Top Five Low Maintenance Haircuts for 2017

If you don’t have the luxury of time (or patience) to spend hours styling your hair each day then choosing a low maintenance haircut is going to be ideal. Some cuts just wash and go more effectively than others. But of course, you still want it to look good. Here are some on trend haircuts for this year that are also low maintenance and easy to work with.

The Lob

The Lob always seems to be in style and for good reason. The lob, or long bob, falls anywhere from just above the shoulders to just below. It’s technically a shorter do but isn’t completely missing the length. The area that the cut falls on the neck looks great as a tousled cut, which means that styling is a breeze. Instead of having this haircut blunt cut across the bottom, ask your hairstylist to give you some movement in the ends. That way it will look just as good whether it’s pin straight or air dried in the car on your way into work.

Long Layers

No matter what length you like to wear your hair, the lowest maintenance style is always going to be something with some movement. Shorter layers can fall flat if they aren’t properly styled with the right amount of volume, but long layers are more likely to create some volume and movement at the ends of the hair where most of us need it. Cutting long layers into the hair is a great way to provide the movement without going too short, which is ideal for thicker hair that has a tendency to get puffy and frizzy if it’s too short.

Blunt Bob

If you have fine hair, going for a blunt bob can actually be a low maintenance style. The thing is that while thick hair tends to be more manageable with layers, shorter hair can appear too flat with too much of the bulk cut away. Blunt ends can therefore create the illusion of fullness. Since thin hair doesn’t tend to be as frizzy as thicker hair, all it requires is a quick blow dry with some styling products to lay flat and look done.

Tousled Pixie Cut

The tousled pixie cut is an extremely low maintenance cut if you’re open to having short hair. This cut generally looks best on hair that has some natural wave to it so that it holds the texture better. The nice thing about short hair is that it dries in no time so you’ll never be stuck holding that hair dryer for too long as a part of your getting ready process. All you really need to do is run some styling cream through it and style the hair to your liking and then you’re set for the day.

A Shag Cut

Shags are essentially haircuts with a ton of layers. They can look outdated if done wrong, but done right they can look super playful and give off that rock star vibe. The good thing about shags is that they can work on any type of hair. Thicker curly hair may require use of some controlling products to keep flyways in check, while thinner straighter hair can pump up the volume with some beach hair styling products. The look is a playful one which means it’s intended to look a bit disheveled. It doesn’t work for everyone’s personality, but if you enjoy leaving people guessing about why your hair looks slightly messy then it can be the ideal look for you.