10 Lazy Winter Hairstyles

The cold weather always seems to slow everything down for us. From getting out of bed to getting dressed—simplicity is a must during this time, especially when styling our hair. Keep it easy as 1, 2, 3 with hairstyles that are made for lounging around in.

#1: Messy Side Braid

Tossed to the side is as simple as it can get with this braided style. Just run your fingers through your locks and feel free to add a spritz of textured spray for extra dimension. Then flip your hair to one side and get to braiding. Now, remember we’re not aiming for perfection; so if a few strands are out, that’s completely okay. Once the braid is done, tug on it a little to boost its volume and pull out some more strands if you wish too.

messy side braid for layered hair

#2: Top Knot

We know that you probably turn to this style at least once a week—so it’s safe to say that it is totally an oldie, but goodie. For a top knot that has a little extra “puff,” flip your head upside down and gather all of your hair. Take your scrunchie and create it while upside down, then flip back up with a topknot that is as fluffy as ever.

#3: Tousled Waves

You know those days where you get out of bed and have the perfect disheveled hair? That’s exactly what we’re aiming for here. Shake out your locks and grab your curling wand for a quick style that you’re sure to love. Turn your curling iron to a medium setting and add soft waves to a few pieces in your hair; changing the direction of each one you curl. Some will go to the left, others to the right. After you have curled those random pieces, run a brush softly through them and add a bit of coconut oil for a cute “I-woke-up-like-this” look.

medium length messy layered hairstyle

#4: Half Bun, Half Down

Spotted on some of our favorites like Ariana Grande and Vanessa Hudgens, this bohemian inspired hairstyle quickly became a trend that we are die-hard fans of. All you need to do is section out the top layer of your hair and toss it into a top knot or messy bun. Wave the bottom half or leave it natural for a quick ‘do that’ll look as if you worked on it more than five minutes.

#5: Boxer Braids

No need to be in the ring to sport these. Show your sporty side with boxer braids that you can wear for more than one day. Section your hair down the middle and tightly braid two inverted plaits. You can choose any braid of your liking to do this as well—from fishtail to basic. Afterwards you can also “pancake” it out for a little bit more of a messy, non-messy style.

two Dutch braids hairstyle

#6: Twisted Do’s

The front pieces of our hair, whether they are bangs that are growing out or not, always seem to somehow get in the way. Keep them out of your face while watching your favorite Netflix shows by twisting them back. Just grab each side and twist them tightly; then pin the ends into place. Leave the rest of your hair out and go about your lazy-day routine with ease.

#7: Bun Duo

If Minnie Mouse was a person, we’re positive that she would create this hairstyle every single day. Often seen as the Princess Leia too, it’s one of the cutest girly looks we’ve seen. Section your hair into two parts and then style them into two buns, as you would normally do one. You’ll be left with an adorable bun duo that is sure to make you smile whenever you catch yourself in the mirror.

two pastel pink buns with bangs

#8: Braids All Around

Do you usually let your hair do its own thing? That’s completely okay! Allow it to flourish and be free with a few details that’ll go along with your carefree vibe. Braid small or large sections of your hair in different places creating an effortless, fun look that you can even do on your girlfriends.

#9: Head Wrap

If messing with your hair just isn’t your thing at the moment, we’ve got the thing for you. A head wrap is exactly what it sounds like—a hair accessory that wraps around your head. But when in a trendy print or pretty hue, it can easily be a statement piece. Grab your wrap of choice, wrap it around your head and tie. For your hair that is hanging loose, we recommend tossing it into an updo to compliment what you’re rocking.

African American head wrap idea

#10: Pixie Puffs

Add a dainty and feminine touch to your natural hair with two little buns on top and faux flowers. Grab two small sections of your hair and twist them into small buns. Secure with bobby pins and then slide faux flowers into the center of each bun for an extraordinary-in-the-ordinary style.

If you’re all about the cozy vibes this season, we are right there with you. Kick back and relax with hairstyles that won’t take much time or effort out of your “lazy” moments.