Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s Most Breathtaking Hair Moments

We love everything about supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, including her hair. The Victoria Secret model-turned-Transformers-actress is known not only for her incredible bone structure and luscious pout but also for her gorgeous caramel-colored hair. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appears on the red carpet time and again looking perfectly poised with just the right hairstyle to fit every occasion. Her enviable style also serves as inspiration for those looking to make a classic statement. Here are the top model’s best and most inspiring looks!

#1: Side-Swept Hair

The beautiful mother can do no wrong with her gorgeous honey hair color. Once swept to the side, the full scope of her highlights is revealed. A deep side part is always a sexy look and Rosie knows how to work it! To get the look yourself, go for a full blow-out and flip your part to your most flattering side. You don’t need much hairspray for this one.

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#2: Hollywood Waves

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has the face for Hollywood glamor, so why not have the hair to match? The soft, retro waves do wonders for her incredible bone structure while remaining smooth and flat on the top of her head. A center part keeps this look from being too kitschy.

#3: Sleek and Straight

Pin straight hair seems easy enough, but you’ve got to have fresh highlights for this look! Rosie Huntington Whiteley makes the most of her medium length hair with a clean center part and straightening it. If you’re trying to achieve this look at home, apply a nourishing oil when wet and finish with some shine spray.

#4: Bohemian Texture

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is known for her more classic looks, but textured waves and a smoky eye have their own timeless flair! If you’re skilled with a heated wand then these undone curls will be easy for you to recreate. Or, put a few braids in when your hair is wet. Once dry, take out the braids and comb your fingers through to get this undone look.

#5: Dreamy Side Part

This is a softer version of the Hollywood glam Rosie pulls off so well. Set hair in rollers and brush it out. Add a side part and voila!

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#6: High Bun

Rosie takes advantage of the topknot trend. When creating your own topknot, make sure there is plenty of volume at the crown so it doesn’t look too tight and harsh.

#7: Side Part Chignon

Rosie Huntington Whiteley pulls off a chignon fabulously. The look is freshened and red-carpet-ready by adding a side part.

#8: Tousled Rocker Chick

We don’t often see a loose style on Rosie, however, this curled yet not coiffed rocker texture is excellent with her darker roots and lighter ends.

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#9: Blown-Out Lob

This sort of textured lob with a bend under the cheekbones is very popular. Rosie pulls it off flawlessly and looks breathtaking.

#10: Medium Beach Waves

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks perfect in a bob. Messy curls are contained with a smooth root and a perfect middle part.

#11: Sweeping Long Bob

The lob is one of the best Rosie Huntington Whiteley haircuts. Here she keeps it sleek and straight with plenty of volume at the crown.

#12: Low Ponytail

This sporty look is made classy by wrapping hair around the hair tie and keeping it super-sleek.

#13: Romantic Rosie Go-To

This style is definitely the model’s iconic red carpet look. By separating the waves, it is distinguished from the Hollywood glamor look she also pulls off so effortlessly. Here, it’s all about moisture and shine, so be sure to do a proper moisturizing mask before emulating Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style.

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#14: Twisted Updo

This look is flawless on Rosie’s feminine face. Don’t try to be too perfect with this one — a few wisps of hair give this look a fresh edge.

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#15: Loads of Texture

Rosie is one of those women who looks great with both long and short hair. When her hair is bob length, she adds movement and texture with a curling iron and some hairspray.

#16: “Undone” Waves

For a girl who always looks put-together, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sure knows how to pull off the ‘undone’ look. When using a hot tool, avoid curling too much or following a pattern to keep the look natural.

#17: Perfectly Prim

This look is more mature than most of Rosie’s usual red carpet styles. This type of updo is perfect for the gal with lots of beautiful, face-framing layers. The side part does a good job of balancing out her defined jawline.

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#18: Sleek Teardrop Bun

Rosie gives her go-to chignon the boot and opts for a sleek ballerina bun. The position of the bun is key to avoid looking too sloppy at the nape of the neck or too casual on the top of the head. When trying this look for yourself, be sure to add lots of volume at the crown of the head so the look doesn’t fall flat.

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These are some of our favorite Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hairstyles. Whether she has her hair pulled back into a sleek chignon or loose and tousled, the top model and mother-to-be always looks classy and put-together. The best part of her inspirational style is how easy it is to recreate and get a bit of that red carpet glamor for yourself! Which look is your favorite?

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