The Sci-Fi Bob Is the New Feminist Trend

More and more, we are seeing today’s It Girls chopping off their long locks to reveal sleek and stylish bobs, and it seems that these styles all have something in common: blunt cuts that demand respect. The bob haircuts taking over Instagram are much different than those we saw a few years ago. A trend now being called the “Sci-Fi Bob” has landed all over social media. This hairstyle reflects the new feminist movement taking off in our current political climate. There are no curls or frizz. The style is sharp and intelligent, just like the women wearing it. The haircut commands a “don’t take no for an answer” attitude and encourages confidence in the hands of powerful women. The Sci-Fi bob is changing the story, and women are taking the lead.

Origins of the Bob Haircut

The bob hair originates from the 1920’s, when feminist attitudes were raging throughout society. Made famous by the flappers, this hairstyle represented progressive and independent women. In 1920, the Saturday Evening Post published a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald titled “Bernice Bobs Her Hair,” and just a year later, bob hair cuts were worn by a number of influential woman like Joan Crawford, Clara Bow and Fitzgerald’s own wife, Zelda. At this time, women were still expected to obey men, and so by cutting their hair short women of the ’20s directly defied this societal principle and abandoned the old rules of fashion and beauty. What was considered a practical and convenient hairstyle during World War I soon became associated with high fashion and female independence.

F. Scott Fitzgerald called Zelda the first American flapper since she had the short hair and attitude to fit with the flapper lifestyle. Zelda soon became the It Girl and style icon of the jazz age and exuded glamour and rebellion, all with the help of her bobbed hair.

Famous French fashion designer, Coco Chanel bobbed her hair in 1916 and believed that she was the first one to do so. However, the hairstyle can be traced back to the late 19th century with the rise of the Art Nouveau design movement.

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The Sci-Fi Bob

The modern trend of the Sci-Fi bob received its name from the sleek and sharp lines of the cut, resembling styles of a potential futuristic world. Unlike the bob hairstyles of the 1920s, the Sci-Fi cut has completely straight edges and is void of curls or waves. There has been a long-standing belief that long hair is feminine, so the bob haircut acts as a subtle, yet powerful call for gender equality in our society. Several celebrities are getting on board and trading in long locks for this shorter resistance cut, so let these pictures of bob haircuts inspire you to join the powerful women who have already made the cut.

Early Trendsetters

As early as 2011, celebrities have been paving the way for this trend to take its course. All of these stylish women are powerful and confident leaders, just the kind of female the Sci-Fi bob attracts.

Keira Knightley

Keira has been no stranger to bold, short hair. It was at the 68th Venice Film Festival in 2011 that she debuted this early version of the Sci-Fi cut. The style features sharp edges cut in an asymmetrical angle, making her look glamorously futuristic.

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Taylor Swift

In 2014, Taylor Swift shocked fans by chopping off her famous long ringlets to reveal a long hair bob. She has since continued to maintain her sharp bob, along with her front fringe that completes this futuristic look. Taylor actively supports female empowerment and her group of girl friends has been known as #SquadGoals for a couple of years. Do you love Taylor’s look? Check out some of her other great styles for your own unique style.

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Selena Gomez

At the end of last year, Selena ditched her long, mermaid locks and has been sporting long bob haircuts ever since. At the Met Gala, she rocked a sleek lob with a middle part. Selena’s hair transformation may have something to do with her new career endeavors: the release of “passion project” 13 Reasons Why and her new song “Bad Liar.” If you have similar hair to Selena, try these hairstyles to find a great new look.

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Bella Hadid

Also at the Met Gala, Bella debuted this similar lob, cut and styled courtesy of hairstylist Ward Stegerhoek. Ward created a cut that is sharply angled and lightly grazes her collarbone, following the Sci-Fi bob trend perfectly.

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Nina Dobrev

Hairstylist Riawna Capri chopped off inches of Nina’s famed long and thick hair, revealing a sweet, bouncy bob. According to Nina, she has wanted to cut her hair short for many years, but was restricted by her role on The Vampire Diaries. Now that she has moved into a new chapter in her life, Nina happily sports a modern and sophisticated bob.

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Want to Join the Sci-Fi Bob Movement?

This blunt bob is one of the most versatile hair cuts out there. No matter your hair type, you can find the right bobbed style to fit your needs. If you’re feeling up to making the switch, follow these tips to ensure you are getting the right cut for you.

#1: Be Aware of Your Face Shape

Your face shape will help you determine how short you should cut your hair when trying the bob. Those with rounder faces should stay away from super short styles and would be better off with a longer bobbed cut. Not sure what your face shape is? Use this easy three-step guide.

#2: Add Some Color

Highlights and balayage will add dimension and shape to your new cut. If you choose to stick to one color all over, your look will be more graphic and structured. But if you’re feeling bold-change your look with a completely different hair color.

#3: Find the Right Style

There are a few ways to style the Sci-Fi bob and choosing the right one for your hair type and face shape is crucial. You can cut blunt bangs like Taylor Swift or stick to the classic middle part with pin-straight strands like Selena Gomez. The choice is yours but be mindful of your particular hair texture!

The deep history of the bob shows us that female empowerment has long been at the center of fashion and beauty ideals. The Sci-Fi bob is a symbol of modern feminism. Its futuristic style suggests a world in which gender equality prevails. If the story behind this style inspires you, go out and find the bob haircut that is perfect for you!