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Updated on March 09, 2023
Not Camouflaging Gray Hair at Work Featured Story

The recent story of a woman being threatened to get fired for refusing to color her graying locks has stirred up the public on Reddit. The boss accused a 30 year old who has suddenly faced gray hair at a young age of the ‘unprofessional look’ and pointed out her graying hair could affect the company’s image. The woman refused to cover the grays, noting her hair color doesn’t influence her ability to perform the job duties.

This story sounds shocking and surreal, especially now when women throughout the globe fight against ageism and sexism. Moreover, it’s hard to imagine someone can lose the job for such an insignificant reason. Yet, this case has caused thousands of wrathful comments condemning HR’s demands and expressing this common idea, “Only a person itself has a right to decide what changes in appearance to make!”

Meanwhile, a famous British actress and comedian Dawn French has decided to join the grombre movement, saying: “It is just hair!” While she’s been wearing the iconic dark bob for years, that didn’t stop Dawn from playfully showing off her new hairstyle recently. The actress cut off the old color and claimed to start accepting her natural gray ‘do.

Styled by Michael Douglas, a well-known celebrity hairstylist, the new Dawn French hairstyle looks stunning and fabulous!

With such actions, celebrities prove there is no need to comply with someone’s opinion anymore, especially regarding a person’s appearance. There’s nothing wrong with aging, and gray hair can look really beautiful and stylish. Whether you want to cover your white locks, transition to gray or get some unicorn shades in your mane, it’s only your right to decide!

Image credit: Depositphotos

Not Camouflaging Gray Hair at Work Featured Story