and deep condition afterwards to help mend the dry hair ends and restore moisture.

Split-Ender PRO

 The Split-Ender PRO made by Talavera Hair Products is a cordless hair tool made to trim split ends and damaged hair by using a patented designed “Hair Plate” to guide hair in a straight motion that forces the hair to stand straight up to reveal the damaged hair strands. The blade plate then snips about 1/8″ to 1/4″ of hair tips to depending on what you choose, and retains length. The Split-Ender PRO is made to work on all hair types, including real and synthetic hair extensions.

Hair stylists are offering this service to their clients, and it’s recommended to have another person help you to conduct the treatment to allow for the best results. Before using the tool, your hair will feel rough with dry hair ends and different types of split ends. Afterwards, the company claims your hair will feel soft and silky because the tool will have trimmed the damaged and dead ends of your hair while still maintaining its length. You can grow longer hair faster because this technique simply snips the ends of the hair and does not compromise the length.

There have been plenty of YouTube hair tutorials with mixed reviews regarding this product; however, it should be known that cheaper knock-offs exist that could have you fooled. On the product’s website, they announce to be aware of cheaper imitations that exist that you may see being sold at a lower price on Amazon and other similar sites. It is always a good idea to go straight to the product’s website to ensure you are getting the real thing.

How to trim your own hair

Trimming split ends on your own is another low risk option because not much length is compromised, but we do want to warn you that you’re cutting your hair at your own risk! Don’t use your everyday basic scissors to cut your hair. Get specialty scissors used for hairstylist either online or at your local Sally Beauty Supply store. When it comes to DIY trimming, the hair dusting method is often used because there is little risk, but you know your hair so always use your best judgement.

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You can also sustain length and overall health of your hair by taking everyday precautions by protecting it with thermal protection spray for protection from hot tools and use a protecting serum and conditioning mask weekly to give your hair a healthy dousing of moisture. Also, try to dial down the temperature of your hot tools and reduce the frequency of use to give your hair a break. Preserve the health and length of your hair by finding a trimming method you’re comfortable with to allow your hair to be more likely to grow at a consistent pace, or even faster than before. It is definitely easier to skimp out on regular hair trims to save money and time in hopes to achieve your dream hair goals. Don’t allow split ends to hold you back from your best hair ever!