Top Shoulder-Length Hairstyles to Try Right Now

Medium hair is one of the most manageable lengths—it’s long enough to try various hairstyles, but it’s short enough to easily control daily. Shoulder-length haircuts are so on trend in 2018, we’re sure to see almost every celebrity rocking the medium length hair in one way or another, and you totally can to with these suggestions.

#1: The Lob

The Lob is one cut that has been in style for years, and it will most likely be in style for many years to come. One reason is that basically anyone can pull it off—but every year the style adds a slight twist to keep it looking modern. This year’s trend is a messy, undone look. The popular mid-length style has a lot of layers to keep the lob looking fun and stylish.

To achieve this hairstyle, curl random pieces of hair around your head but make sure to start the curl near your ear to keep most of the wave at the ends of your hair. Add some texturizing spray, rustle your hair to maintain the undone look and put it in a deep side part. Now, you’re good to go anywhere and look good doing it!

#2: Messy Fringe

Most people believe that bangs are a huge commitment, but they don’t have to be! Take a style tip from Zooey Deschanel if you want an easy change but are hesitant about chopping your bangs super short—try longer bangs that hit just above your eyes.

The messy fringe is a very in trend right now and is the perfect way to change your look without committing to full-time bangs. The versatile hairstyle can be worn with the tousled fringe left as is, by sweeping the bangs to the side or by pinning the hair back away from your face.

#3: Angled Lob

While this is another lob haircut, the hairstyle is completely different than an average long bob cut. This trendy style is for those adventurous and brave girls who want to get a little more out-there and stylish with their hairstyle. The angled lob looks edgy and chic, and it looks great either straight and sleek or with loose waves.

#4: Double Dutch Braids

This hairstyle is all over social media today, and it seems like every girl is rocking this look. The double braids give off an edgy, youthful and rebellious vibe. They can make any girl feel confident and ready to take on the world. The braids look great on long hair, but contrary to what you may think—short-haired girls can achieve this look to!

The braids look just as fierce when a little undone and messy, so don’t worry if some shorter pieces of hair stick out. Just pull apart the braid loosely to make the whole look messy while still looking rebellious and super chic.

Tip: If you want a pretty, natural wave just undo the braids and add some texturizing spray. The looser your braids are the more nature your waves will be—tight braids create a crimped look. You’ll look like you put in a lot more effort than you did, while looking incredibly fabulous no matter where your night or day takes you.