Personalized Shampoo Is the Most Popular Hair Care Trend

We all have our own version of hashtag hair goals, as well as our own personal battles with our hair that we deal with day-to-day. Maybe you have your hair routine and go-to products down to a science or can’t seem to get your hands on enough new products to experiment with in hopes of achieving your dream hair. Your dreams of attaining your best hair ever could be possible with the hair trend of personalized shampoo and conditioner that takes hair care customization to whole new level. Personalized hair care may have the ability to change the way we think about how we are treating our hair.

What Is Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner?

The company Function of Beauty is responsible for most of the buzz surrounding the trend of personalized hair care. The concept of a personalized hair care system is putting you, the consumer, in charge of creating your own tailored formula of shampoo and conditioner right down to the scent and color. With the company’s help and a few MIT alumni, the engineers applied their knowledge, technology and analysis to claim there is a potential to create 12 billion different formula combinations based on your unique hair needs. This gives users options to modify their formula each time if they wanted to in order to provide different protection and to strive for different goals such as color-treatment protection or lengthening.

To determine your personalized shampoo and conditioner formula, all you have to do is take a hair quiz to assess your hair type, personal hair goals and then personalize everything from the bottle packaging, fragrance and color of the product. All products are sulfate, paraben, toxin and cruelty-free. But, is it worth the hype?

Products like these could prove that customized beauty could be the way of the future. In the end, you ultimately have the power over your hair care products. There is an endless number of alternatives and approaches you can take to personalizing your shampoo and conditioner. Learning how to assess your hair in its truly natural state and understanding what it needs to be healthy will be the key to getting started.

Tips for Personalizing Your Shampoo

What is your hair type and what are its weaknesses? It can all come down to the ingredients in shampoo and conditioner that can help improve its overall health. Learn about the different ways to personalize your own shampoo and conditioner on your own based on an honest evaluation. Learn how to personalize your shampoo by gauging what your hair identifies with most.


The best dandruff shampoo provides moisture and soothes irritation and includes various active ingredients to help combat the side effects of flaking and improving the overall health of your hair and scalp.


Color-treated hair is prone to dryness and needs to be protected. Shampoo for colored hair should be gentle and moisturizing to protect the color, whether you’ve gone platinum blonde or brunette, don’t waste the money you’ve spent by choosing shampoo that will strip your color.

Oily Hair

A clarifying shampoo for oily hair — every so often it’s a smart idea to help get rid of buildup of product in your hair that could be weighing it down. Shampooing less in general is always ideal because your oil shafts won’t have to work overtime to help compensate for the stripping of natural hair oils when you over wash. Check main components of the best drugstore shampoos for oily hair.

Hair Loss

A mild sulfate-free shampoo will be ideal as the go-to shampoo for hair loss. Paired with rich moisturizing oils like Argan oil and Castor oil together with caffeine and vitamins such as Biotin as a formula to help promote hair growth and re-growth.

Homemade Shampoo

Using all-natural ingredients seems like a no-brainer. Some homemade shampoo you can make by using only four ingredients including essential oils, liquid castille soap and homemade coconut milk. However, the transition process may be the most difficult part when thinking about ditching your sudsy delicious smelling shampoo for a homemade formula. It can ultimately give your hair a break from the harsh chemicals and stripping of oils, color and strength that you lose from regular shampoo.

Hair Growth

Shampoo for hair growth typically includes ingredients that help to nourish, soothe and repair your scalp and hair with intense moisturizing with the help of oils, natural ingredients and products that are free from all harmful chemicals.

Silicone-Free Shampoo

This is an ideal option for every hair type because it is gentle. Silicones are added to shampoos to create that added shine to your hair but coat the true condition of your hair often leading to buildup of product being hard to remove. Going silicone-free will allow your natural moisture to keep your hair shafts and scalp nourished with natural oils.

No two heads of hair are the same. Personalized shampoo and conditioner is a hair care trend that will provide different results depending on the person, which is the whole point of the concept. Is it a risk? Maybe. Will it be worth it? It’s up to you! Hair care and hair behavior is a science in and of itself. A promising aspect of the personalized shampoo trend is taking note of paraben, sulfate and toxin-free ingredients; it is a promising practice to improve and change the way we take care of our hair. It will hopefully make personalized beauty an all-around increased trend!