Have you ever wondered how celebrities and models get diamond-glossy hair on red carpets, music videos and even on “’I just woke up” Instagram pictures? Well, we all want that hair! As a professional stylist, I have some lucky finds in my arsenal. These products leave hair glossy, not greasy. Are you ready to try these game-changers? [click to continue…]

Infinity braided hair with metal rings can give the whole look a kind of audacity and defiance. Such a particular hair piercing and sophisticated braiding will definitely add some zest to your look. Infinity braids have become a new popular trend. Keep reading to see how to make an infinity braid and refresh your whole hair-styling routine! [click to continue…]

If you want to impress everyone at a party, just master the bubble braid pigtails! Want to look especially pretty for the first date? This hairdo is what you need! At first glance, the bubble braids seem to be complicated to create, but, in fact, they only look so. Let’s get down to a special tutorial we’ve created for you. [click to continue…]

Are you still washing your hair every day? If so, here is the ultimate guide on how to give up shampooing daily and why you actually should stop! Plus, there are many benefits that come along with “doin’ the dirty.” Keep reading to break the vicious cycle, with the help of a professional stylist! [click to continue…]

When there is no extra time, a multipurpose twisted-bun hairstyle is the best solution. This hairdo is easy to create, so you don’t need any help with it. You won’t have to comb your hair often; that’s why it is perfect even while you are playing sports. Here, we have created a special tutorial for you that will quickly help you learn how to create a beautiful and stylish twisted bun. [click to continue…]

The skin-care trend has reached its peak. Starting from the minimalist step to the 10-step skin-care routine. But don’t you think something is still missing? Yes, it is hair and scalp care! Caring for our scalp and hair are just as important as it is for our skin. Their fundamental steps are pretty much the same. Whether you’re looking for a basic routine or something extra, we got you covered! [click to continue…]

Want to learn how to make a stylish wrapped updo with a headband in just a few minutes? The advantage of this hairstyle is that it is easy to do without any help from others. Here we have described 7 quick steps that will enhance your everyday hair routine. [click to continue…]

The weather is turning cooler, and the days are getting shorter. It’s time to switch the summer wardrobe of bright colors and tank tops over to the muted hues, cozy sweaters, and cute boots of fall. But what about changing up your hair color? For everything from blonde to brunette and balayage to bold vivids, read on for your fall/winter hair color forecast. [click to continue…]

Have you ever come across a photo on Instagram or a gorgeous stranger in a head wrap and wonder, how did she do that? Well, we’re here to help demystify those fabulous looks. We’ve got 20 head-wrap how-to videos to show you that styling a head wrap is even easier than you think! [click to continue…]

Cannabis and its derivatives have officially made their grand appearance in the beauty industry, as well as in health-conscious communities. Miss Nevada Earth Taylor Nicole Burk is the first in American history to advocate for cannabis on an international pageant platform, Miss Earth USA. When you read her article, you’ll learn about the cannabis beauty space in America and the differences between hemp and CBD hair-care products. Also, there will be a list of the best-selling hair-care brands created on the wave of legalization. [click to continue…]