How to Make a Ribbon Brain in 5 Easy Steps

A ribbon braided into hair will become your favorite style, if you’ve ever dreamed of acting and talking as if you were someone else. Are you still not sure if something bright and cheeky suits you? We’ll convince you, otherwise! Just follow our tutorial to master this cute ribbon braid!

Ribbon Braid Hairstyles

Even if your style isn’t punk and you have a regular hair color, this hairstyle will completely suit you. It is absolutely a wear-anywhere style. The one catch is that this hairdo works best with long hair. Your hair needs to be at least 13 inches long, otherwise the Ribbon Braid won’t look so impressive.

This hairstyle is not the best for the office; it’s for when you want to go all out in full force. If you are going to a concert or a noisy party, to a bar or just a walk with your friends, it’s time to turn this “mutha’” out. However, the updo goes well with wedding gear on your special day or dresses of any length in distinguished styles. It all depends on your imagination. Mix styles, experiment with bold ideas. Also, don’t be afraid to leave your office duds on, do the mohawk style before you leave the office and head out to have some fun with your friends. Your hairstyle will more than make up for your plain office clothes.

The first time you work on this hairstyle, it may be necessary to have a friend help you, so make sure she’s already there with you. In total, the image creation takes no more than 10 minutes. You will need some narrow ribbons and a dry texturizer for instant hair volume and body. It is better to finish your hairstyle with a medium or flexible fixation setting spray. Make sure that your hair is not stuck together so the careless effect works. The ribbons’ colors should work well with your outfit, but not blend in with your hair color. If you wear clothes in calm and delicate shades, it’s better to choose bright ribbons, maybe even mix a couple of similar colors to act as accent colors. However, if you’re wearing cheeky outfit, maybe leave out the accent ribbons.

Step-By-Step Ribbon Braid Tutorial

Prepare all the accessories and hair products mentioned above. Let’s begin!

Step 1. Comb your hair. Start at the ends, and gradually move up to the roots. Use a texturizer for the volume. Then, curl the front sections of your hair.

Ribbon Mohawk Braid: Step 1

Step 2. Divide the hair into two sections and tie a ribbon around one of them.

Ribbon Mohawk Braid: Step 2

Step 3. Put the ribbon under the first section of hair, then over the second section, then under the second section and over the first. Wrap the ribbon around the hair sections as if creating a figure 8. At the beginning, you might want to repeat that several times to secure the ribbon. Add strands from the sides. Make sure you take the side strands first and, only after that, wrap the ribbon around the strands.

Ribbon Mohawk Braid: Step 3

Step 4. The amount of side strands that you add depends on the length of your hair. If you like, you can just wrap the ribbon around the strands without adding any extra ones from the sides, at any point, and then start adding the strands.

Ribbon Mohawk Braid: Step 4

Step 5. That’s it! Don’t be afraid to play around with the texture. Affix everything with hair spray and take on the night!

Ribbon Mohawk Braid: Step 5

Watch the step-by-step instructions in our video.

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