Jessica Alba’s Exciting Hair Evolution in the Most Remarkable Looks

Jessica Alba’s Hairstyles are so influential that she even has her own hair hashtag on Instagram. This girl knows how to rock a variety of looks and roles–can we blame her for flaunting her luscious locks all across social media? We’re going to talk a look at our favorite leading lady’s hair evolution, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous you may want to try these looks out yourself!

#1: Jessica Alba Goes Ruby Red (2001)

It’s hard to remember a time where Jessica Alba had anything but brown hair but in early 2000 she rocked a ruby-red shade. She even commented that the color made her feel “like a rock star”, and we’re wondering when she’ll go back to that bold red hair.

#2: Honey Highlights (2003)

Jessica Alba took her role in the film Honey quite literally as she wore these sweet honey-colored highlights at the movie premiere.

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#3: Deep Auburn Hue (2004)

Jessica never strays from a challenge–a color challenge, that is. After she finished her work on the film Sin City she sported a deep auburn tone that we couldn’t get enough of. It’s the perfect tone for the upcoming fall season. Add some side swept bangs and you’ll look just as stunning.

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#4: Dark Hair and Side Swept Bangs (2004)

This pretty color with face-framing side swept bangs put Jessica Alba on the hot list in Hollywood. She made sure to keep her long locks tame and yet natural with this color.

#5: Golden Blonde (2005)

We think that Jessica Alba was calling out to a past Hollywood Starlet with this Marilyn Monroe style. She looked stunning with her golden blonde locks and short hair done in perfectly formed tight ringlets.

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#6: Blonde Bob (2005)

The Sin City star had her fans envious over her pretty blonde bob–we’re sure that this became the number one asked for haircut after seeing how incredible it looked on Jessica Alba. The curled under pieces made the star’s look even more beautiful–in a casual “I woke up like this” way.

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#7: Caramel Highlights (2007)

All the credit should go to Jessica Alba’s stylist Robert Ramos because this is the quintessential look that we think of when we think of Jessica Alba. Her caramel highlights dramatically accentuate her pretty skin and the curls make it feel like we’re looking at her natural hair color.

#8: Long Layers (2007)

Jessica Alba wore her hair in stunning long layers that framed her face naturally. Her stylist curled some pieces to give her that Farrah Fawcett feathered look and she was rocking that an entire year with her luscious locks.

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#9: Braided Updo (2008)

The Love Guru queen of Hollywood wore a pretty braided updo for the academy awards. If you want to rock a braided crown like your favorite star check out this easy tutorial for some great tips!

#10: The Lob (2009)

Even Jessica Alba couldn’t escape the lob’s popularity–it’s just so easy to wear and it’s a no fuss style. This was also just after she gave birth to her first child Honor Marie so we loved this simple, yet chic look for the new mom.

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#11: Layered Bob (2010)

This layered bob gave Jessica Alba a bit more of a modern twist to her usual style–it looked more piecey and edgy and that was exactly what her stylist Robert Ramos was going for.

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#12: Relaxed Waves (2011)

Jessica Alba sports relaxed waves and a medium-length style that we can all get behind–if you’re looking for a look that will be easy to manage and look great you can’t go wrong with this look! If you need a little inspiration check out our guide with ideas how to make beach waves with a flat iron.

#13: Hollywood Starlet Waves (2012)

Not even a year later, Alba rocked these sleek and shiny Hollywood starlet waves at the Costume Institute Gala. She looked polished, put together and ready to take on the world–the bold red lipstick definitely added to that classic Hollywood style.

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#14: Side Ponytail (2012)

Jessica Alba knows when to play up her hairstyle and when to keep it simple–that’s why we completely love this chic low ponytail. If it’s easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time and effort than we can completely agree that this is the look for us.

#15: Ombre Style (2013)

This easy to work with style is a perfect go-to for busy working women–especially for Jessica Alba who was at the forefront of the look. It’s ridiculously low maintenance and there’s an endless choice of colors; the best part is you don’t have to decide on just one!

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#16: High Textured Pony (2014)

Sometimes a girl needs a break from coloring and styling, even if that girl has one of the world’s best hair stylists. Jessica Alba rocked an edgy ponytail with plenty of texture and a section that was braided and wrapped around to make it look effortless and chic–we can get behind that lazy girl hair trick.

#17: Short Hair Flip (2015)

We definitely wanted to flip over this effortless look that Jessica Alba made popular. She cut her hair short and added a slight flip to the ends giving us a modern day twist to the popular look of the 60’s–it was of course less understated but still very much appreciated.

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#18: Messy Updo (2015)

Sometimes our hair just doesn’t cooperate–it’s prone to tangles, frizz and fly-aways and when that happens we’ve got to put on our best face and let our hair do it’s own thing. Jessica Alba wore this messy updo style with confidence and so can you! Check out this guide for style tips on how to perfect the messy updo.

#19: Perfect Curls (2016)

There’s the complete opposite of messy and that is perfection. Jessica Alba used her curls to her advantage adding a pretty sleek shine to her perfectly formed curly hair.

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#20: Black Hair (2017)

Jessica Alba has turned to the dark side–of hair that is. She has been spotted with a much darker color from her usual light brown hair and has decided to try black hair for a nice change of pace. We like the elegance of her pulled back bun, which gives the bold color choice an understated look.

No matter what year it is Jessica Alba style never ceases to amaze or inspire us–especially in the hairstyle department. She’s been the person we turn to for most of our hair color inspiration as the spokeswoman for L’Oreal Feria in 2001 when she first dyed her hair Ruby Fusion for their commercial. We know that her Instagram posts are also a great source for hair inspiration since she’s a social media queen–and we hope that she continues to be at the forefront of all the latest hair trends.