Models’ Hair Care Routine Inside Out: A Personal Story

Being a model is definitely an adventure that allows for constant travel, change and versatile styles. The same can be said for models’ hair, too! I’ve been a model full-time for the past 9 years now and while I can say it’s an exciting career-it has its pros and cons when it comes to the toll it takes on my hair. Constant styling can be super damaging, but working with creative professionals who get their hands on the best products in the world isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Below I’m going to share with you the truth about the industry when it comes to hair and give the low-down on my favorite products and routines!

Getting ‘The Look’

If I’m being totally honest, models don’t really get much say in how their hair looks. When I was signed to my first agency in New York City, they gave me a ‘look’ (something they do with all girls). Your hair is absolutely part of that look, so some girls have to cut hair into bangs. Or dye it a completely different color or even shave it all off. Fortunately for me, the agency was happy with my long, blonde hair and just had me brighten up my highlights.

Damage Control

As one can imagine, constant styling on a daily basis can do damage to anyone’s hair. Some days I’m lucky and they style my hair pretty naturally, like this…

or they will even let me wear a wig…

…but other days, I have to look like this…

…or even this!

As you can see, my hair has been through a lot and it’s really common for models to experience hair loss and weak, damaged locks. In order to combat this damage, I am very adamant about trimming my hair regularly and using deep conditioning masks on a regular basis. It’s also very important to wash out excessive products immediately after a shoot, as most of these products do nothing but dry out hair causing evil split ends! Even if you’ve had your hair done for a wedding or a big night out, have a shower when you get home or first thing in the morning.

If you’ve had backcombing done to your hair or you’ve done it yourself, I don’t recommend ripping through it with a brush later on. If this has been done to my hair, I wet my hair and coat with a deep conditioner and let it set a few minutes. Then, with a wide-toothed comb, I’ll delicately untangle the knots, adding more conditioner if needed. After, I wash and condition again as normal.

Professional Advice

The combing through process has been some of the best advice I’ve received from stylists. Also, less is oftentimes more when it comes to products. Some of the best stylists I’ve ever worked with rely less on product and more on their technique and strokes with a brush. If you enjoy doing your own hair, practice makes perfect and I’m sure you will find that your skill is more important than covering your scalp with spray and gunk.

And, as always, it’s essential to be as gentle as possible on your hair! Never rip through it or treat it roughly. It’s all the hair you have!

My Personal Routine

Most of my model friends and I have learned that on your days off, let your hair just be natural! The cool part of modeling is the fact that most clients want to see your natural look and that ‘different’ or ‘special’ is not only embraced but encouraged in such a competitive field. If a model’s hair has a natural curl or a messy, effortless look, that style is preferred. This is fortunate for giving us a break when we aren’t shooting but instead just attending castings.

Because of this, I do as little to my hair as possible on a regular basis. I shocked my sister when she came to visit me last year and she asked to borrow my hair dryer only to discover I don’t own one! I also try to keep my washing to a minimum, too. I’ll always wash after a shoot, but on days off, I’m washing just two or three times a week with a color treated shampoo like Redken. Because I’m a blonde with color-damaged hair, I always use Redken’s fortifying mask as a conditioner. It never weighs my hair down or leaves a greasy feeling. After showering, I immediately apply my favorite oil from Keratase and comb through with a wide-toothed comb from the bottom up. This oil is expensive and will set you back $40, but this huge bottle lasts me 2 in a half years!

Finally, I let my hair dry naturally because it thankfully dries straight! I am also sure to get the nasty, dead ends trimmed every 8 weeks and this keeps my hair thick and full. Because I get highlights every 3 or 4 months, I am always sure to do my Redken mask as a treatment or sleep with coconut oil on my hair and wash it out in the morning. Every 3 or 4 washes, I also use a purple shampoo as a toner to keep my hair from getting brassy, something I just started doing after doing research for this piece!

The Best Products

For years, the holy grail of hairsprays beloved by all stylists was L’Oreal Elnett. In recent years, other sprays have garnered attention and I have to say, Oribe is the new go-to for excellent sprays.

For dry shampoos, I love to use Batiste to give my hair an extra day if needed so I don’t have to wash it as often. Other brands are great, this is just my personal favorite.

Lastly, Bumble and Bumble make some of the best products in the game and their thickening spray gives flat hair life! It’s excellent to spray at the root of damp hair for great lift, especially before a blow-out.

And that, ladies, is my ultimate hair routine! It’s easy to take special care of my hair as a model, but it’s something every woman should focus on to give her hair the TLC it deserves!