Kylie Jenner’s Best Hair Moments

Nineteen-year-old Kylie Jenner has quickly established herself in the world of fashion and beauty with the help of the Kendall + Kylie clothing line for the brand PacSun and her own cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics. She’s also not afraid to push boundaries with her own personal style and has tried some daring hair looks we love. Here are seventeen of her best hair moments.

#1: Blown-Out Blonde

Kylie Jenner normally rocks a platinum blonde, but when she takes a break from dark hair we just can’t argue. She sports this blown-out blonde that’s balayaged with a few warmer hues around her face, and we must admit the tone and the volume paired with that dark red lipstick give this style a ‘90s glam appeal that we love.

#2: Long, Lovely Layers

Kylie’s long dark locks are given dimension with subtle, sculpted waves and long layers that frame her face. While she’s also rocking extensions in this picture, the part centered slightly to the right gives her hair some extra volume.

#3: Pretty in Pink

Kylie rocked a subtle pastel pink over her platinum blonde locks. She perfected the look by pairing the style with peachy pink makeup, which perfectly complimented the bubblegum hue.

#4: Mile-Long Waves

There’s something about this hair moment that seems perfectly casual—although we’re sure it took a lot of work to get there. While Kylie is rocking extensions to create thicker mile-long waves; the tousled look makes her seem ready for a relaxed day at the beach.

#5: Simple Topknot

Sometimes even Kylie Jenner doesn’t have time to spend styling her hair, but she knows the topknot is the way to go to create a fun, simple look in seconds. This style paired with her heavily embroidered jacket and skirt make the topknot choice a great way to balance the rest of her outfit.

#6: Platinum Blonde Bob

Kylie switched up her normally dark locks for an ashy platinum blonde bob in one of our favorite hair moments. She keeps the look trendy by wearing The Royal Peach Palette from her cosmetic line, lightening her brows and keeping the style sleek and simple. Kylie didn’t rock this look for long, but it was a fun change while it lasted.

#7: Long Platinum Locks

This photo promoting The Kylie Shop shows off Jenner’s long platinum locks. Kylie rocks this look by keeping her eyebrows and roots dark and her hair toned, adding to the grunge look. It’s a big change from the chic platinum bob, but it shows Kylie knows how to rock blonde in a variety of ways.

#8: Jewel Tones

Kylie rocked one of the most popular hair color trends of the previous yesr with this ruby red jewel-toned look to promote her Valentine’s Day collection for Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie definitely isn’t afraid to match makeup with her hair color; and the lipstick, eye shadow and hair complement each other to make an even bigger impact than the jewel-toned locks could make on their own.

#9: Beautiful Braids

This Kylie Jenner hair moment is giving us serious inspiration for the summer months ahead. Kylie keeps her hair in check while swimming with two lovely French braids. The braids not only look great after a swim, but there’s also no need to worry about tangles after getting out of the water.

#10: Sporty and Chic

Kylie Jenner rocks a long, chic ponytail as for a Puma advertisement. When you’re working out, the last thing you want are flyaway hairs in your face. That’s why Kylie’s slicked back, chic workout style keeps hair out of the way.

#11: Kim K. Look-Alike Competition

Kylie’s long black center-parted hair is giving us serious Kim Kardashian vibes, but add the tan strapless bandage dress and she’s almost an exact replica of her big sister. Kylie manages to make the look her own by opting for slightly wavier hair at the bottom but keeps the top sleek and chic.

#12: Chic Black Bob

Kylie Jenner’s current hairstyle looks healthier than ever thanks to a long, blunt bob cut. This cut shows off her hair’s natural shine and looks instantly voluminous and chic. Kylie can definitely rock extensions, but we also love this lower maintenance, more natural look.

#13: Daring Mint Green

This pastel mint green look by Tokyo Stylez was definitely one of Kylie Jenner’s most daring hair moments. This pastel color speaks for itself so to keep it simple they kept the hip grazing locks straightened and parted in the center. We also love that her hair is given center stage with a simple, chic two-piece white dress.

#14: I Woke Up Like This

This all-natural look is a huge departure from the usually polished Kylie Jenner style. While her hair is unstyled in this photo, we love seeing her natural hair texture and shoulder-grazing length. The photo also goes to show that her brows are perfectly sculpted pre-makeup. Plus, we can’t get enough of her adorable freckles.

#15: The Sculpted Lob

Kylie Jenner’s lob, or long bob is seriously Old Hollywood glam. The red lips, smoky eye and sculpted curls with a deep side part make Jenner look like she just stepped off the set of a film noir.

#16: Chin-Length Bob

Kylie Jenner normally picks daring hair styles but sometimes less is more. This totally sophisticated chin-length bob is as appropriate on the red carpet as it is for the office. We love this look because it’s totally achievable for those of us who don’t own cosmetic companies and clothing lines. Of course, we might not all be able to pull off a silver jumpsuit in our daily lives.

#17: Rainbow Pastel Braids

Kyle Jenner briefly rocked these carefully dyed rainbow pastel locks, and we couldn’t be more in awe of her hair choice. The shades of bubblegum pink fading into pastel purple, baby blue, mint green and yellow is without a doubt one of Kylie’s most difficult looks to copy, but at least we can rock the braids.

Little Miss Jenner is a chameleon of a celebrity world. She’s not scared experimenting with her look moving form dark blue to peachy pink hair colors, form long locks to a classy bob. But whatever she does, be sure, that’s the next trend.

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