Bed Time Habits and Flawless Morning Routine Tips

If there’s one thing we all wish we could buy more of, it would be time; especially in the morning when it comes to our beauty routine. Of course we all love the process of getting primped for fun occasions like going out with friends on the weekends but when it comes to the average day-to-day, most of us would rather spend the extra time in the morning sneaking in some extra shut eye rather than trying to tame our bedhead.

Fortunately, there are endless options to achieve easy, but still put-together looks in your sleep while saving you some serious time on your morning hair routine. You can incorporate some pre-bed time hair rituals that will help improve the health of your hair and create an easy style it at the same time. Let’s look into a few pre-bed time rituals to try that will make your morning routine faster and easier than ever. A simple touch up, and you’ll be out the door!

Bed Time Habits

Natural oils

We tend to reject the idea of adding more oil to our hair because we don’t want it to appear greasy. However, a little goes a long way with natural oils like 100% pure organic Argan, Moroccan, and Coconut, which are extremely beneficial to incorporate into your beauty routine.

The oils contain raw ingredients and vitamins that work to improve the overall moisture and shine to your hair. Natural oils are a solid investment because you typically only need a few drops for each use.

coconut oil

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Add a drop or two into your hands and smooth into the ends of your hair to help heal and prevent split ends as well as tame frizz and flyaways.

For a deeper moisturizing hair treatment, massage the oil into your scalp and continue to work into the the rest of your hair. Let it soak in your hair overnight to allow the oil to penetrate, helping to mend a dry scalp and repair dry hair. Make sure you make the time to wash your hair thoroughly the next day.

Lay off the Hot Tools and Embrace Classic Braids

Attain an effortless and natural wave in your sleep by simply french or fishtail braiding your hair before bed, then just finger comb out the braid the next morning. Depending on the type of braid, you will experience a variance in wave so it takes a bit of trial and error depending on your hair type to master the specific type of tight of looser wave you want to achieve.

fishtail braid

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If you want more structured waves that will hold, mist some texturizing wave-enhancing spray on your braids, especially if your hair isn’t naturally wavy to begin with. If the product you’re using lists sea salt as an ingredient, use it sparingly because it can severely dry out your hair with repeated use, especially when combined with hot tools.

Let Those Locks Breathe

Your hair deserves some rest just like the rest of your body. We put it through enough abuse each day with the constant use of hot tools and unnecessary breakage caused from ponytail elastics.

You can avoid breakage by skipping the tight bun or ponytail when hitting the sheets and use old-school scrunchies or plastic claw clips instead. It is ideal to keep your hair out of your face while sleeping to avoid oil and dirt that can spread onto your pillowcase and face, causing breakouts.

Use a small to medium sized plastic claw clip, depending on your hair thickness, to hold back your hair while sleeping. To avoid flat hair in the morning and achieve a voluminous, perky look, clip up hair into a high, half ponytail near the crown of your head and secure with a plastic claw clip. Plastic clips are ideal because they don’t leave behind any kind of ponytail dent. Score!

Flawless Morning Hairstyle Tips

Messy Low Bun

This look is all about doing a little hand styling and embracing the imperfect look with the help of some smoothing cream or light hairspray to structure hair into a simple low bun. Pull out some face framing strands for a more undone look.

messy low bun

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Severe Part with Waves

For an instant change, try making your part a few inches farther than normal. Add some volume by spritzing some texturizing spray or your favorite hair spray and scrunch through your hair.

wavy hair with side part

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Dry Shampoo

It’s no secret in the beauty world that dry shampoo is your ultimate beauty weapon when you’ve skipped a hair wash. The real trick is finding the right formula for your hair that doesn’t make your hair appear dull and lifeless. Make sure to follow directions and allow enough time for the powder to soak up the oil before combing it out.

dry shampoo

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In the end, it’s truly all about experimentation. The outcome of your hair and products can often be unpredictable, so it may take time to find the most effective go-to hair shortcut and ritual that you like and that is best for your hair type.