A hair-salon worthy blowout without having to actually step foot outside sounds like a dream come true. It would save both time and money, and it would last for days. What if we told you that you can make this happen right in the comfort of your own home? All with the help of a hair-dryer brush that you can rely on day in and day out. Ready to make this dream come true? Find your match with the 7 best hair-dryer brushes we have found out there. [click to continue…]

We don’t often think of a connection between our period pain and what we’re lathering onto our scalp. However, our skin is a very absorbent organ, and what we massage into our scalp can be absorbed into our bloodstream. More than that, the fragrances and ingredients in our haircare routine that we inhale (like that giant gulp of hairspray you accidentally ate!) can enter our body and can have a negative impact on our hormone health. Considering that our hormones control our menstrual cycle, this can exaggerate period symptoms. [click to continue…]

Ever wonder how to get those Pinterest-worthy looks with your own hair? Looking for new ways to take your style to the next level? I know I always am. As an award-winning stylist and international styling educator, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite styling tricks and hacks from all over. Keep reading to find ways to step up your styling game and don’t forget to have fun! [click to continue…]

Are you searching for an easily maintainable and empowering look? Chin-length hairstyles are on-trend, and here are 30 incredible ideas to inspire you!

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Possibly the coolest comeback trend ever in 2020 will be the Return of the Perm. There is a definite buzz around what the modern perm can do for women wanting an exciting new look. As a specialist in the modern perm, I’m seeing a huge number of new clients come through the door for perm treatments. We’ve all heard the perm stories from the ’80s (some not so good!), but it’s now finally time for us to embrace a new generation of modern perms with beautiful results. [click to continue…]

As an idolizer of Parisian fashion, as well as vintage styles, it is really hard to never buy a new scarf. Every time I go vintage shopping, I always see unique scarves that I “need”. I have scarves in all kinds of sizes, patterns, colors and fabrics. But one might not really know what to do with an often very colorful and patterned piece of fabric. Therefore, in this article, I’ll demonstrate five different French-chic hair looks you can easily do yourself. [click to continue…]

Less than 2% of the population are redheads. Throughout history, they have been worshipped, idealized, fetishized, feared and condemned. We asked Rachael Gibson, a redhead historian, to point out the most intriguing moments in the history of ginger (another way to describe redheads) hair, as well as recommend some books, if you choose to investigate further. Whether you are a redhead, know a redhead, or are just an enthusiast, this article has you covered! [click to continue…]

Hyaluronic acid is no longer just for your face! It’s the next top hair-care ingredient promising fantastic results. We asked a world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist, Michele S. Green, M.D., what she thinks about the hyaluronic-acid trend that is rising in both drugstore and professional hair-care products. Is it just name-dropping or really the next big thing for damaged and dehydrated hair? Read on to find the answers! [click to continue…]

Most of us know that our hormones impact our energy, our mood and our skin (plus, so much more), but did you know our hormones also influence the health of our hair? In Chinese medicine, we say that the hair can be an extension and reflection of our internal health, and if we are paying attention, it can tell us a lot about what is going on internally, particularly with our hormones. Keep reading to understand the connection between your hair and hormones. [click to continue…]

Let’s face it. We’ve all experienced dry and damaged hair. Some of us are tired of store-bought products that only mask the problem, temporarily. What if I told you it’s easy to make your own hair products? It’s rewarding and saves you a lot of cash. Here are three natural DIY recipes for your curly hair! [click to continue…]