The Practical Magic of Mood Ring Hair

Remember the coveted mood ring back in the day? Well, now that same magic can be captured in a color-changing hair dye thanks to fashion designer and chemist Lauren Bowker.

Spearheading the creative collective called The Unseen, Bowker aligns with the principals stated on their website for investigating and stepping beyond a typical sensory experience. The company believes in fusing scientific study with creativity to enhance matter.

With shade-shifting purses already under her belt, Lauren looked to the 90’s cult favorite film The Craft for some practical style magic. Drawing inspiration from a scene in which a movie character seamlessly switches to blonde from brunette—the seed was planted.

The designer brainstormed with her team over seven different semi-permanent hair dyes reacting uniquely to temperatures both radiating off the body and sourced from the outside environment. Much like a bigger mood ring, these semi-permanent hair dyes give away emotions such as excitement or embarrassment – feelings that trigger a spike in body temperature. So, you might not necessarily want your crush to notice your discomfort when you walk in the room—or maybe the head turning capabilities of your color changing hair can be used for good.

Launched at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Storm Models, dubbed the “FIRE” dye. It is the first in the world for color changing hair dye of its kind. Responding to fluctuations in temperature, the various shades range from bright reds to subtle pastels. The semi-permanent spell casting shades last over a few washes.

Just like the CG effects behind your favorite fictional characters, weather factors into the look of your locks. In an icy environment, blonde hair changes to blue so you can be just like Sailor Mercury.

Though much like mood rings, magic isn’t technically responsible—the wonder remains. Founder Lauren Bowker wants to demonstrate and foster that wonder of applied science to young girls.

If you’re sold on this and scanning for info on where to nab this new sci-fi trend—it isn’t available quite yet. The Unseen is still working out who to best partner with on the cosmetic company side.

In the meantime, Lauren wants to get the word out and inspire others to let them know that amazing feats are possible thanks to modern alchemy. Now there’s a beauty trend with meaning. Hopefully, soon enough the hocus pocus for your hair will be widely available, but until then, she invites visitors to the site to see the magic in the unseen world all around us.