The Cutest Matching Parent-Child Hairstyles

At some time or another, kids stop thinking that their parents are cool. But, until then, matching hairstyles are just about the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen! Here are a few of the sweetest styles for you and your little one.

Matching Parent-Child Hairstyles

Today’s fashion acknowledges no age-appropriate hairstyles. It’s more about what flatters you and brings out your personality. To go together with your kid to a salon is pleasure and fun, and, of course, they’ll love a hairstyle like yours, because little girls and boys love to play copycat. Let them and enjoy the fun of sharing things like hairstyles and outfits. Our ideas will inspire you!

#1: Get the Accessories

One of the easiest ways to match with your mini-me is by simply purchasing a couple of the same hair accessories. Whether it’s the same head-band or matching scrunchies, a couple of bold bows or some subtle hair clips, you will immediately stand out as an adorable duo.

If you’re still not quite sure about wearing girly accessories yourself, you can always find different accessories in the same color, which can look just as good!

#2: Beautiful Cornrows

One of the most important elements of hairstyles for kids is that they are play-, prod- and pull-proof. You don’t want to spend hours on a beautiful hairstyle only for it to fall out within a matter of minutes at the playground.

Taught braids and neat cornrows are two great styles for keeping kids’ locks neat and tidy, and they can look great on grown-ups too. If you’re particularly skilled, you can even work some interesting shapes or patterns into your braids to make your matching looks even more noticeable.

#3: A Dash of Color

There’s no need to damage your children’s hair as there are plenty of options without harsh chemicals. Our personal favorite is hair chalk, a cheap non-permanent option that’s great for kids and parents alike. It works best on light hair, but it’s still fun to use for kids with any hair type. We must admit, the look is not particularly sophisticated for adults, but coloring in each other’s hair is a great parent-child activity!

If your kids are a little older, semi-permanent hair dyes can create a good look for the summer holidays, and if they’re very young, try some colorful clip-in hair braids.

#4: Girls and Curls

For those who don’t have naturally curly hair, trying out matching curls can be great fun for a special occasion. There’s no need to drop your beauty standards as you can use your usual curling wand for yourself, and apply a less damaging technique for your little one.

We recommend simply plaiting your little one’s damp hair before bed for wavy locks, or wrap their hair around strips of material for ‘rag curls’, both of which look great and require no heat!

#5: Fishtail Friends

The fishtail braid is one of our favorite hairstyles for any age. It’s a little more exciting than your average plait and not too hard to master with a bit of practice.

#6: Keep It Simple

Having matching hair doesn’t mean you have to look like part of the Brady Bunch, a subtle style can look just as good.

Whether you choose the same hair length or you both boast sleek ponytails on the same day, you can enjoy matching without going over-the-top. Keeping it simple is particularly perfect for kids who are ten going on twenty, and they’re not as proud to match their parent anymore!

#7: Like Father Like Son

It’s not only moms that can enjoy matching hairstyles with their children, dads can get in on the fun too.

Little boys are often proud to be ‘just like Dad’ in any way they can, and a shared style as simple as ‘short back and sides’ can make them feel on top of the world. No complicated planning or styling is necessary; a trip to the hairdressers together can be all it takes.

#8: Forget the Gender Boundaries!

You don’t even have to be the same gender to pull off a great matching look. Moms and sons, and fathers and daughters, can have just as much fun sharing the same look.

There’s a plenty of beautiful short styles for women and cool long looks for men, so why not make the most of them? We like big curly hair on mothers and sons, and ‘dad buns’ for dads who want to match their daughters.

#9: Braided Fun for the Whole Family

Do you know what’s cuter than a parent and child with matching hair? A parent and two children with matching hair! (Or three, or four, or five…)

It’s common to see siblings with matching hairstyles, but you don’t often see the whole family donning the same look. But, in our opinion, every extra family member makes it 10x cuter.

Moms and dads have heard it many times before: kids grow up fast! How you make the most of the younger years is up to you, but you’ve got to admit there are not many things as adorable as matching hairdos.

Whatever your style, age or gender, show off your little one with a hairstyle that both of you love. Or, if you’ve got a good sense of humor, pick one that you’ll both giggle about when you look back at the photos in the future!