How to Make a Pierced Ponytail from an Infinity Braid

Infinity braided hair with metal rings can give the whole look a kind of audacity and defiance. Such a particular hair piercing and sophisticated braiding will definitely add some zest to your look. Infinity braids have become a new popular trend. Keep reading to see how to make an infinity braid and refresh your whole hair-styling routine!

A Few Words About the Infinity Braid Hairstyle

Depending on the variations, infinity braided hair will create a bold, youthful look or add tenderness and innocence to your appearance. The hairstyle is suitable for only long hair; if you have rather short hair, you won’t get the exact result. In that case, you should try other stylish variations of pierced hairstyles or add hair extensions.

The Infinity braid ponytail could easily become your favorite style for special occasions. Sure, you’ll need enough time to make the braid correctly and beautiful, about 15-30 minutes, but, the result is just gorgeous and head-turning! Such a hairdo will look great both with everyday outfits and evening dresses.

Use bright jewelry to highlight the beauty of the hairstyle. It is better to choose jazzy accessories. Live flowers or colored ribbons will show off your appearance, too.

Step-By-Step Infinity Braid Hair Tutorial

You’ll need a flat iron, some elastic hair bands, bobby pins and a medium or strong fixation hairspray and a dry texturizer for instant hair volume. The color of elastic bands and bobby pins should be very close to your hair color. And, of course, your hair should be clean to make the hairstyle look really pretty.

Step 1. Brush your hair thoroughly, starting at the ends and gradually moving up to the roots. Then, straighten your hair with the flat iron.

Pierced Ponytail: Step 1

Step 2. Divide a big section of hair at the top of your head and make a ponytail. Tease your hair to add some volume, if you like.

Pirced Ponytail: Step 2

Step 3. Take two equal sections of hair and start braiding. Use one section to wrap some strands up and pull them together. Keep braiding, as far down as you like. Once you are happy with the length of the braid, fix it with an elastic band or a bobby pin. After that, add a little bit of texture on the top. Take one section of hair from the left side and another one from the right. Fix two strands from the sides and twist them twice.

Pierced Ponytail: Step 3

Step 4. Following the same steps, make three more braids.

Pierced Ponytail: Step 4

Step 5. Curl the rest of the hair with a flat iron in different directions, and then lightly brush it to get loose curls.

Pierced Ponytail: Step 5

Step 6. Secure the hair into a low ponytail with a hair band. Then, grab a section of hair and wrap around. Remember that the elastic band should be really strong.

Pierced Ponytail: Step 6

Step 7. There we go! Don’t forget to place the rings or clips and fix everything with some hair spray. Your very creative and spectacular hairstyle is ready!

Pierced Ponytail: Step 7

Learn more on the step-by-step instructions in our video.

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