The Neon Hair Trend Is Wild, But We’re Loving It

Fiery red was spotted in Milan, neon orange was seen all over New York City, electric blue was majorly popular in London. Hair that lights up a room and glows in the dark brighter than our arm bands? Yes, the latest hair trend pulsating through the crowds is neon-glow-in-the-dark hair. From bubblegum pink to swamp-monster green, photographers have been capturing the rainbow on the streets after every Fashion Week and now it’s gone straight to Instagram.

Maybe you went through a major punk phase as a teen, coloring your hair in the brightest and craziest of colors. Or maybe you were too afraid to attempt it back then, and now you feel “too old” to try anything more than a simple ombre. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start. Either way, we’re telling you that this trend is still going strong and it’s totally appropriate for any age and style. Even Rihanna has done it and that has to mean something.

Neon Hair

This trend can make a really chic and bold statement if done correctly. The look is not the easiest to achieve, so it’s best to seek out a professional, especially if you want a real backlight glow. Master hairstylist, Guy Tang, is known for his unique and extravagant approach to hair color. He upped his game and presented glow-in-the-dark hair. Whether you want a tonal treatment, some vivid highlights, or you want to take the plunge and go for the all-over-color look, here are the best styles and techniques to try.

Neon Highlights

Highlights are an easy way to play with this trend temporarily. Add bright accents that compliment your natural hair color and enhance your skin tone. These are great for a bit of fun before they rinse out, especially during the summer, but they also pack a punch and make a fantastic statement without going overboard. If you’re thinking about going for all-over-color, this is a good way to try it out first.

The All-Over Color Look

So, you’ve tried out some highlights, fell in love, and now you’re ready to go full-fledged unicorn. We’ve got every look to inspire you, from all-over neon tones, to neon pixies, to flowing locks with neon-dipped ends. These ladies have really perfected the look. Remember, do not try to bleach and color your hair at home if you aren’t a professional.

#1: Orange & Pink Layers

This look involves long locks with plenty of layers. To achieve the lava lamp effect, hair is bleached and carefully dyed in sections. Loosely curled, brushed out pieces make the layers and the colors pop even more.

Sunset Inspired Long Layered Hair

Instagram / @guy_tang

#2: Bright Green Bob

What better way to make a bob stand out than with a crazy, bright hue? It’s grungy, simple, yet obviously unique. This look needs no layers or fuss, just straight hair, and the perfect green. The sleek cut makes the different shades of green stand out.

Vibrant Green Angled Bob

Instagram / @jaymz.marsters

#3: Rainbow Bright Layered Bob

The bob is one of the most popular hairstyles, but be prepared to stand out with this mega-pretty, rainbow-colored, layered lob. There’s no shortage of pinks, aqua blues, and greens in this look. Loosely curl the hair with a wand to achieve this style and let the colors speak for themselves.

Tousled Rainbow Colored Bob

Instagram / @hairgod_zito

#4: Neon Yellow Shag Cut

Embrace your inner grunge. This shag cut, featuring straight-across shaggy bangs, is both parts cool and edgy. Add an all-over color in neon yellow, a little texture with some hairspray, and you’ve got the desired grungy effect.

Yellow Medium Shag With Bangs

Instagram / @haileymahonehair

#5: Dark Neon and Long Layers

With dark purple, violet, and blue, this long layered look tones down the neon just a bit. The colors are added horizontally using a color melt technique. This is the perfect neon style to try if you are in a creative career field as it looks both parts trendy and chic.

#6: Purple Neon Bob Cut

The apple bob cut + bright purple = the perfect combination. If you look closely, there are neon bits of purple mixed in with a basic, flat purple. It’s vibrant, cute, and fun for this season and beyond.

Electric Purple Stacked Bob

Instagram / @hairbynoora

#7: Pretty Neon Braid

When it’s hot outside, we love to have our hair off of our faces. This look is trendy and practical. The neon pastels look even more beautiful and statement-worthy when pulled back into a long, messy braid.

Pastel Colored Braided Hairstyle

Instagram / @thehairstylish

#8: Half Electric, Half Black Lob

This is an extreme ombre in a totally different way. This blunt bang, long bob is half black and half electric, neon yellow. This is a crazy-cool look for the edgiest of girls. Plus, imagine how good this looks pulled back into a ponytail?

Half Yellow Half Black Blunt Bob

Instagram / @jaymz.marsters

#9: Neon Pixie Cut

We love ourselves a good pixie cut! This look is so fun for the summer. With a majority of the hair in pink, the blues, greens, yellows, and bit of red in the bang stand out in contrast.

Edgy Multi Colored Pixie Cut

Instagram / @kateloveshair

#10: Half Blue, Half Purple Hair

What better way to test out 2 different colors than to do a half-and-half look. The aqua blue and vibrant purple mesh perfectly together, creating a fun hairstyle that’ll look amazing in an updo as well.

Long Half Purple Half Aqua Blue Waves

Instagram / @hugosalon

As you can tell, there is no shortage of ways to play with the neon hair trend. Pixie cuts, French braids, braided ponytails and blunt bobs; everybody can find something that fits their style and individuality. Then add in a neon color to enhance it even more. This trend will surely be around a while longer and we can’t wait to see new ways to wear it!