Marble Hair Is the Latest Technique You Need to Try

Remember those mesmerizing marble nail art videos we were all obsessed with? Nail artists would drop different colors of nail polish into water, mix it around and dip the nails into the water. Well, hairstylists are now using the same technique used on nails to create amazing marble patterns for their clients’ hair. The trend is taking over Instagram feeds and it’s not surprising that the look is receiving so much attention. It’s truly hypnotic! The dye looks like it was effortlessly swirled onto your hair, and the colors are remarkably vibrant.

The Creator of Hair Marbling

Like all of us, Virginia-based hairstylist Ash Fortis was enchanted by marble nail art videos. However, she had the amazing idea to apply a similar concept to hair, creating the new marble hair dye phenomenon. You can tell that Ash is no stranger to brightly colored hair and unique coloring styles (just scroll through her Instagram feed). She has used her knack for creative color incorporating this innovative technique.

Angled Marble Bob

Instagram / @xostylistxo

The Inspiration

Hair stylists were inspired by those popular nail art videos where the color was swirled and swirled until the marbled effect was perfect. Every nail turned out different but the final look was still beautiful to look at. This technique is also reminiscent of tie-dying T-shirts. Every shirt turned out differently-there were a variety of designs and color combinations each time. The best thing about this technique is that it is completely customizable. You can choose your colors and your swirl. Brightly colored hair has been trendy this year but the marble-esque finish of this look is what sets this style apart from the mermaid and unicorn trends that preceded it.

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The Technique

In order to create this look, hairstylists take shaving cream and place it on mesh strips. Various shades of bright hair dye are then added on top of the shaving cream. What comes next?

Ash swirls the colors in a figure-8 motion until the perfect marble pattern is created on the strip. After that, small sections of hair are pressed onto the strips and covered with clear plastic. After the dye settles it is rinsed out of the hair and the only thing left is a beautifully marbled pattern on the client’s locks.

It sounds complicated, but it’s as simple as dyeing Easter eggs! Because there is no specific pattern in which to mix the colors, each marble hair dye session comes out completely different and totally unique to that specific client.

Marbled Hairstyles That You Can Try

If Ash’s technique has inspired you, you can go to your own stylist and ask for a similar look. The great (and sometimes scary) thing about marbled hair is that it never comes out the same, so you can be sure that your marble texture is completely unique to just your hair.

#1: Subtle Marble

Ask your stylist for subtle purples, pinks and greens to create the perfect summery look, without having to worry about the color coming out too vibrant.

Silver Hair With Blue And Purple Streaks

Instagram / @melissa4hair

#2: All Pastel

This look is more true to the original technique, using a wide spectrum of colors with high vibrancy. You can easily see the different layers and swirls of color. Love these colors? Check out these rainbow pastel colors for even more inspiration.

Long Hair With Confetti Coloring

Instagram / @eyeswideshuthair

#3: Faded In

This look is a combination of mermaid hair with marbled hair. The subtle fade-in of the pastel green and purple give it the mermaid feel but the light swirls of color at the top have hints of the marble texture that we have seen previously.

Long Hair With Subtle Pastel Colors

Instagram / @brookshair

#4: Monotone

If bright colors really don’t fit your style, you can go the more neutral route and try this monotone grey color. Ask your stylist for silvery blonde color as a base and then layer over a light grey in the marbling technique. The result is this cool pattern that looks worthy of a priceless marble column.

Platinum Blonde Lob With Marble Effect

Instagram / @untamedinstinct

#5: Pink Undertones

Is your motto: “Pretty in Pink”? Lucky for you, marbled hair works wonders with any color imaginable (even pink!). Your stylists can layer various dyes with pink undertones, and if you wish, you can add in some complementary colors like green or red to give the marbled texture even more dimension.

Extra Short Marbled Hairstyle

Instagram / @adambrowneuk

#6: Barely-There Marble

Another subtle look is this marbled style. It adds just the right amount of pastel pink, green and purple into your hair without being too dramatically vibrant. Pairing the light marble colors with the short, textured bob gives this style a futuristic space-age feel. Another plus to this faded color? Any marbled technique mess-ups won’t be as noticeable due to the style’s light pastel colors.

Disheveled Pastel Bob

Instagram / @bhairdressing

#7: Rainbow Marble

This style is the perfect way to combine the rainbow hair phenomenon with this new marbled hair trend. By bringing these two techniques together, you get the bright rainbow colors all while still being able to see your base color due to the marble swirl. Have your stylists mix every color of the rainbow in the figure-8 motion and you’ve got the best of both worlds: marbled rainbow hair.

Grey Hair With Rainbow Coloring

Instagram / @adambrowneuk

Over the past couple of years, popular hair trends have featured bright mixes of color: everything from pastel ombré to mermaid hair. Marble hair is no exception. Additionally, this new marble hair technique is proof that all beauty trends have the ability to eventually overlap. What started as a nail polish craze on Instagram is quickly becoming wildly popular in the hair department as well (thanks to hairstylist Ash Fortis). So, if you’re in need of some self-expression, try out the completely customizable marbled hair trend and make your hair your own!