Rainbow Roots Is the Most Epic Trend for 2018

Never before have hair color trends been so inventive, exciting and fun. From geode to gray tones to even rainbow hairit seems like the more color the merrier-and too much is never enough! Now the latest and greatest trend to hit the hair scene is none other than rainbow roots.

As you might have guessed, this fun look is all about bright, beautiful colors at the root that seamlessly blend in to your natural color or are hidden underneath for a colorful surprise. Due to its subtlety and versatility, rainbow roots hair has quickly topped the viral charts of hair color ideas. Now you can take the Instagram sensation and make it your reality in any way you choose!

How It Started

Not unlike unicorn and geode hair, the colorful trend was first picked up on a global scale via Instagram. The first to create the look was Blondies of Melbourne, an Australian salon that specializes in rainbow hair.

How To Wear It

Rainbow roots are unique since you’re able to choose exactly how much color you want to reveal and when. If you’re looking for a bolder approach to rainbow roots, you’ll want to dye all of them. For a softer, more discreet look just the inner layers of root will need dye.

How much color you want to show and when depends on how you style your hair. Try a cute side braid for just a pop of bold color or a french braid to really wow everyone.

If you’re not feeling too vibrant at all, just wear your hair down and let little pops of color peek through at different moments. This look is totally versatile and friendly and can even be made office-friendly.

Whether you want this look in a more temporary way, such as for a festival or for summer time or even if you just want to test out unicorn or geode hair in a small way, rainbow roots can work for you.

Getting The Look

Never before has an alternative to root concealers been so vibrant and innovative. You may ask yourself  how to get rid of gray hair or just have a little fun, and rainbow roots are an excellent alternative.

Achieving this look is relatively easy to do yourself, but the results might be better off if you decide to consult a professional hair stylist. Letting an expert at a salon handle this process will be beneficial and the color will last longer.

To start, pick out the color spectrum or colors you want to begin your root palette. We will get to choose the right color combination as a complement in the next section. To get a full range of fun and semi-permanent options if you’re not ready to fully commit, check out the punk innovators at Manic Panic for some seriously cool colors. Now it’s time to cover gray roots!

Any time you want your hair to absorb color, it’s best when it’s as light as possible. The stylists at Blondies of Melbourne began the innovative look by bleaching their model’s dark hair at the root so the vibrant colors could easily be absorbed.

Next, apply the layers of color. If you want your rainbow effect mostly concealed, leave the top layer of your hair out of the picture, free from bleach or dye. If you want all of your roots to be colorful, then give it a go!

After you have let the dye set, be sure to rinse thoroughly with cold water so the color doesn’t bleed into the remaining color of your hair. We want rainbows but not messy ones!

Choose The Right Colors

Finally, there are so many fun colors to choose from, but it’s a good idea to examine your natural or current hair color to decide what would look best.

While bright colors can suit nearly everyone, there are certain color combinations for hair colors that are more effective. On dark or silver hair, blues and purples work great.

Peach tones and pastels blend well with blonde or light hair. However, shocking contrast is pretty effective. Rainbow roots are a vibrant trend, after all!

While these colorful beginnings are gorgeous on long hair, rainbow roots are especially cool on short, cropped hair. There are simply dozens of short hair color ideas. If you want to try a really subtle way to rock rainbow roots, this should be some great inspiration.

The style looks unbelievably cool when hair is worn in a braid or awesome updo.

Don’t forget, rainbow roots are just as pretty with one bright color on the root as opposed to many! Pick a bold, bright color or something soft and easy. Whatever you choose, your rainbow roots will pop!

Maintain It

As with all colored hair, it’s best to take proper care so that the color lasts as long as possible and breakage and damage is minimal. First, invest in a good, salon-quality shampoo and conditioner. After your initial dye, a deep conditioning is best to lock in moisture and prep hair so damage can’t set in. Also, be sure to always rinse with cold water. Heat will only cause the color to fade while cool water keeps it locked in.

You may be wondering what rainbow roots look like a couple weeks or a month down the line, and as you can imagine it’s kind of weird! Rainbow roots are a great way to transition into a full rainbow or geode head of hair. If you’re ready to move on from rainbow roots after a month or two, your stylist can work to return your hair to its natural glory.

When it comes to hair coloring ideas, rainbow roots absolutely take the cake. They are fun, exciting and inspiring. While rainbow roots definitely aren’t for the shy gal, they can be worn in a discreet way that can suit just about anyone. Will you try out rainbow roots this season?