Jennifer Lawrence’s Most Alluring Hair Moments

Is there anything more spectacular than Jennifer Lawrence’s easy going style-okay, besides her hair! This gorgeous celebrity has become one of our all-time favorite red carpet rockstars because she knows how to take any look and flaunt it. The daring JLaw has tried on every hairstyle and shade under the sun; and yet, she still manages to surprise and inspire us. Lets take a look at some Jennifer Lawrence hair moments that we just can’t get enough of!

#1: Jennifer Lawrence Frosted Hair (2007)

Frosted hair was all the rage back in the early 2000’s, so it’s no wonder that even Jennifer Lawrence chose this girl-next-door style. It combines a darker color root with an almost white blonde highlight for a stunning effect that we adore!

#2: Hippie Chic (2008)

We just love when celebs rock their blonde hair! But we love it even more when they look like they’re having fun with it-that’s why we can’t get enough of the lace floral headband that Jennifer Lawrence uses with her wavy golden locks. Is she sure she’s in the right decade?

#3: Grown Up Glamour (2009)

We’re not sure why but our favorite celeb, JLaw looks like she grew up over night here. If you’ve been struggling with trying to find an elegant updo to make yourself look more sophisticated than we have the perfect guide for you! And if you really want to stand out leave your bangs out and give them a pretty curl.

#4: Pinned Back Bangs (2009)

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to grow your bangs out, and we have a feeling that Jennifer Lawrence knows exactly what we’re talking about with this style. When you’re stuck in that weird in-between length for bangs just take a bobby pin and some side sections of your hair for a pretty updo that’s sure to get your bangs out of your face and out of the limelight!

#5: Spiral Curls (2010)

Spiral curls are the definition of fun! So it comes as no surprise that Jennifer Lawrence would choose a hairstyle that’s all about bouncy versatility and if you’re daring there are plenty of perm options to choose from. Perms work best for long hair and will eliminate the need to curl on a regular basis and some girls just look better in curls.

#6: Inconspicuous Bangs (2010)

Bangs are great and they come in all shapes and sizes! You can have extra thick fringe bangs or a much more subtle version of bangs like the ones that Jennifer Lawrence had back in 2010. Either way you can never go wrong with some cute clip-in bangs if you’re not ready to make the cut just yet.

#7: Chocolate Locks (2011)

We’ll fondly remember the dark locks on Jennifer Lawrence, and we can’t wait to test out some new hair colors for the summer. There’s a ton of great dark colors to choose from for hair dye. We’re sure you’ll look stunning no matter which color you choose!

#8: Straight Part (2011)

Parting your hair is an essential piece to getting ready each day! We’re sure that it took Jennifer Lawrence only moments to realize that the straight part would work best with this half updo. But we can’t forget that there are tons of great ways to do it: zig-zag, straight, to the left or right or any intricate pattern you can think of. If you’re not a fan of the hair part though, there’s always the No-Part Hair Trend that may be right up your alley.

#9: Copper Color Dreams (2012)

Okay, if our dreams were made of something it would be the copper tones of Jennifer Lawrence’s hair in 2012! We have a feeling that copper colors are going to be making a comeback sooner rather than later.

#10: Elegant Dark Black Bun (2012)

We know that Jennifer Lawrence bounced from color to color for her role as Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games, but we adored her raven-black hair that she pulled back in an elegant bun. It made her look like royalty, and we can’t wait to try out the look for ourselves with this YouTube tutorial that doesn’t even require a hair tie.

 #11: Edgy Pixie Cut (2013)

Not many girls are daring enough to try out the pixie cut, but we’re so glad that Jennifer Lawrence did. She made us envious of short hair in the best way possible! And some of us may have even been brave enough to try the look out ourselves.

#12: Side-Swept Bangs (2013)

Did we mention we can’t get enough of the pixie cut? And we especially loved Jennifer Lawrence with bangs. If you’ve been contemplating a short cut and bangs we have the perfect guide to really help you set your look apart!

#13: Slicked Back Style (2013)

Anyone that has experienced the challenges of growing your hair out from short hair know that there’s just an awkward stage where it doesn’t want to do anything right. For those times, take a note out of Jennifer Lawrence’s look and pick out your favorite oil for a sophisticated style by slicking your hair back.

#14: French Twist Bun (2014)

If you want to look timeless and beautiful, the French Twist Bun is the way to go! For helpful tips and trick to obtaining this look for yourself check out this helpful You Tube tutorial, and you’ll be looking like a princess in no time.

#15: Textured Medium Hair (2014)

Jennifer Lawrence looks like a queen with wavy, textured hair sitting at the perfect length. We should all be so lucky to have a perfect hair day like this one day!

#16: Side-Parted Bob (2014)

It feels like every one of our favorite celebrities has tested out the bob, but we especially adore the way JLaw has tucked a few strands behind her ear giving it an asymmetrical look that works well with any length.

#17: Platinum Blonde Lob (2015)

If you’ve tried out every other blonde color it’s not going to be long before you reach for the platinum blonde dye. We definitely think this one ranks high on our list of favorite Jennifer Lawrence styles! Especially considering that were not straying far from her natural hair color.

#18: Vintage Queen (2015)

Jennifer Lawrence looked like Marilyn Monroe if she were still alive today. If you blink and look at the photo you’ll swear you’re seeing the ghost of the former vintage queen!

#19: Mermaid Waves (2016)

We’re pretty sure that Jennifer Lawrence gets mistaken for either a Barbie or a mermaid on a regular basis. If you want some beachy waves that will make you look like you just switched your land loving legs for mermaid fins check out this helpful guide!

#20: Frizzy Layered Cut (2017)

It’s not often that we see celebs proudly showing off messy locks, but it kind of makes us envious as well. We’ve all experienced frizzy hair, especially if you’re lucky enough to live where humidity does major damage so why not embrace it like JLaw has with her new hair?

Jennifer Lawrence hair has been an inspirational go-to for many of us over the years. It’s hard to choose just one style that we love when it comes to her daring looks! Are there any Jennifer Lawrence styles that you have tried out for yourself?